Name:Badgerbeck Sapphire 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Macdonald, Lisa M.& Paul I.  
Breeder:Jenkins, Lisa M. 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of Badgerbeck Sapphire

Siblings of Badgerbeck Sapphire

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 6 records

Known AsDate 
Badgerbeck Scandal (B)15-12-1997Same Litter
Badgerbeck Stentorian (D)15-12-1997Same Litter
Badgerbeck Swashbuckler (D)15-12-1997Same Litter
Badgerbeck Solomon (D)15-12-1997Same Litter
Badgerbeck Scoundrel (D)15-12-1997Same Litter
Badgerbeck Samurai (D)15-12-1997Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 9 records

Known AsDateSire
Badgerbeck Narcissus (B)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Nero (D)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Nightingale (B)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Ninja (B)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Noggin (B)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Nutmeg (B)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Nymph (B)25-08-1996Badgerbeck Marksman
Badgerbeck Rapid Response At Starmore (B)15-07-1998Dunnspitts Lightening
Badgerbeck Rosebud (B)15-07-1998Dunnspitts Lightening

Same Sire Siblings - 110 records

Known AsDateDam
Bristol Bruiser (D)06-09-1995Baton Bonnie
Major Breakthrough (D)06-09-1995Baton Bonnie
Misty Warren (B)06-09-1995Baton Bonnie
Mymate Marmite (D)06-09-1995Baton Bonnie
Badgerbeck Malarkey (D)27-10-1995Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Mamba (B)27-10-1995Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Mantis (B)27-10-1995Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Marksman (D)27-10-1995Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Mulberry (B)27-10-1995Badgerbeck Moll
Flash Duke (D)07-06-1996Blue Pearl
Lady Jane of Chilton (B)07-06-1996Blue Pearl
Likely Fellow (D)07-06-1996Blue Pearl
Lord Jasper (D)07-06-1996Blue Pearl
Bold Bella (B)22-07-1996Solstice Revival
Mythical Medusa (B)22-07-1996Solstice Revival
Spring Solstice (B)22-07-1996Solstice Revival
Diamond King (D)25-11-1996Larcombe Rubystone
Kenex Ruby Rose (B)25-11-1996Larcombe Rubystone
Roy of Lynton (D)25-11-1996Larcombe Rubystone
Saphire Queen (B)25-11-1996Larcombe Rubystone
Smiling Rose (B)25-11-1996Larcombe Rubystone
Badgerbeck Mad Max (D)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Marland Jimmy (D)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Medusa (B)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Mindy (B)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Moss (D)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Moucher (D)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Badgerbeck Moucher At Janlane (D)02-12-1996Badgerbeck Moll
Dunnspitts Lager Lout (D)18-01-1997Heronfield Whiplash
Dunnspitts Rye'n Dry (D)18-01-1997Heronfield Whiplash
Dunnspitts Scotch'n Soda (D)18-01-1997Heronfield Whiplash
Kenex Ann (B)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Kenex Kate (B)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Kenex Miss (B)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Kenex Rose (B)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Kenex Sue (B)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Kenex Tess (B)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Max's Valentine (D)13-02-1997Solstice Revival
Cairnstone Cavalier (D)09-12-1997Cairnstone Crafty
Cairnstone Chieftain (D)09-12-1997Cairnstone Crafty
Cairnstone Consort (D)09-12-1997Cairnstone Crafty
Cairnstone Countess (B)09-12-1997Cairnstone Crafty
Tracey's Girl (B)14-12-1997Queen of College View
Tracy's Girl (B)14-12-1997Queen of College View
Starmore Dazzle At Kimlade (B)16-01-1999Starmore Opal
Mazengarb Miss Hopeful (B)21-01-2000Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Mr Marple (D)21-01-2000Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Joe (D)16-03-2000Mazengarb Cumfrey
Mazengarb Miss Highlight (B)16-03-2000Mazengarb Cumfrey
