Name:Dandyhow Royal Oak 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of Dandyhow Royal Oak

Siblings of Dandyhow Royal Oak

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 7 records

Known AsDate 
Dandyhow Queen Vic at Hoathwood (B)04-04-2007Same Litter
Dandyhow Rose And Crown (B)04-04-2007Same Litter
Dandyhow Blue Bell (B)04-04-2007Same Litter
Dandyhow Cat And Fiddle (B)04-04-2007Same Litter
Dandyhow Bird In Hand (B)04-04-2007Same Litter
Dandyhow Lord Nelson (D)04-04-2007Same Litter
Dandyhow Rover's Return (D)04-04-2007Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 13 records

Known AsDateSire
Dandyhow Declared At Barterhound (B)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Night Watchman (D)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Maiden Over (B)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Leg Stump (B)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Googly (B)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Opening Bat (D)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Zat (D)27-02-2006Dandyhow Spells Trouble
Dandyhow Little Gem (B)09-03-2009Dandyhow Masterpiece
Dandyhow Tom Thumb (D)09-03-2009Dandyhow Masterpiece
Dandyhow Fristina (B)09-03-2009Dandyhow Masterpiece
Dandyhow Frisby (D)09-03-2009Dandyhow Masterpiece
Dandyhow Lollo Rossa (B)09-03-2009Dandyhow Masterpiece
Dandyhow Pandero (D)09-03-2009Dandyhow Masterpiece

