Name:Royday Honey Trap 
Owner(s): Longton, Mr. R.  
Breeder:Longton, Mr. R. 

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Name History

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Siblings of Royday Honey Trap

Full Siblings - None Recorded

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 137 records

Known AsDateDam
Scammonden Little Lady (B)See You Again
Kenmilltri Atlas (B)See You Again
Kenmilltri Adonis (D)See You Again
Kenmilltri Apollo (D)See You Again
Balmfield Button (B)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Fitzroy's Heiress (B)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Holmfirth Little Lady (B)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Echo of Roxy (B)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Liversedge Dancer (B)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Alvethorpe Lad (D)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Almondbury Boy (D)24-02-2003Roxy Coxy
Kenmilltri Tumirela (B)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Kenmilltri Tangoru (B)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Kenmilltri Teskaru (D)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Kenmilltri Trimora (B)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Kenmilltri Tosca (B)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Faunese Just Dandy At Aldamar (B)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Kenmilltri Trakira (B)03-03-2003Nebards Bonny Girl
Kenmilltri Hypnos (D)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Morpheus (D)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Poseidon (D)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Neptune (D)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Athene (B)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Eros (D)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Fauna (B)06-03-2003Renascent Rose
Kenmilltri Aphrodite (B)30-03-2003Sophala Pride
Cudworth Happy Boy (D)30-03-2003Sophala Pride
Sherburn Sonny Boy (D)30-03-2003Sophala Pride
Sheplea Lady (B)28-04-2003Bright Eclipse
Super Sparkle (D)28-04-2003Bright Eclipse
Wendy Bonnie Girl (B)28-04-2003Bright Eclipse
Black Jack Tar (D)28-04-2003Bright Eclipse
Tiptoe Tally (D)28-04-2003Bright Eclipse
Sam the Dazzler (D)28-04-2003Bright Eclipse
Love Letter (B)06-06-2003Victoria's Secret
Secret Message (B)06-06-2003Victoria's Secret
Bramble Bruin (D)06-06-2003Tythrop Imprint
Red Bracken Lad (D)06-06-2003Tythrop Imprint
Dandy At the Ritz (D)06-06-2003Victoria's Secret
William Henry (D)06-06-2003Victoria's Secret
Equinox Tam (D)06-06-2003Tythrop Imprint
Alex's Bonny Girl (B)06-06-2003Tythrop Imprint
Frystons Bonny Girl (B)06-06-2003Tythrop Imprint
Picadilly Primrose (B)26-06-2003Golden Sunbeam
Mayfair Minder (D)26-06-2003Golden Sunbeam
Trafalgar Tiger (D)26-06-2003Golden Sunbeam
Kew Kaper (D)26-06-2003Golden Sunbeam
Bloomsbury Bertie (D)26-06-2003Golden Sunbeam
Templethorpe Twister (D)22-07-2003Bullerthorpe Baby Belle
Bullerthorpe Busy Bee (B)22-07-2003Bullerthorpe Baby Belle
Fitzroy's Lucky Lad (D)22-07-2003Bullerthorpe Baby Belle
Gamblethorpe Gee Gee (D)22-07-2003Bullerthorpe Baby Belle
Ajanter's Summer Dancer (B)15-09-2003Starmore Summer Breeze Among Ajanter
Manorcroft Just William (D)06-11-2003Digmoor Quartet
Manorcroft Miss Magic (B)06-11-2003Digmoor Quartet
Manorcroft Gone Away (D)06-11-2003Digmoor Quartet
Manorcroft Proper Madam (B)06-11-2003Digmoor Quartet
Manorcroft Red Alert (D)06-11-2003Digmoor Quartet
Kenmilfore He's A Boy (D)09-12-2003Sue's Sweetheart
Kenmilfore the Great Prince (D)09-12-2003Sue's Sweetheart
Kenmilfore She's the One (B)09-12-2003Sue's Sweetheart
Kenmilfore King of Tides (D)09-12-2003Sue's Sweetheart
Kenmilfore Princess Belle (B)09-12-2003Sue's Sweetheart
Kenmilfore Precious Earl (D)09-12-2003Sue's Sweetheart
Kenmilfore the Guvnor (D)26-02-2004See You Again
Pearsons Bonny Girl (B)26-02-2004See You Again
Kenmilfore Yessir (D)26-02-2004See You Again
