Name:Otterbobs Hartsop 
Colour:Dark Grizzle 
Owner(s): Gilpin, Mr. J.R.& Mrs. H.  
Breeder:Gilpin, Mr. J.R.& Mrs. H. 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Otterbobs Hartsop - 31 records

Known AsDateBy
Houndshope Dalehead Lass (B)17-10-2000Mystic Mist
Hesslemere Tarot (B)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Top Hat (D)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Touchstone (D)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Trick Shot (B)27-11-2000Hobhill Just Magic
Pherjan Fergus (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Maggie May (B)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Hill Street Blues (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Hamish At Kavadas (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnet At Pherjan
Pherjan Blues 'n' Twos (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Finnbar (D)18-02-2001Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Prince Highlander At Redfox (D)15-03-2001Redfox Willow
Elca Moss (D)15-03-2001Redfox Willow
Heythrop Tristar (D)02-05-2001Biddestone Spice At Heythrop
Heythrop Twist At Diggit (B)02-05-2001Biddestone Spice At Heythrop
Heythrop Triffid (B)02-05-2001Biddestone Spice At Heythrop
Heythrop Treefella (D)02-05-2001Biddestone Spice At Heythrop
Highfell Eternal (B)06-08-2001Saragossa Sunset of Highfell
Houndshope Aiken Crag (B)20-01-2002Mystic Mist
Houndshope Black Crag (D)20-01-2002Mystic Mist
Houndshope Bleaberry Crag (B)20-01-2002Mystic Mist
Ballimay Blue Belle (B)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Blue Angel (B)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Brigsteer Blue Otterbobs (D)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Brewster Blue (D)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Ballimay Bradley Blue (D)25-04-2002Bretcar Blue Blaise At Ballimay
Highfell Freedom (B)11-09-2002Highfell Burning Sunshine
Highfell Follow Me (D)11-09-2002Highfell Burning Sunshine
Highfell Frisky Lady (B)11-09-2002Highfell Burning Sunshine
Waverley's Blue Belle (B)20-08-2003Glyndale Bilberry
Skye House Jasmin (B)20-08-2003Glyndale Bilberry

Siblings of Otterbobs Hartsop

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
Otterbob's Hartsop (D)02-04-1999Same Litter
Otterbobs Hundhowe (B)02-04-1999Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 105 records

