CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene


Name:CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene 
Colour:Blue and Tan 
Breeder:A Roslin-williams 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Progeny of CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene - 68 records

Known AsDateBy
Capsmoor C ()Risdene Echo
Kamajan Hazelsblue Escoffier At Risdene (D)Kamajan Marengo
Spinneyford New ()Spinneyford Christmas Rose
Rowanset A ()Rowanset Patience
Ribbleside Alfred the Great (D)29-09-1996Derwood Kirnbeck
Ribbleside Blueberry Pie (D)29-09-1996Derwood Kirnbeck
Ribbleside Rough & Tumble (B)29-09-1996Derwood Kirnbeck
Ribbleside Rough And Tumble (B)29-09-1996Derwood Kirnbeck
Risdene Hearsay (B)09-06-1997Risdene Double Entendre
Lyddington Ladybird (B)13-10-1997Lyddington Lizzie Hooker
Lyddington Legal Picnic (D)13-10-1997Lyddington Lizzie Hooker
Lyddington Lost Fortune (D)13-10-1997Lyddington Lizzie Hooker
Nor CH / CH Lyddington Last Supper At Risdene (D)13-10-1997Lyddington Lizzie Hooker
Lyddington Lust's A Must (B)14-10-1998Lyddington Likesitalot
Risdene Joking Apart (D)12-11-1998Risdene Double Entendre
Risdene Keepsake (B)20-01-1999CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Spinneyford Silver Belle (B)16-04-2000
Spinneyford Silver Clarion (D)16-04-2000
Spinneyford Silver Chime (D)16-04-2000
Spinneyford Silver Peal (D)16-04-2000
Lyddington Lottie the Totty (B)28-05-2000Lyddington Likesitalot
Lyddington Loyal Toast At Risdene (D)28-05-2000Lyddington Likesitalot
Lyddington Leftovers (D)28-05-2000Lyddington Likesitalot
Lyddington Louie the Lecher (D)28-05-2000Lyddington Likesitalot
Kenmillone Nettle Colmarel (B)05-12-2000Colmarel Hope
Kenmillone Millie (B)05-12-2000Colmarel Hope
Kenmillone Heyford (D)05-12-2000
Kenmillone Brooke (D)05-12-2000
Kenmillone Sassoon (D)05-12-2000
Kenmillone Irenee (B)05-12-2000
Risdene Now Look Hear (D)05-05-2001CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Risdene Non De Plume (D)05-05-2001CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Risdene Nemesis (B)05-05-2001CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Risdene No Matter What (B)05-05-2001CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Lyddington Late Breakfast (D)21-08-2001Lyddington Likesitalot
Lyddington Lark Ascending (B)21-08-2001Lyddington Likesitalot
Kelling Keith (D)04-06-2002Nippys Girl
Marjane Lucy (B)04-06-2002Nippys Girl
Joscelynes Jake (D)04-06-2002Nippys Girl
CH Kersfell One For the Master JW (D)19-09-2002Kersfell Polly Flinders
Kersfell Cock Robin At Hobholt (D)19-09-2002Kersfell Polly Flinders
Kersfell Jack Be Nimble (D)19-09-2002Kersfell Polly Flinders
Kersfell Ring O Roses At Northey (B)19-09-2002Kersfell Polly Flinders
Totherend Cordon Bleu (D)30-12-2002Totherend Hot Shot
Kamajan Hazelswundabred (D)26-02-2003
Kamajan Hazlesblue Pansy (B)26-02-2003
Kamajan Hazelsblue Bramble (D)26-02-2003
Kamajan Hazelsblue Gala (D)26-02-2003
Kamajan Hazels Escoffier At Risdene (D)26-02-2003
Kamajan Junior Chef (D)26-02-2003
Rutland Rascal (B)01-06-2003
Rising Rosie (B)01-06-2003Rhozzum Regan
Risdene Rueful (B)18-04-2004Risdene Innuendo
Risdene Ruthless (D)18-04-2004Risdene Innuendo
Risdene Remittance (D)18-04-2004Risdene Innuendo
Risdene Rationale (D)18-04-2004Risdene Innuendo
Risdene Reveller (D)18-04-2004Risdene Innuendo
Spinneyford Hayleigh (B)30-05-2004Spinneyford Joyous Rose
Spinneyford Renee (B)30-05-2004Spinneyford Joyous Rose
Spinneyford Kiri (B)30-05-2004Spinneyford Joyous Rose
Spinneyford Kiri Of Oakcharm (B)30-05-2004Spinneyford Joyous Rose
Kersfell Cavalcade (D)27-06-2004Kersfell Claret
Kersfell Carousel (B)27-06-2004Kersfell Claret
Kersfell Cayenne (D)27-06-2004Kersfell Claret
Kersfell Cantata (B)27-06-2004Kersfell Claret
Kersfell Cody (D)27-06-2004Kersfell Claret
