Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb


Name:Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Marfleet, A.  
Breeder:Macdonald, Lisa M.& Paul I. 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb

Siblings of Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 9 records

Known AsDate 
Badgerbeck Coral Gem (B)03-06-1999Same Litter
Badgerbeck Morpheus (D)03-06-1999Same Litter
Badgerbeck Spiceberry (B)03-06-1999Same Litter
Badgerbeck Bracken (D)31-12-1999
Badgerbeck Daisy (B)31-12-1999
Badgerbeck Holly (B)31-12-1999
Badgerbeck Honeysuckle (B)31-12-1999
Badgerbeck Rose (B)31-12-1999
Badgerbeck Tulip (B)31-12-1999

Same Dam Siblings - 22 records

Known AsDateSire
Badgerbeck Foxglove (B)28-06-1998Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Winter Cherry (B)28-06-1998Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Sorrel (B)28-06-1998Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Hemlock (D)28-06-1998Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Nightshade (B)28-06-1998Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Papaverine (B)28-06-1998Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Cherry Laurel (B)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Wild Ginger (B)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Sea Squill (B)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Peony (B)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Mistletoe (B)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Domitian (D)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Crown Vetch (D)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Badgerbeck Bittersweet (B)04-01-2001Octavious Kenward
Broxmeadow Treasure (B)12-01-2002Dunnspitts Lightening
Ottermarsh Sorcerer (D)12-01-2002Dunnspitts Lightening
Toddsvalley Sonnet (B)12-01-2002Dunnspitts Lightening
Badgerbeck Scarlet Campion (D)14-02-2003Starmore Oscar
Badgerbeck Kodeia (B)14-02-2003Starmore Oscar
Badgerbeck Skirret (D)14-02-2003Starmore Oscar
Badgerbeck Willow (D)14-02-2003Starmore Oscar
Badgerbeck Chicory (D)14-02-2003Starmore Oscar

Same Sire Siblings - 12 records

Known AsDateDam
Troubisal Resolute (D)15-03-1999Whitstones Starlight of Troubisal
Laurelton Daisies In May (B)28-05-1999Laurelton Gemstone
Harptree Pirate (D)18-12-1999Karenia Brandy Butter
Hollyberry of Barrossa (B)18-12-1999Karenia Brandy Butter
Ivy Wreath (B)18-12-1999Karenia Brandy Butter
Nine Barrows Santa (D)18-12-1999Karenia Brandy Butter
Noddy's Gold (D)18-12-1999Karenia Brandy Butter
Priddy Ruby Port (B)18-12-1999Karenia Brandy Butter
Morgandare Mischief (B)17-10-2000Midnight Megan By Morgandare
Morgandare Rosie (B)17-10-2000Midnight Megan By Morgandare
Morgandare Tomahawk (D)17-10-2000Midnight Megan By Morgandare
Jack Frost of the Spring Cottage (D)25-12-2000Dazzle