Known AsDateDam
Quaint Callant With Akenside (D)05-06-1997Akenside Nettle
Question Mark At Akenside (B)05-06-1997Akenside Nettle
Red Duster (D)05-06-1997Akenside Nettle
Picer Domino Picotee (B)09-10-1997Picer Zefa Fino
Picer Ninabella (B)09-10-1997Picer Zefa Fino
Picer Ponty Prince (D)09-10-1997Picer Zefa Fino
Picer River Daisy (B)09-10-1997Picer Zefa Fino
Hollowmoor Duty Free (D)02-05-1998Hollowmoor Sweet Dolcetto
Hollowmoor Saar (D)02-05-1998Hollowmoor Sweet Dolcetto
Hollowmoor Sorni (B)02-05-1998Hollowmoor Sweet Dolcetto
Otterbob's Garburn Pass (D)29-10-1998Hose Thorns Otterbobs
Thorneyburn Girling's Gift (B)15-01-1999Thorneyburn Bumble Bee
CH Millburn Meg By Holmston (B)24-03-1999Lynsett Redrose
River Runner By Holmston (D)24-03-1999Lynsett Redrose
Haystoun Fancy Free (D)03-05-1999Dancing Dilly Doc
Pebbles Lad (D)03-05-1999Dancing Dilly Doc
Earthwise Achilles (D)28-05-1999Totally Yours
Earthwise Anastasia (B)28-05-1999Totally Yours
Earthwise Apollo (D)28-05-1999Totally Yours
Earthwise Archimedes (D)28-05-1999Totally Yours
Earthwise Aristotle (D)28-05-1999Totally Yours
Appleside Katy (B)28-06-1999Achnagairn Little Alice
Appleside Tom Putt (D)28-06-1999Achnagairn Little Alice
Caldewgate Queenie (B)07-07-1999Caldewgate Columbine
Caldewgate Captain (D)07-07-1999Caldewgate Columbine
Breconbeds Observer (D)30-08-1999Breconbeds Temptress
Lady Fox Trot At Oxburn (B)23-11-1999Lairehope Space Kadette
Lady Foxtrot At Oxburn (B)23-11-1999Lairhope Space Kadette
Lairehope Black Diamond (D)23-11-1999Lairehope Space Kadette
Lairhope Black Diamond (D)23-11-1999Lairhope Space Kadette
Orkney Black Beth (B)23-11-1999Lairehope Space Kadette
Star of the North (D)23-11-1999Lairehope Space Kadette
Craigenhill Broom (D)20-02-2000Holmston Hopscotch of Craigenhill
Craigenhill Broom of Braighe (D)20-02-2000Holmston Hopscotch of Craigenhill
Craigenhill Little Mermaid (B)20-02-2000Holmston Hopscotch of Craigenhill
Craigenhill McKinnon (D)20-02-2000Holmston Hopscotch of Craigenhill
Craigenhill McSporran (D)20-02-2000Holmston Hopscotch of Craigenhill
Craigenhill Nettle (D)20-02-2000Holmston Hopscotch of Craigenhill
Thorneyburn Happy Hooligan (D)04-05-2000Thorneyburn Bumble Bee
Thorneyburn Hattie Herself (B)04-05-2000Thorneyburn Bumble Bee
Thorneyburn Hexham Hijinks (B)04-05-2000Thorneyburn Bumble Bee
Redfox Angel (B)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Redfox Lady of Nutberry (B)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Redfox My Ellie (B)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Redfox Poacher (D)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Redfox Rough Shooter (D)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Redfox Talent (B)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Redfox Trapper (D)06-09-2000Redfox Acer
Fehmarn Secret Kiss (B)09-10-2000Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Fehmarn Secret Mission (D)09-10-2000Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Fehmarn Secret Wish (B)09-10-2000Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Fehmarn Whispered Secrets (B)09-10-2000Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Quatford Deep Run (B)27-10-2000Dandale Nellie Melba By Quatford
Quatford Eclipse Over Buronsbrook (B)27-10-2000Dandale Nellie Melba By Quatford
Quatford Full Flow (B)27-10-2000Dandale Nellie Melba By Quatford
Quatford Holmbrew (B)27-10-2000Dandale Nellie Melba By Quatford
Quatford Magic Combination (B)27-10-2000Dandale Nellie Melba By Quatford
Quatford Quest (D)27-10-2000Dandale Nellie Melba By Quatford
Ambleside Archie (D)07-12-2000Wee Rosie Babe
Miss Daisy Doo (B)07-12-2000Wee Rosie Babe
Flutorum Candlelight (B)29-01-2001Flutorum Corabeth
Flutorum Jester (D)29-01-2001Flutorum Corabeth
Flutorum Obsession (B)29-01-2001Flutorum Corabeth
Matamba Alberto (D)25-02-2001Matamba Tiger Lilly
Matamba Blue Bandit (D)25-02-2001Matamba Tiger Lilly
Matamba Buddyholly (D)25-02-2001Matamba Tiger Lilly
Matamba Hyacinth (B)25-02-2001Matamba Tiger Lilly
Matamba Indisguise (D)25-02-2001Matamba Tiger Lilly
Matamba Lobelia (B)25-02-2001Matamba Tiger Lilly
Ravenside Circus Plume (B)22-04-2001Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Commanche Run (D)22-04-2001Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Fairy Footsteps (B)22-04-2001Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Minstrel (D)22-04-2001Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Petite Etoile (B)22-04-2001Oxcroft Meg
Am CH Talex Toscanini (D)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Am/Can CH Talex Good Thyme Gal (B)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Talex Paganini (D)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Talex Rhythm 'N' Blues (D)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Talex Stitch In Thyme (B)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Talex Summer Thyme Blues (D)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Talex Virtuoso (D)15-07-2001Talex Spring Thyme
Earthwise Murphys Law (D)17-09-2001Totally Yours
Arborea Alfie (D)30-10-2001CH Stoneygin Sheila
Barsetta Burning Vision (B)02-11-2001CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Ghost Writer At Tyrian (B)02-11-2001CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Max Costamillion (D)02-11-2001CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Simba (D)02-11-2001CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Spook (B)02-11-2001CH Barsetta Burning Mists
CH Ravenside Mystiko (D)26-02-2002Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Never Say Die (D)26-02-2002Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Rock Sand (D)26-02-2002Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Sleepytime (B)26-02-2002Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside St Paddy (D)26-02-2002Ravenside Bella Paola
Ellangowan Coffee (B)12-08-2002Akenside Sparkle
Ellangowan Crackerjack (D)12-08-2002Akenside Sparkle
Ellangowan Crackle (D)12-08-2002Akenside Sparkle
Foxwyn Apple Cider (B)09-11-2002Foxwyn Copycat
Foxwyn First Lady (B)09-11-2002Foxwyn Copycat
Foxwyn Good Golly Miss Molly (B)09-11-2002Foxwyn Copycat
Foxwyn Limelight (D)09-11-2002Foxwyn Copycat
Ravenside Doyoun (D)30-05-2003Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside El Gran Senor (D)30-05-2003Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Governess (B)30-05-2003Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Miesque (B)30-05-2003Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Refuse To Bend (D)30-05-2003Ravenside Bella Paola