Lightening Princess Lydia


Name:Lightening Princess Lydia 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Lightening Princess Lydia - 1 records

Known AsDateEx
Crewshill First Dawn (B)21-08-2009Badgerbeck Bonsai

Siblings of Lightening Princess Lydia

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Mystical Prince (D)04-06-2005Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 46 records

Known AsDateDam
Wesleymount Serrano (B)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack ' O ' Dawn
Wesleymount Jalapeno (B)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack ' O ' Dawn
Wesleymount Habanero (D)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack O' Dawn
Wesleymount Chiltepin (D)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack ' O ' Dawn
Penlumeg Pollyanna (B)08-11-2003Farmway First Fledgling By Penlumeg
Middlelock Raspberry (D)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Middlelock Madonna (B)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Middlelock Horizon (D)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Middlelock Diesel (D)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Weatherdale Bittersweet (B)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Angelica (B)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Guylian (D)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Mint Crisp (B)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Truffels (D)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Magic Shore At Tulawyn (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Little Beach Boy (D)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Happy Bluebell Delight (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Sweet Island Rose (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Misty Dream (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Lucky Maid (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Precious Gypsy Queen (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Mogok Ma Ruby (B)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Ava Ma Saphire (B)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Shwebo Maung Gold (D)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Pegu Maung Emerald (D)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Mogaung Ma Jade At Jenabeck (B)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Mandalay Maung Silver (D)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Rossacre Come Dancing (B)10-04-2005Rossacre Let's Dance
Foxfactor Hornblower JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Clear)10-09-2005CH Manx Margaid ShCM
Badgerbeck Forester (D)28-10-2005Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Fashion (B)28-10-2005Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Fantacy JW (B)28-10-2005Morgandare Fern
Badgerbeck Festive Spirit at Blewecourt ShCM (D)28-10-2005Morgandare Fern
Wickhambreaux Hogarth (D)05-11-2005Wickhambreaux Carrow
Harriet of Hassage (B)31-07-2006Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Barterhound Twister JW (D)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Barterhound Thyme At Bordaholic (B)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Barterhound Tika (D)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Barterhound Tango (D)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Widget Of Foresters (B)16-05-2008Bainesfolly Another Blue
Twigglestone Danae (D)12-08-2008Twigglestone Babiana
Kyscafter Knocker (B)10-03-2009Kyscafter Nimue
Kyscafter Kite (B)10-03-2009Kyscafter Nimue
Kyscafter Kestrel ShCM AW(B) (B)10-03-2009Kyscafter Nimue
Amarula On Ice Onthill (B)01-06-2009Benattivo Rock Chic
Lynnbos Imperial Jade At Ianteg (B)22-12-2009Lynnbos Samera Saffire