Name:Heythrop Treefella 
Colour:Blue and Tan 
Owner(s): Andrews, Adrian  
Breeder:Bigland, Mr. R.& Mrs. L. 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Heythrop Treefella - 56 records

Known AsDateBy
Lunesdale Boss (D)Try Back Kodi
Bedeslea Joosy Loosy (B)12-05-2002
Bedeslea Furty Freda (B)12-05-2002
Bedeslea Floosy Loosy (B)12-05-2002
Bedeslea Flirtie Gertie (B)12-05-2002
Bedeslea Bertie (D)12-05-2002
Bedeslea Casanova (D)12-05-2002
Badgerbeck Banjo (D)25-08-2002Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Bonsai (D)25-08-2002Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Boomerang (D)25-08-2002Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Brimstone (D)25-08-2002Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Bunting (B)25-08-2002Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Hook Green Belle (B)19-11-2002Luck Locket
Blue Lady Jayne (B)19-11-2002Luck Locket
Truly Blue Milly (B)11-06-2003Luck Locket
Sweet Maggie May (B)11-06-2003Luck Locket
Tulawyn Titania (B)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquillity
Tulawyn Apriana (B)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquillity
Tulawyn Blue Columbine (B)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquillity
Tulawyn Blue Periwinkle (B)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquillity
Tulawyn Blue Zeus (D)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquillity
Tulawyn Oberon At Tilmoray (D)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquility
Tulawyn Perseius (D)21-08-2003Tulawyn Inkarma Tranquillity
Langafel Whats Going On (B)08-09-2003Princess Bonnie of Langafel
Langafel Trouble Man (D)08-09-2003Princess Bonnie of Langafel
Langafel Stubborn Lad (D)08-09-2003Princess Bonnie of Langafel
Langafel Pride And Joy (B)08-09-2003Princess Bonnie of Langafel
Langafel How Sweet It Is (B)08-09-2003Princess Bonnie of Langafel
Langafel Hitchhike (B)08-09-2003Princess Bonnie of Langafel
Sadie Saturn (B)15-10-2003Stubwil Centre Court
Neptune Norman (D)15-10-2003Stubwil Centre Court
Milo Mars (D)15-10-2003Stubwil Centre Court
Venus Victoria (B)15-10-2003Stubwil Centre Court
Jupiter Julian (D)15-10-2003Stubwil Centre Court
Bilbo Blueberry (D)15-10-2003Stubwil Centre Court
Badger Boyce (D)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Becky Blue (B)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Bizzy Betsy (B)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Down Barton Billy (D)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Blaze Breeze (B)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Bonnie Belle (B)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Bracken Gorse (D)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Brave Bob (D)11-06-2004Brockley of Otterland
Katies Alice (B)13-06-2004Tiger Lilys Star
Mocha Starlight (B)13-06-2004Tiger Lilys Star
Burnt Spice (B)13-06-2004Tiger Lilys Star
Hookgreen Beatrice (B)13-06-2004Tiger Lilys Star
Kenmilfore Bluerose (B)13-06-2004Tiger Lilys Star
Barton Blacky (D)08-08-2004Kenmilltri Wallace
Awkward Ashley (D)08-08-2004Kenmilltri Wallace
Always A Storm (D)08-08-2004Kenmilltri Wallace
She's Amazing Grace (B)30-10-2004Luck Locket
Dolly Day Dream (B)30-10-2004Luck Locket
He's Jumping Jack Flash (D)30-10-2004Luck Locket
Hook Green Grass (D)30-10-2004Luck Locket
Alfie Moon (D)30-10-2004Luck Locket

Siblings of Heythrop Treefella

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 3 records

Known AsDate 
Heythrop Triffid (B)02-05-2001Same Litter
Heythrop Tristar (D)02-05-2001Same Litter
Heythrop Twist At Diggit (B)02-05-2001Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 5 records

Known AsDateSire
Heythrop Tew (D)08-04-1998Plushcourt Panther At Heythrop
Heythrop Thornproof (B)28-08-1999CH Biddestone Picaro of Lutrabeck
Heythrop Top of the Pile (B)28-08-1999CH Biddestone Picaro of Lutrabeck
Heythrop Threadbare (D)28-08-1999CH Biddestone Picaro of Lutrabeck
Heythrop Treadmill (D)28-08-1999CH Biddestone Picaro of Lutrabeck

Same Sire Siblings - 27 records

Known AsDateDam
Houndshope Dalehead Lass (B)17-10-2000Mystic Mist
Hesslemere Trick Shot (B)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Touchstone (D)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Tarot (B)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Top Hat (D)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Pherjan Fergus (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Blues 'n' Twos (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Finnbar (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Hamish At Kavadas (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnet At Pherjan
Pherjan Hill Street Blues (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Maggie May (B)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Elca Moss (D)15-03-2001Redfox Willow
Prince Highlander At Redfox (D)15-03-2001Redfox Willow
Highfell Eternal (B)06-08-2001Saragossa Sunset of Highfell
Houndshope Aiken Crag (B)20-01-2002Mystic Mist
Houndshope Black Crag (D)20-01-2002Mystic Mist
Houndshope Bleaberry Crag (B)20-01-2002Mystic Mist
Ballimay Blue Belle (B)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Brigsteer Blue Otterbobs (D)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Brewster Blue (D)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Bradley Blue (D)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Blue Angel (B)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Highfell Frisky Lady (B)11-09-2002Highfell Burning Sunshine
Highfell Follow Me (D)11-09-2002Highfell Burning Sunshine
Highfell Freedom (B)11-09-2002Highfell Burning Sunshine
Skye House Jasmin (B)20-08-2003Glyndale Bilberry
Waverley's Blue Belle (B)20-08-2003Glyndale Bilberry