Same Sire Siblings - 105 records

Known AsDateDam
Baillieswells Auchtertool (B)29-03-2006Baillieswells Glengoyne JW
Baillieswells Benachie (D)29-03-2006Baillieswells Glengoyne JW
Ravenside Ouija Board (B)23-05-2006Holmston Good Charlotte at Ravenside
Baywillow Tarte Tatin JW (B)23-05-2006Baywillow Beguiling
Baywillow Canape At Smalesmouth (B)23-05-2006Baywillow Beguiling
Fin CH/CH Baywillow Blue Bouquet For Badgerbeck JW (B)23-05-2006Baywillow Beguiling
Orange Thyme (D)28-06-2006Northlear Cayenne
Star Anise In Hanway (B)28-06-2006Northlear Cayenne
Jaenjays Enchanter (D)31-07-2006Thornyhurst Enchantment at Jaenjays
Baillieswells Drumcaldie (B)08-11-2006Baillieswells Mortlach
Asplands Salsa (B)13-11-2006Asplands Lily The Pink
Ravenside Reams of Verse (B)11-12-2006Holmston Good Charlotte at Ravenside
Ravenside Ramruma (B)11-12-2006Holmston Good Charlotte at Ravenside
Int / Ir CH Tythrop Theo for Glencarraig (D)29-12-2006Tythrop Equillibria
Foxthorn Maggie May (B)03-02-2007Blaentir Dancing Leaves At Foxthorn
Foxthorn Antiquity (D)03-02-2007Blaentir Dancing Leaves At Foxthorn
In CH Asplands in Denim (D)14-05-2007Asplands Chanson
Eltonfurze Pickle (D)25-05-2007Gameway Midnight Sun
Markrich My Kamal (B)23-06-2007Markrich My Panna
Alcumlow Spanish Steps (B)22-08-2007Mansergh Maisytoats At Alcumlow
Hanway Heaven Sent (D)01-02-2008Tythrop Shooting Star Over Hanway
Hanway Livin On A Prayer (B)01-02-2008Tythrop Shooting Star Over Hanway
Tythrop Treen of Baillieswells (B)12-04-2008Tythrop Penricsway Palm Springs
Tythrop Beech (B)12-04-2008Tythrop Penricsway Palm Springs
Tythrop Teak (D)12-04-2008Tythrop Penricsway Palm Springs
Tythrop Tamarind (B)12-04-2008Tythrop Penricsway Palm Springs
Tythrop Teak (B)12-04-2008Tythrop Penricsway Palm Springs
Hobholt Holly (B)13-04-2008Kersfell Celestial Sky At Hobholt
Hobholt Hustler (D)13-04-2008Kersfell Celestial Sky At Hobholt
Iacheslei Cantus JW (D)19-11-2008Iacheslei Montanus JW
Iacheslei Cantilena JW (B)19-11-2008Iacheslei Montanus JW
Hobholt Han Solo (D)29-03-2009Hobholt Harmony
Lammermuir's Little Chaser (B)30-06-2009Tinker Girl
Wintergarden Ginger Smooth (B)08-08-2009Terhels Toccata At Wintergarden
Wintergarden Rye And Dry (D)08-08-2009Terhels Toccata At Wintergarden
Wintergarden Kir Royal (B)08-08-2009Terhels Toccata At Wintergarden
Wintergarden Spritzer (D)08-08-2009Terhels Toccata At Wintergarden
Howthwaite Catch the Breeze (D) (Slem: HClear)06-09-2009Irton Strawberry Fair At Howthwaite JW (Slem: Clear)
Howthwaite Amber Grain (B) (Slem: HClear)06-09-2009Irton Strawberry Fair At Howthwaite JW (Slem: Clear)
CH Howthwaite In Violet (B) (Slem: HClear)06-09-2009Irton Strawberry Fair At Howthwaite JW (Slem: Clear)
Hobholt Hilite (B)12-11-2009Hobholt Harmony
Hobholt Helmsman JW (D)12-11-2009Hobholt Harmony
Tythrop Tap On Wood For Ravenside (D)08-08-2010Tythrop T'antivy
Tythrop Tarantella (B)08-08-2010Tythrop T'antivy
CH Tythrop Touch on Wood (B) (Slem: Clear)08-08-2010Tythrop T'antivy
Glebeheath Goodnite Vienna at Flutorum (B) (Slem: Clear)26-05-2011CH Glebeheath Figurine
Glebeheath Godber (D)26-05-2011CH Glebeheath Figurine
Tythrop Time Keeper (D)12-06-2011Bromscars Wasted Time By Tythrop
Tythrop Time For Tea (B)12-06-2011Bromscars Wasted Time By Tythrop
Tythrop Time Flies (B)12-06-2011Bromscars Wasted Time By Tythrop
Manorcroft Passion For Gold (B)19-09-2011Manorcroft Slightly Noble
Manorcroft Miss Work Of Art (B)19-09-2011Manorcroft Slightly Noble
Manorcroft Spin a Wish (B)19-09-2011Manorcroft Slightly Noble
Asplands Take Five (D)13-10-2011Tillotts Travelling Blues
Ridgebow Amberwitch (B)13-12-2011Ravenside Ma Biche At Ridgebow
Ridgebow Reynard (B) (Slem: Clear)13-12-2011Ravenside Ma Biche At Ridgebow
Ridgebow Firefly at Keycharm (B)13-12-2011Ravenside Ma Biche At Ridgebow
CIB, IR CH, NL CH, Chatmoss Rebel Rebel MFH, AMW 13, CW 14, 15 & 16, BWNL 14 (B) (Slem: Clear)24-04-2012Foxthorn Texas Star At Chatmoss ShCM