Middlelock Smokin Joe (D)01-11-2004Chelsea's Dream At Middlelock
Middlelock Witches Broom (B)01-11-2004Chelsea's Dream At Middlelock

Siblings of CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDate 
CH Mansergh Mother's Pride (B)24-11-1995Same Litter
Mansergh Moreish (B)24-11-1995Same Litter
Mansergh Mr Pastry (D)24-11-1995Same Litter
Mansergh Mrs Beeton (B)24-11-1995Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 131 records

Known AsDateDam
Lutrabeck Sporting Print (D)08-05-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
Lutrabeck Shadow At Fransuda (B)08-05-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
Lutrabeck Sans Serif (B)08-05-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
CH Dandale Blueberry Buckle (B)17-05-1995Knightstone Fast Forward
Dandale Whortleberry (B)17-05-1995Knightstone Fast Forward
Dandale Running Maid (B)17-05-1995Knightstone Fast Forward
Dandale Marjorie Fair (B)17-05-1995Knightstone Fast Forward
Dandale Biscuit Boy (D)17-05-1995Knightstone Fast Forward
Dandale Sweet Miss Bea (B)17-05-1995Knightstone Fast Forward
Lutrabeck Sky Pilot (D)08-06-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
Lutrabeck Shadow of Fransuda (B)08-06-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
Lutrabeck Sanserif (B)08-06-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
Lutrabeck Song (B)08-06-1995Plushcourt Indulgence At Lutrabeck
Brumberhill Algernon Blue (D)10-06-1995Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Otis (D)10-06-1995Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Bravado (D)10-06-1995Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Bardot (B)10-06-1995Brumberhill Becharmed
Hellchuck Dexter (D)17-12-1995Hellchuck Coronet
Hellchuck Digby (D)17-12-1995Hellchuck Coronet
Hellchuck Dalziel (D)17-12-1995Hellchuck Coronet
Tiptoe Lover (D)04-01-1996Riverworth Ripple
Nina Katrina (B)04-01-1996Riverworth Ripple
Air of Mystery (D)04-01-1996Riverworth Ripple
Inherent Magic (B)04-01-1996Riverworth Ripple
Just An Illusion (B)04-01-1996Riverworth Ripple
Copestaff Copyright (D)09-02-1996CH Tythrop Cinnamon At Copestaff
Copestaff Limited Edition (B)09-02-1996CH Tythrop Cinnamon At Copestaff
Copestaff Curtain Raiser (B)09-02-1996CH Tythrop Cinnamon At Copestaff
Copestaff Cassia (B)09-02-1996CH Tythrop Cinnamon At Copestaff
Blue Madrigal (D)10-05-1996Air Hostess
Tan Departure (B)10-05-1996Air Hostess
Penticharm Cast A Spell (B)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm Lady Susannah (B)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm Bright Spark (D)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm Hamish (D)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm Master Copy (D)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm Red Rogue (D)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm the Magic Touch (B)18-05-1996Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Moss And Plum (B)31-05-1996Muston Gorse
Joeys Wood (D)31-05-1996Muston Gorse
Sproxton Thorns (D)31-05-1996Muston Gorse
CH Lings Gorse By Otterbobs (D)31-05-1996Muston Gorse
Blue Patern (B)18-06-1996CH Beenaben Broidery
Markrich My Manak (B)24-06-1996Markrich My Moth
Tythrop Golden Boy (D)28-08-1996CH Thoraldby Golden Glen
Tythrop Gold Template (B)28-08-1996CH Thoraldby Golden Glen
Tythrop Gold Print (D)28-08-1996CH Thoraldby Golden Glen
Brumberhill Ben (D)07-09-1996Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Blue Ink (B)07-09-1996Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Blue Bonnet (B)07-09-1996Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Captain (D)07-09-1996Brumberhill Becharmed
NL/INT CH Brumberhill Brigand (D)07-09-1996Brumberhill Becharmed
Brumberhill Banderas (D)07-09-1996Brumberhill Becharmed
Biddestone Proverb (B)10-09-1996CH Biddestone Poetry
