Name:Morgandare Fern 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Macdonald, Lisa M.& Paul I.  
Breeder:Lumbard, Mrs. C.A. 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of Morgandare Fern

Siblings of Morgandare Fern

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDate 
Morgandare Manikin (D)09-03-1996
Morgandare Marnie (B)11-08-1997
Morgandare Monty (D)11-08-1997
Morgandare Moss (D)11-08-1997

Same Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDateSire
Morgandare Motif (B)17-09-1993Barney Rubble Junior of Morgandare

Same Sire Siblings - 35 records

Known AsDateDam
Dramway Minky (B)15-03-1996Morgandare Motif
Millie Bees (B)15-03-1996Morgandare Motif
Master George (D)15-03-1996Morgandare Motif
The Mighty Midget (D)08-06-1996Lady Phoebe of Hynerbrook
Running Free (D)08-06-1996Lady Phoebe of Hynerbrook
Dust Dancer (B)08-06-1996Lady Phoebe of Hynerbrook
Kenwu Rufus the Red (D)08-06-1996Lady Phoebe of Hynerbrook
Kenwu Miss Tic Meg (B)08-06-1996Lady Phoebe of Hynerbrook
Morgandare Moleskin (D)15-06-1996Midnight Megan By Morgandare
Morgandare Mascot (D)15-06-1996Midnight Megan By Morgandare
Bronte Lucky Charm (B)10-10-1997Lucky Charm
Penlumeg Persephone (B)16-04-1998Penlumeg Perdita
Moll Flanders (B)18-08-1998Lucky Charm
Strike A Light (B)18-08-1998Lucky Charm
Sparkling Charm (B)18-08-1998Lucky Charm
Pip Squeek (B)07-08-2003Diamond Jenny
Fen's Delight (D)07-08-2003Diamond Jenny
Forge Georgia (B)31-08-2003Kenmillone Bismuth
Forgeside Jack (D)31-08-2003Kenmillone Bismuth
Kenmilfore Laddie (D)15-11-2003Shrewd Sheba
Cindy's Wonder Girl (B)15-11-2003Shrewd Sheba
Kenmilfore Blue Wonder (B)15-11-2003Shrewd Sheba
Kenmilfore Bobby (D)15-11-2003Shrewd Sheba
Kenmilfore Bobby At Ystaffe (D)15-11-2003Shrewd Sheba
Kenmilfore Spot (D)15-11-2003Shrewd Sheba
Mister Bell (D)17-03-2004Ackrington Gypsy
Mystic Moon (B)17-03-2004Ackrington Gypsy
Diamond Shannon (B)17-03-2004Ackrington Gypsy
Smokin Beau (D)17-03-2004Ackrington Gypsy
She's Our Lass (B)27-10-2004Shrewd Sheba
Sian Gal (B)27-10-2004Shrewd Sheba
Sky Blue Boy (D)27-10-2004Shrewd Sheba
Bryon Bay (D)27-10-2004Shrewd Sheba
Border Edge (D)27-10-2004Shrewd Sheba
Blue Torpedo (D)27-10-2004Shrewd Sheba