Kenmilfore Milord (D)26-02-2004See You Again
Sunshines Pride (B)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Red Romeo (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Leap Year Lady At Coolins (B)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Val De Maal (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Sayplease Lad (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Rockafella Boy (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Stormez Blue (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Freedom Now (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Bubbling Fun (D)24-03-2004Simply Sunshine Girl
Kenmilfore Zibo (B)26-03-2004Bullerthorpe Saucy Suzy
Kenmilfore ZaÏre (D)26-03-2004Bullerthorpe Saucy Suzy
Kenmilfore Zinder (B)26-03-2004Bullerthorpe Saucy Suzy
Kenmilfore Zaire (D)26-03-2004Bullerthorpe Saucy Suzy
Kenmilfore Zahldan (D)26-03-2004Bullerthorpe Saucy Suzy
Kenmilfore Zargreb (D)26-03-2004Bullerthorpe Saucy Suzy
Stoneygin Danny Boy (D)03-04-2004CH Stoneygin Dolly Daydream
Edwin Pride of David (D)06-04-2004Princess Rosemary
Princess Nellie (B)06-04-2004Princess Rosemary
Arnold of Ennerdale (D)06-04-2004Princess Rosemary
Greenside Boy (D)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Clares Lovely Lass (B)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Ramsey Sunshine Boy (D)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Susies Bonnie Girl (B)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Balmfield Lad (D)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Tracys Sweetie (B)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Aprils Bonnie Girl (B)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Pams Pretty Lady (B)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Liversedge Lad (D)08-05-2004Roxy Coxy
Blue Ribbon Lad (D)10-05-2004Kenmillto Elegant Girlie
Bedazzled Lad (D)10-05-2004Kenmillto Elegant Girlie
Bedazzled Girl (B)10-05-2004Kenmillto Elegant Girlie
Baby Blue Ribbon Boy (D)10-05-2004Kenmillto Elegant Girlie
Stoneygin Maximus (D)13-05-2004CH Stoneygin Maria
Orenberg the Tide Is High (D)02-06-2004CH Orenberg Inkling
Orenberg Call Me (D)02-06-2004CH Orenberg Inkling
Orenberg End To End (D)02-06-2004CH Orenberg Inkling
Orenberg Heart of Glass (B)02-06-2004CH Orenberg Inkling
Orenberg Hello Joe (D)02-06-2004CH Orenberg Inkling
Gamblethorpe Lucy (B)26-06-2004Lady Leanda
Bullerthorpe Bossy Boots (B)26-06-2004Lady Leanda
Templethorpe Tottie (B)26-06-2004Lady Leanda
Birthday Girl Gertie (B)26-06-2004Lady Leanda
August Rainfall (D)04-08-2004Charming Claresta
Kenmilfore Babycakes (B)04-08-2004Charming Claresta
Kenmilfore Croftonboy (D)04-08-2004Charming Claresta
Charming Valentine (B)04-08-2004Charming Claresta
Baby Bramble Patch (B)30-09-2004Victoria's Secret
White Heather (B)30-09-2004Victoria's Secret
Wicked Witch (B)30-09-2004Victoria's Secret
Sweet Oak Apple (D)30-09-2004Victoria's Secret
Bright Bay Leaf (D)30-09-2004Victoria's Secret
Beech of Copper (D)30-09-2004Victoria's Secret
Sweet Charlie Brown (D)12-10-2004Kenmilltri Hope Springs
Bonnie Little Rascal (B)12-10-2004Kenmilltri Hope Springs
Star Light Prince (D)12-10-2004Kenmilltri Hope Springs
Wickentree Boy (D)19-10-2004Kenmillto Lucky Opal
Lady Charmed (B)19-10-2004Kenmillto Lucky Opal
Kenmilfore Moonshine (D)19-10-2004Kenmillto Lucky Opal
Kenmilfore Dandy Lad (D)19-10-2004Kenmillto Lucky Opal
Kenmilfore Sweetheart (B)19-10-2004Kenmillto Lucky Opal
Kenmilfore Do By You (D)19-10-2004Kenmillto Lucky Opal
Fanta's Poppet (B)03-01-2005Sue's Sweetheart
Dandi Red Sky At Night (B)21-02-2005Mistellas Gold
Heymor Sea Gem (B)21-11-2005Heymor Thats the Way To Do It
Royday Roys Choice At Kgills (B)21-12-2005Lucy the Sloucher of Royday
April Springs At Evajays (B)08-04-2006Simply Sunshine Girl
Artful Arry By Yipyap (D)23-06-2006Fernwind Country Rose
Heymor Wagtail (B)05-07-2006Heymor Doppelganger
Anticipation Lady (B)01-11-2006Heymor Cough Candy