Name:Red River Rock 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Kent, P.  

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of Red River Rock

Siblings of Red River Rock

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 3 records

Known AsDate 
Loddiswell Lad (D)27-03-2002Same Litter
Luckington Sam the Man (D)27-03-2002Same Litter
Skys the Limit Over Kastlebridge (B)27-03-2002Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 6 records

Known AsDateSire
Badgerbeck Day Break Mist (D)01-04-2000Badgerbeck Blister
Badgerbeck Daybreak Mist (D)01-04-2000Badgerbeck Blister
Star of Drysand (B)01-04-2000Badgerbeck Blister
Feather Edge (D)26-03-2001Badgerbeck Splinter
Luckington Lady (B)26-03-2001Badgerbeck Splinter
Amber Golden Girl (B)23-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai

Same Sire Siblings - 40 records

Known AsDateDam
Aoki Angel Eyes (B)06-05-2001Priddy Ruby Port
Grand Ore Fury (D)06-05-2001Priddy Ruby Port
Green Ore Tanner (B)06-05-2001Priddy Ruby Port
Green Osna Spook (B)06-05-2001Priddy Ruby Port
Badgerbeck Stunning (B)07-06-2001Badgerbeck Star Thistle
Badgerbeck Starlight (B)07-06-2001Badgerbeck Star Thistle
Badgerbeck Starsign (B)07-06-2001Badgerbeck Star Thistle
Badgerbeck Startle (B)07-06-2001Badgerbeck Star Thistle
Badgerbeck Statesman (D)07-06-2001Badgerbeck Star Thistle
Badgerbeck Stormtrooper (D)07-06-2001Badgerbeck Star Thistle
Kenmillone Binki At Bishgough (B)07-08-2001Ivors Lass
Badgerbeck Shenanigan (D)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Samphire (D)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Saracen (D)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Skylark At Gwangwilli (B)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Skylark (B)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Siskin (B)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Badgerbeck Scimitar (D)04-01-2002Badgerbeck Sapphire
Ally McBeal (B)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Sean McCready (D)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Roddie Macdowell (D)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Lauren McCall (B)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Gregory Macfadden (D)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Shoee Macfee (D)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Ewen Macgregor (D)17-01-2002Bracken Bramble
Moonlit Blaze (D)01-07-2002Morgandare Fern
Badgerbrook Tornado (D)15-08-2002Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Thunder (D)15-08-2002Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Rainbow (D)15-08-2002Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Lightning (D)15-08-2002Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Drizzle (B)15-08-2002Morgandare Rosie
Badgerbrook Breeze (B)15-08-2002Morgandare Rosie
Brockley of Otterland (B)03-10-2002Ivors Lass
Kenmilto Treasure (B)03-10-2002Ivors Lass
Kenmilto Sassy (B)05-10-2002Bold Bella
Kenmilto Splendour (D)05-10-2002Bold Bella
Kenmilto Stirling (D)05-10-2002Bold Bella
Kenmilto Sun Kissed (B)05-10-2002Bold Bella
Kenmilto Sunset (D)05-10-2002Bold Bella
Kenmilto Sussex Lace (B)05-10-2002Bold Bella