Name:Badgerbeck Ballerina 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Mr J C Roberts  
Breeder:Miss L M Jenkins 
SLEM Status / Test:Clear 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Badgerbeck Ballerina - 16 records

Known AsDateEx
Badgerbeck Baila For Taralyon (B) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2013Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Cha Cha Cha at Roxambor (B) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2013Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Tanssi (B) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2013Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
GER CH Badgerbeck Mousai SPL, ESw, BhFK/95, Multi Tracking, Vp (B) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2013Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Balero (D) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2013Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Tango (D) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2013Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Disco At Badgerbrook (B) (Slem: HClear)26-02-2015Badgerbeck Felix (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Dance the Blues (B) (Slem: HClear)22-11-2015Badgerbeck Pablo (Slem: HClear)
Badgerbeck Dirty Dancing (B) (Slem: HClear)22-11-2015Badgerbeck Pablo (Slem: HClear)
Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer At Bluebabel (B) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Dance The Twist (D) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Dancin Deep Dirt (B) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Last Dance (B) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Preditry Dancer (B) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Proud Dancer (D) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck The Devil Dances (D) (Slem: HClear)09-05-2017CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Slem: Clear)

Siblings of Badgerbeck Ballerina

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDate 
Badgerbeck Beau Geste for Buckwilde (D)09-02-2009
Badgerbeck Blizzard At Ploughdown (B)09-02-2009
Badgerbeck Bronco (D)05-09-2009Same Litter
Badgerbeck Backlash (D)05-09-2009Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 11 records

Known AsDateSire
Badgerbeck Backchat at Olderhill (B)05-09-2012CH Olderhill Afortunado (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Blue Beauty (B)05-09-2012CH Olderhill Afortunado (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Bixbite Blush (B) (Slem: Clear)05-09-2012CH Olderhill Afortunado (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Blue Beetle (B)05-09-2012CH Olderhill Afortunado (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Bedeviled At Digmoor (B)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Bijou (B) (Slem: Clear)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Baccarat (D)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Barnacle (D)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Blacksmith (D)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Bosun Aboard Earthtaw (D)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Botanist At Dubfarm (D)11-10-2013CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (Slem: Clear)

Same Sire Siblings - 72 records

Known AsDateDam
Jazzy Jack (D)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Kenmilltri Banjo (D)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Kenmilltri Bazil (D)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Kenmilltri Drummond (D)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Precious At Badgerbeck (B)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Kenmilltri Little Heather (B)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Kenmilltri Night Dancer (B)01-09-2003Morgandare Fern
Amber Golden Girl (B)23-09-2003Badgerbeck Papaverine
Horfield Lad (D)23-09-2003Badgerbeck Papaverine
Snow Paw (D)23-09-2003Badgerbeck Papaverine
Badgerbrook Fusilier (D)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Grenadier (D)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Legionaire (D)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Marksman (D)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Recruit (B)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Trooper (D)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Wren (B)29-09-2003Morgandare Rosie
Tutvale Tweed (D)24-10-2003Tutvale Jasmin
Jayana Bracken (D)24-10-2003Tutvale Jasmin
Wardy's Teasel (D)24-10-2003Tutvale Jasmin
Valley View Vixen (B)12-12-2003Red River Rock
The Forester (D)12-12-2003Red River Rock
Todd's Hill Ivy (B)12-12-2003Red River Rock
Tood's Hill Ivy (B)12-12-2003Red River Rock
Lunesdale Briar (B)05-04-2004Try Back Kodi
Lunesdale Bramble (B)05-04-2004Try Back Kodi
Lunesdale Blue (B)05-04-2004Try Back Kodi
Badgerbeck Scrumpy (D)08-04-2004Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Secret (B)08-04-2004Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Skirmish (D)08-04-2004Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Sparkle (B)08-04-2004Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Sophora (B)08-04-2004Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Solstice (D)08-04-2004Badgerbeck Sapphire
Blue Girl Maisie (B)26-05-2004Broxmeadow Treasure
Shady Lad (B)26-05-2004Broxmeadow Treasure
Red Wood (D)26-05-2004Broxmeadow Treasure
Mazengarb Sandy Lass (B)08-06-2004Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb June Call (B)08-06-2004Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Jazzin' About (B)08-06-2004Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Foxtrot (D)08-06-2004Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Fewland Lady (B)08-06-2004Mazengarb Red Spice
Badgerbeck Katsura (B)27-10-2004Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Tamarix Of Mazengarb (D)27-10-2004Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath (B)27-10-2004Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Wisteria (B)27-10-2004Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Jasmine (B)27-10-2004Morgandare Fern
Gold Willow (B)19-01-2005Broxmeadow Treasure
Mazengarb Auger Princess (B)03-05-2005Mazengarb Shady Lady
Mazengarb Mr Copp (D)22-05-2005Mazengarb Miss Briar
Mazengarb Miss May Queen (B)07-06-2005Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Minster Lass (B)07-06-2005Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
CH Penlumeg Percival By Badgerbeck JW (D) (Slem: Clear)12-01-2006Penlumeg Paloma
CH Hesslemere Hi Karate JW (D)25-09-2007Hesslemere Silent Witness JW ShCM
Hesslemere Miss Lemon JW (B)25-09-2007Hesslemere Silent Witness JW ShCM
Crewshill First Dawn (B)21-08-2009Lightening Princess Lydia
Badgerbeck Festival (B)20-12-2009Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
Badgerbeck Fiasco (B)20-12-2009Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
Earthtaw Crumble (B)17-04-2010Earthtaw Apple
Earthtaw Coco (D)17-04-2010Earthtaw Apple
Beaudogs Holly (B)25-11-2010Heather Valley At Beaudogs
Badgerbeck Prediction (B)28-03-2011CH Badgerbeck Purdi JW (Slem: Clear)
Badgerbeck Prada (B)28-03-2011CH Badgerbeck Purdi JW (Slem: Clear)
Luckhurst Nightshade (B) (Slem: Clear)24-04-2011Ruby Red Sparkling Lass
Luckhurst Navigator (D)24-04-2011Ruby Red Sparkling Lass
Luckhurst Negus (D)24-04-2011Ruby Red Sparkling Lass
Luckhurst Nimrod (D)24-04-2011Ruby Red Sparkling Lass
Question Master (D) (Slem: Clear)02-06-2011Worker's Playtime
Badgerbeck Forget Me Not (B)10-01-2012Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (D) (Slem: Clear)10-01-2012Badgerbeck Fantacy JW
Rhozzum Vesta (B)05-06-2012Rhozzum Unis
Clydebeck English Rose (B) (Slem: Clear)23-04-2013Lutrabeck Layla
Sherbornes Princess Morgan (B) (Slem: Clear)04-08-2014Termlingtor Spearmint (Slem: Clear)