Miss Munch At Badgerbeck


Name:Miss Munch At Badgerbeck 
Owner(s): Macdonald, Lisa M.& Paul I.  
Breeder:Shields, Mr.& Mrs. 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of Miss Munch At Badgerbeck

Siblings of Miss Munch At Badgerbeck

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
Miischiefful Kate At Cooksulby (B)17-03-2001Same Litter
Randy Rascial At Cooksulby (D)17-03-2001Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 8 records

Known AsDateSire
Badgerbeck Centurion (D)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Buttercup Scimpy (B)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Foxvines Sable (B)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Kilnmill Sangeria (B)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Ottersvale Saphire (B)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Pebblesbeck Sonata (B)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Sandbox Salutaly (D)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon
Torrwillow Sagacious (B)16-05-2002Badgerbeck Dragon

Same Sire Siblings - 118 records

Known AsDateDam
Red Court of Junova ()Rhozzum Skylark
Seipho Gadabout (D)Holly Hock
Seipho Gadget (D)Holly Hock
Seipho Gaffer (D)Holly Hock
Seipho Gaiety (B)Holly Hock
Seipho Genteel (B)Holly Hock
Seipho Genuine (B)Holly Hock
Mansergh Cumulet (B)29-11-1997Mansergh Pigeon Post
Mansergh Flakey Dove of Kersfell (D)29-11-1997Mansergh Pigeon Post
Mansergh Grey Nun (D)29-11-1997Mansergh Pigeon Post
Mansergh Laughing Dove (B)29-11-1997Mansergh Pigeon Post
Mansergh Turbit (D)29-11-1997Mansergh Pigeon Post
Agincourt Tess (B)02-12-1997Agincourt Charlotte
Avril Prior (B)22-04-1998Bracken Nashfiski
Badgerbeck Hemlock (D)28-06-1998Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Nightshade (B)28-06-1998Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Papaverine (B)28-06-1998Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Sorrel (B)28-06-1998Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Winter Cherry (B)28-06-1998Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Foxglove (B)28-06-1998Maid of the Mist
Cairnstone Cleopatra (B)19-09-1998Foxwork Digit
Cairnstone Clubman (D)19-09-1998Foxwork Digit
CH Morgandare Milo (D)30-09-1998Morgandare Mince Pie
Morgandare Larry (D)30-09-1998Morgandare Mince Pie
Morgandare Minnow (B)30-09-1998Morgandare Mince Pie
Jody's Girl (B)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Jo Jo (B)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Midnight Sun (B)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Red Rebal (D)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Red Sky (B)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Ruby Girl (B)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Whiskey Jack (D)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Withy King (D)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Wizard Of Wonder (B)18-10-1998Larcombe Rubystone
Whistledown Night Hawk (D)11-05-1999Thoraldby Mistletoe
Badgerbeck Broxhill Jasper (D)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Bayswell Bold Bella (B)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Dark King of Broxleigh (D)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Ninja Force (B)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Ottersvale Red Prince (D)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Sharp Shot of Ragmoor (B)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Tutvale Jasmin (B)08-09-1999Badgerbeck Ninja
Gavenny Tearaway (D)02-11-1999Risca Bright Light of Gavenny
Gavenny Titan (D)02-11-1999Risca Bright Light of Gavenny
Artful Rustler (D)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Dauntless Bramble (B)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Marauder of Boltholes (D)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Princess Chaos (B)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Ragmoor Viking (D)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Rambler's Legacy (D)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Ramblers Legacy (D)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Striking Vanity (B)08-09-2000Badgerbeck Ninja
Badgerbeck Bittersweet (B)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Cherry Laurel (B)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Crown Vetch (D)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Domitian (D)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Mistletoe (B)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Peony (B)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Sea Squill (B)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Badgerbeck Wild Ginger (B)04-01-2001Maid of the Mist
Red Comet of Junova (D)04-03-2001Rhozzum Skylark
Cooksulby Bowsawe (D)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Cango (B)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Grafft (B)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Hamma (D)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Jaksaw (D)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Malot (B)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Matok (B)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Slege (B)13-08-2001Lets Do the Locomotion At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Here Comes Sun (D)15-07-2002Clover Bay
Coming Back (D)25-08-2002Miischiefful Kate At Cooksulby
High Hopes (D)25-08-2002Miischiefful Kate At Cooksulby
What Do You Want From Me (D)25-08-2002Miischiefful Kate At Cooksulby
A'great Day For Freedom (D)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Cluster One (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Keep Talking (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Marooned Floyd (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Pink Bell (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Poles Apart (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Silence Is Golden (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Take It Back (B)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Wearing the Inside Out (D)30-08-2002Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Box of Tricks (D)20-04-2003Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Just For You (B)20-04-2003Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Moving On (B)20-04-2003Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Talk To Ya (D)20-04-2003Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Viking (D)20-04-2003Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Bliss (B)12-08-2003Weegee Blue Goddess At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Charm (B)12-08-2003Weegee Blue Goddess At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Head Turner (D)12-08-2003Weegee Blue Goddess At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Heart Stopper (D)12-08-2003Weegee Blue Goddess At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Leg Puller (D)12-08-2003Weegee Blue Goddess At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Treasure (B)12-08-2003Weegee Blue Goddess At Cooksulby
Brooklyn Dynamo (D)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Duchess of Missouri (B)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Maid of Birmingham (B)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Manhattan Dreams (D)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Midlands Queen (B)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Mississippi Empress (B)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Scafell Princess (B)27-12-2003Missy Maid At Cooksulby
Seipho Angel Eyes (B)09-02-2004More Than A Feeling
Seipho Brightstar (B)09-02-2004More Than A Feeling
Seipho Hugs And Kisses (B)09-02-2004More Than A Feeling
Cooksulby Brandy (D)15-06-2004Hold the Line
Cooksulby Penny (B)15-06-2004Hold the Line
Cooksulby Rolo (D)15-06-2004Hold the Line
Cooksulby Ruby (B)15-06-2004Hold the Line
Cooksulby Sporran (D)15-06-2004Hold the Line
Cooksulby Rascal (D)27-09-2004All Right Now
Cooksulby Rebel (D)27-09-2004All Right Now
Cooksulby Satin (B)27-09-2004All Right Now
Cooksulby Silk (B)27-09-2004All Right Now
Cooksulby Moonbeam (D)05-10-2004Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Moonlight (D)05-10-2004Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Starlight (B)05-10-2004Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Starshine (B)05-10-2004Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Twinkle Star (B)05-10-2004Badgerbeck Satin At Cooksulby
Cooksulby Lucky Lass (B)27-09-2005Hold the Line