Mazengarb Miss Tucker (B)16-03-2000Mazengarb Cumfrey
Mazengarb Twlight (B)16-03-2000Mazengarb Cumfrey
Mazengarb Mad Max (D)28-08-2000Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Miss Becky (B)28-08-2000Twinkle Star of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Miss Lily (B)28-08-2000Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Flycather (B)29-08-2000Twinkle Star of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Gypsy Moth (B)29-08-2000Twinkle Star of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Miss Audrey (B)29-08-2000Twinkle Star of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Top Notch (D)29-08-2000Twinkle Star of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Lawling Girl (B)03-11-2000Mazengarb Total Eclipse
Mazengarb Mr Mills (D)26-11-2000Mazengarb Miss Locket
Mazengarb Mr Paddy (D)26-11-2000Mazengarb Miss Locket
Mazengarb Miss Honey (B)21-01-2001Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Comet (B)27-03-2001Two Rivers of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Falcon (D)27-03-2001Two Rivers of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Mister William (D)27-03-2001Two Rivers of Mazengarb
Mazengarb the Dancer (B)27-03-2001Two Rivers of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Miss Giselle (B)07-05-2001Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Monty (D)07-05-2001Mazengarb Red Spice
Mazengarb Evening Song (B)18-06-2001Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Miss Bee (B)18-06-2001Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Mr Ronnie (D)18-06-2001Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb the Robot (D)18-06-2001Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Lady Slate (B)24-07-2001Mazengarb Sheri's Daughter
Mazengarb Miss Mable (B)24-07-2001Mazengarb Sheri's Daughter
Mazengarb the Piper (D)24-07-2001Mazengarb Sheri's Daughter
Mazengarb Mr Irillius (D)24-11-2001Mazengarb Solo Las
Mazengarb Bekingham Bolter (D)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Botanbroyd Timbo (D)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Franellie (B)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Hamish Campbell (D)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Hlauenln (B)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Jetlag (B)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Juzo (B)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Otters Dream (B)21-05-2002Badgerbeck Tiger Lily of Mazengarb
Mazengarb Mister Mischief (D)15-06-2002Mazengarb Total Eclipse
Mazengarb Holmer (D)06-01-2003Mazengarb Last Fling
Mazengarb Mrs.Pickle (B)06-01-2003Mazengarb Last Fling
Mazengarb Turves (B)06-01-2003Mazengarb Last Fling
Kenmilltri Midoe of Mazengarb (B)11-04-2003Dawn Run
Mustard Willingford (D)11-04-2003Dawn Run
Trevor Willingford (D)11-04-2003Dawn Run
Mazengarb Billaux MILL (B)21-04-2003Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Daisy May (B)21-04-2003Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Miss Dorothy (B)21-04-2003Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Waywood Boy (D)21-04-2003Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Whats It All About (D)21-04-2003Mazengarb Dawn Song
Mazengarb Helans Lass (B)13-11-2003Mazengarb Cinnamon
Mazengarb Miss Briar (B)13-11-2003Mazengarb Cinnamon
Mazengarb Miss Cloie (B)13-11-2003Mazengarb Cinnamon
Mazengarb Senna Boy (D)13-11-2003Mazengarb Cinnamon
Mazengarb Hyde Boy (D)29-05-2004Mazengarb Jess
Mazengarb Inglor (D)29-05-2004Mazengarb Jess
Mazengarb Cowdrie Laurrie (D)31-05-2004Mazengarb Total Eclipse
Mazengarb Dawneil Dream (D)31-05-2004Mazengarb Total Eclipse
Mazengarb Lady Megan (B)31-05-2004Mazengarb Total Eclipse
Mazengarb Rampton (D)31-05-2004Mazengarb Total Eclipse
Mazengarb Amber Lady (B)14-10-2004Mazengarb Dusty Las
Mazengarb Elderberry Lad (D)14-10-2004Mazengarb Dusty Las
Mazengarb Grizzelda (B)14-10-2004Mazengarb Dusty Las
Mazengarb Maple Lady (B)22-12-2004Sweet Bramble of Mazengarb