Name:Badgerbeck Fantacy JW 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Mr J C Roberts  
Breeder:Mr & Mrs Macdonald 
SLEM Status / Test: 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of Badgerbeck Fantacy JW

Siblings of Badgerbeck Fantacy JW

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 3 records

Known AsDate 
Badgerbeck Festive Spirit at Blewecourt ShCM (D)28-10-2005Same Litter
Badgerbeck Forester (D)28-10-2005Same Litter
Badgerbeck Fashion (B)28-10-2005Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 23 records

Known AsDateSire
Saphire Shadow (B)27-11-2001Badgerbeck Splinter
Blueberry Fidget (B)27-11-2001Badgerbeck Splinter
Diamond Night Skye (B)27-11-2001Badgerbeck Splinter
Emerald Skye (B)27-11-2001Badgerbeck Splinter
Kenmillto Sparticas (D)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Tilly Topaz (B)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Summer Dawn (B)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Shadow Dancer (D)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Moonlit Blaze (D)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Kenmillto Moonlight (D)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Diamond Dazzler (B)01-07-2002Badgerbeck Thorn
Jazzy Jack (D)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Kenmilltri Banjo (D)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Kenmilltri Bazil (D)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Kenmilltri Drummond (D)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Kenmilltri Little Heather (B)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Kenmilltri Night Dancer (B)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Precious At Badgerbeck (B)01-09-2003Badgerbeck Bonsai
Badgerbeck Jasmine (B)27-10-2004Badgerbeck Bonsai
Badgerbeck Wisteria (B)27-10-2004Badgerbeck Bonsai
Badgerbeck Tamarix Of Mazengarb (D)27-10-2004Badgerbeck Bonsai
Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath (B)27-10-2004Badgerbeck Bonsai
Badgerbeck Katsura (B)27-10-2004Badgerbeck Bonsai

Same Sire Siblings - 45 records

Known AsDateDam
Wesleymount Serrano (B)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack 'O' Dawn
Wesleymount Jalapeno (B)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack 'O' Dawn
Wesleymount Habanero (D)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack 'O' Dawn
Wesleymount Chiltepin (D)16-06-2003Whistledown Crack 'O' Dawn
Penlumeg Pollyanna (B)08-11-2003Farmway First Fledgling By Penlumeg
Middlelock Raspberry (D)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Middlelock Madonna (B)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Middlelock Horizon (D)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Middlelock Diesel (D)19-06-2004Middlelock Fahrenheit
Weatherdale Mint Crisp (B)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Guylian (D)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Bittersweet (B)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Angelica (B)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Weatherdale Truffels (D)01-07-2004Weatherdale Bramble
Magic Shore At Tulawyn (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Lucky Maid (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Little Beach Boy (D)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Happy Bluebell Delight (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Misty Dream (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Sweet Island Rose (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Precious Gypsy Queen (B)13-07-2004Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Ava Ma Saphire (B)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Shwebo Maung Gold (D)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Mandalay Maung Silver (D)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Pegu Maung Emerald (D)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Mogok Ma Ruby (B)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Mogaung Ma Jade At Jenabeck (B)12-08-2004Hunca Munca Thumb
Rossacre Come Dancing (B)10-04-2005Rossacre Let's Dance
Mystical Prince (D)04-06-2005Bacton Dotty Daisy
Lightening Princess Lydia (B)04-06-2005Bacton Dotty Daisy
Foxfactor Hornblower JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Clear)10-09-2005CH Manx Margaid ShCM
Wickhambreaux Hogarth (D)05-11-2005Wickhambreaux Carrow
Harriet of Hassage (B)31-07-2006Haseley Happy Go Lucky
Fizzy Pop For Collydean (B)20-07-2007Rosemary's Rember
Barterhound Tika (D)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Barterhound Tango (D)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Barterhound Twister JW (D)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Barterhound Thyme At Bordaholic (B)28-02-2008Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound
Widget Of Foresters (B)16-05-2008Bainesfolly Another Blue
Twigglestone Danae (D)12-08-2008Twigglestone Babiana
Kyscafter Knocker (B)10-03-2009Kyscafter Nimue
Kyscafter Kite (B)10-03-2009Kyscafter Nimue
Kyscafter Kestrel ShCM AW(B) (B)10-03-2009Kyscafter Nimue
Amarula On Ice Onthill (B)01-06-2009Benattivo Rock Chic
Lynnbos Imperial Jade At Ianteg (B)22-12-2009Lynnbos Samera Saffire