Lyddington Lizzie Hooker


Name:Lyddington Lizzie Hooker 
Colour:Red Grizzle 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Siblings of Lyddington Lizzie Hooker

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 6 records

Known AsDate 
Lyddington Lady's Mantle (B)06-06-1992Same Litter
Lyddington Late News At Charlaur (D)06-06-1992Same Litter
Lyddington Loose Ends (D)06-06-1992Same Litter
Lyddington Landowner From Plushcourt (D)22-09-1994
Lyddington Look For'ard (D)22-09-1994
Lyddington Luce Lastic (B)22-09-1994

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 51 records

Known AsDateDam
Tillerman Making Movies (D)07-09-1985Snell's Nook Rosey
Nooky of Ancaster (B)07-09-1985Snell's Nook Rosey
Lettsby Friend (B)07-09-1985Snell's Nook Rosey
Hurry of Meadlodge And Claran (D)28-07-1986Ashby Willow
Piety of Meadlodge And Claran (B)28-07-1986Ashby Willow
Willow Twig (B)28-07-1986Ashby Willow
Grizzle Foxer (D)21-09-1986Red Tess
Mi Jaipur (B)28-07-1987Ashby Willow
Fred of Ebbisham (D)05-09-1987Western Topaz
Kelly's Eye (B)05-09-1987Western Topaz
Penelope Pearlcatcher (B)05-09-1987Western Topaz
Amy of Tixover (B)28-10-1987Ashby Willow
My Indaw of Weegee (B)28-10-1987Ashby Willow
Seaton Nessie (B)09-12-1987Knossington Nora
Weegee Gladiator (D)17-01-1988Weegee Wild Geum
Weegee Gambler (D)17-01-1988Weegee Wild Geum
Morag of Seaton (B)04-03-1989Knossington Nora
Ashley Jock (D)04-03-1989Knossington Nora
Mappleyard Teasel (B)04-03-1989Knossington Nora
Flintcomb Maude (B)04-03-1989Knossington Nora
Miss Napalm (B)10-02-1990Court Royale
Goodnight Saigon (D)10-02-1990Court Royale
Immodest Miss (B)10-02-1990Court Royale
Star Storm (B)10-02-1990Court Royale
Starlight Scope (B)10-02-1990Court Royale
Nice Nan (B)03-06-1990Knossington Nora
Naughty Nutmeg (B)03-06-1990Knossington Nora
Mr Chopalot (D)03-06-1990Knossington Nora
Somerby Savage (D)03-06-1990Knozzington Nora
Master Ned (D)03-06-1990Knossington Nora
Rusty Red River (D)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Faithful Flint (D)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Fosse Blue Springs (B)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Beautiful Beck (B)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Finbarr Blythe (D)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Fowlmere Skipper (D)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Sevy Baby Brook (D)17-10-1990Coquet Blue Eartha
Lax-Hill Lady (B)29-05-1991Mini Minx
Fliteris Folly (B)29-05-1991Mini Minx
Ruth of Britches Piece (B)29-05-1991Mini Minx
Cloe Dale Lady (B)29-05-1991Mini Minx
Hellchuck Brazen (B)20-09-1991Rhozzum Aria
Hellchuck Buccaneer (D)20-09-1991Rhozzum Aria
Hellchuck Bantam (B)20-09-1991Rhozzum Aria
Hellchuck Crackerjack of Rhozzum (D)21-05-1994Rhozzum Aria
Hellchuck Cordite (D)21-05-1994Rhozzum Aria
Hellchuck Chevron (B)21-05-1994Rhozzum Aria
Hellchuck Coronet (B)21-05-1994Rhozzum Aria
Markrich My Moth (B)08-07-1994My Barsi of Ballinderry
Markrich My Jalan of Ballinderry (B)08-07-1994My Barsi of Ballinderry
Markrich My Vijay (D)10-05-1995Markrich My Bela