Chatmoss Working Class Hero MFH JW ShCM (B)24-04-2012Foxthorn Texas Star At Chatmoss ShCM
Chatmoss Les Diables Rouges Ir Jun Ch CW '14 ShCM (D)24-04-2012Foxthorn Texas Star At Chatmoss ShCM
Chatmoss Trudi Scrumptious at Torleigh (B)24-04-2012Foxthorn Texas Star At Chatmoss ShCM
Fehmarn Tiffin (B)01-07-2012Fehmarn Lochside Love
Ruddlewood Scuttle (D)24-08-2012Ratscallion Scraffle
Baillieswells Auchinblae (D)19-04-2014Baillieswells Lochindaal JW
Baillieswells Ballechin (B)19-04-2014Baillieswells Lochindaal JW
Baillieswells Loch Dhu (B)19-04-2014Baillieswells Lochindaal JW
Baillieswells Brora (D)19-04-2014Baillieswells Lochindaal JW
Hawkgreen Pipit (B)10-05-2014Hawkgreen Song Sung Blue
Hawkgreen Alouette (B) (Slem: Clear)10-05-2014Hawkgreen Song Sung Blue
CH Brumberhill Back T' Future JW (D) (Slem: Clear)30-05-2015Brumberhill Blue Sky
Bardenfox To Bee Or Not To Bee (B) (Slem: HClear)25-08-2015Plushcourt The Bees Wing To Manorcroft (Slem: Clear)
Bardenfox The One To Bee (B) (Slem: Clear)25-08-2015Plushcourt The Bees Wing To Manorcroft (Slem: Clear)
Doramil Imagination (B)03-09-2015Doramil Got To Be Love
Doramil Illusion (B) (Slem: Clear)03-09-2015Doramil Got To Be Love
Doramil Infatuation (B)03-09-2015Doramil Got To Be Love
Doramil Inspiration (B)03-09-2015Doramil Got To Be Love
Listcall Legend (D) (Slem: HClear)09-09-2015Manorcroft She's Humble At Listcall (Slem: Clear)
Listcall Kingsman (D) (Slem: HClear)09-09-2015Manorcroft She's Humble At Listcall (Slem: Clear)
Listcall Wot About Mary At Holmelyne (B) (Slem: HClear)09-09-2015Manorcroft She's Humble At Listcall (Slem: Clear)
Listcall Tempress (B) (Slem: HClear)09-09-2015Manorcroft She's Humble At Listcall (Slem: Clear)
Listcall Little Charmer (B) (Slem: Clear)09-09-2015Manorcroft She's Humble At Listcall (Slem: Clear)
Blue Brodie (D)22-12-2015Brumberhill Blue Sky
Toby Of The Chase (D)22-12-2015Brumberhill Blue Sky
Bon Appetit By Tythrop (B) (Slem: Clear)22-12-2015Brumberhill Blue Sky
Howthwaite In Visybil (B) (Slem: HClear)17-04-2016Howthwaite in Vogue (Slem: Clear)
Howthwaite Virtue (B) (Slem: HClear)17-04-2016Howthwaite in Vogue (Slem: Clear)
Howthwaite in Voice (D) (Slem: Clear)17-04-2016Howthwaite in Vogue (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Best Man (D) (Slem: HClear)22-08-2016Brumberhill Betrothal JW (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Bridesmaid (B) (Slem: HClear)22-08-2016Brumberhill Betrothal JW (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Bridal Bouquet (B) (Slem: HClear)22-08-2016Brumberhill Betrothal JW (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Bridegroom (D) (Slem: HClear)22-08-2016Brumberhill Betrothal JW (Slem: Clear)
Seaton Charlie (D)10-05-2017Manorcroft Make A Wish
Gene Genie (B) (Slem: Clear)10-05-2017Manorcroft Make A Wish
Brumberhill Bonne Amie (B) (Slem: Clear)19-06-2017Brumberhill Bang Tidy (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Bone China (B) (Slem: HClear)19-06-2017Brumberhill Bang Tidy (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Butler (D) (Slem: HClear)19-06-2017Brumberhill Bang Tidy (Slem: Clear)
Brumberhill Samuel (D) (Slem: HClear)19-06-2017Brumberhill Bang Tidy (Slem: Clear)
Goxfell Reivers Rose (B) (Slem: Clear)13-08-2017Comitis Colorado (Slem: Carrier)
Goxfell Reivers Lass (B)13-08-2017Comitis Colorado (Slem: Carrier)
Goxfell Reiver Rumpus (D)13-08-2017Comitis Colorado (Slem: Carrier)
Goxfell Reiver Raider (D)13-08-2017Comitis Colorado (Slem: Carrier)
Normbar Chanel (B) (Slem: HClear)30-09-2017Brumberhill Miss Dior (Slem: Clear)
Normbar Prada (B) (Slem: HClear)30-09-2017Brumberhill Miss Dior (Slem: Clear)
Normbar Armani (D) (Slem: HClear)30-09-2017Brumberhill Miss Dior (Slem: Clear)
Normbar Estee Lauder (B) (Slem: HClear)30-09-2017Brumberhill Miss Dior (Slem: Clear)