Biddestone Prose (B)10-09-1996CH Biddestone Poetry
Biddestone Blue Prince (D)10-09-1996CH Biddestone Poetry
Cinnamon Realm (B)29-11-1996Oaklahoma Lass
Sooty Belle At Darrowby (B)29-11-1996Oaklahoma Lass
Acorn Podder (D)29-11-1996Oaklahoma Lass
Speckled Oak (D)29-11-1996Oaklahoma Lass
Lively Strike (D)29-11-1996Oaklahoma Lass
Brumberhill Perry (D)14-01-1997CH Brumberhill Bewitched
Brumberhill Samson (D)14-01-1997CH Brumberhill Bewitched
Glittering Emission (B)24-08-1997Rosso Piceno
Gorgeous Extrovert (B)24-08-1997Rosso Piceno
Gaelic Entertainer (D)24-08-1997Rosso Piceno
Gifted Einstein (D)24-08-1997Rosso Piceno
Graphic Equaliser (D)24-08-1997Rosso Piceno
Greatest Escapade (D)24-08-1997Rosso Piceno
Northlear Solomon Serf (D)28-09-1997Northlear Niobe
Northlear Safranin Saga (B)28-09-1997Northlear Niobe
Northlear Sobriety Salome (B)28-09-1997Northlear Niobe
Crackstone Eleanor (B)14-10-1997Brumberhill Surprise
Bubblewell Miss Tiggy (B)14-10-1997Brumberhill Surprise
Hobhill Witchcraft (B)31-10-1997Hobhill Touch of Magic
Hobhill Magician (D)31-10-1997Hobhill Touch of Magic
Hobhill Wizard (D)31-10-1997Hobhill Touch of Magic
Otterholme Dipsy (D)16-12-1997Rhozzum Caper At Otterholme
Otterholme Decibel (D)16-12-1997Rhozzum Caper At Otterholme
Otterholme Dewdrop (B)16-12-1997Rhozzum Caper At Otterholme
Otterholme Derwydd (B)16-12-1997Rhozzum Caper At Otterholme
Otterholme Delinquency (B)16-12-1997Rhozzum Caper At Otterholme
Otterholme Daydream With Supra (B)16-12-1997Rhozzum Caper At Otterholme
CH Brumberhill Basil (D)17-08-1998Brumberhill Besotted
Thorpe Spice (B)30-04-1999Oaklahoma Lass
Tythrop Arran (B)30-07-2000Tythrop Twill of Mansergh
Tythrop Pringle (B)30-07-2000Tythrop Twill of Mansergh
Tythrop Burberry (B)30-07-2000Tythrop Twill of Mansergh
Tythrop Jaeger (B)30-07-2000Tythrop Twill of Mansergh
Tythrop Paisley (D)30-07-2000Tythrop Twill of Mansergh
Tythrop Harris Tweed At Plushcourt (D)30-07-2000Tythrop Twill of Mansergh
Brumberhill Sammy (D)05-09-2000Akenside Symbol
Brumberhill Bespoke (B)05-09-2000Akenside Symbol
Brumberhill Casey (B)05-09-2000Akenside Symbol
Brumberhill Brulee At Dandale (B)05-09-2000Akenside Symbol
Tweedburn Nobleman (D)15-02-2001Tweedburn Miss Flip
Tweedburn Regal Warrant (D)15-02-2001Tweedburn Miss Flip
Tweedburn Lady Royale (B)15-02-2001Tweedburn Miss Flip
Orenberg Bronte (B)28-02-2001Orenberg Starry Night
CH Orenberg Inkling (B)28-02-2001Orenberg Starry Night
Orenberg Inkjet (B)28-02-2001Orenberg Starry Night
Orenberg Finger Print (D)28-02-2001Orenberg Starry Night
Orenberg Archer (D)28-02-2001Orenberg Starry Night
Hanway Buffy (B)10-04-2001Hanway Keep the Faith
Hanway Its My Life (B)10-04-2001Hanway Keep the Faith
Hanway Raise Your Hands (D)10-04-2001Hanway Keep the Faith
CH Hanway It's My Life (B)10-04-2001Hanway Keep the Faith
Tythrop Imprint (B)19-04-2001Tythrop Equillibria
Tythrop Max-A-Million (D)19-04-2001Tythrop Equillibria
Tythrop Etching (B)19-04-2001Tythrop Equillibria
Tythrop Print Out (B)19-04-2001Tythrop Equillibria
Tythrop Edward (D)19-04-2001Tythrop Equillibria
Forkins Cu Briar (B)08-09-2001Stubwil Mischief
Forkins Cu Burn (B)08-09-2001Stubwil Mischief
Forkins Cu Brook (B)08-09-2001Stubwil Mischief
Forkins Cu Bess (B)08-09-2001Stubwil Mischief
Forkins Cu Ben (D)08-09-2001Stubwil Mischief
Mansergh First Edition (D)30-10-2001Mansergh Hurry Belle
Mansergh Photo Finish (B)30-10-2001Mansergh Hurry Belle
CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene (B)30-10-2001Mansergh Hurry Belle
Mansergh Fastprint At Plushcourt (D)30-10-2001Mansergh Hurry Belle
Alcumlow Dream Maker (D)04-02-2002Alcumlow Chasing Dreams
Brumberhill Lottie (B)14-03-2002Akenside Symbol
Orenberg Starlight Express (B)24-05-2002Orenberg Starry Night
Orenberg Scouts Honour (D)24-05-2002Orenberg Starry Night
Orenberg Rocky Mountaineer (D)24-05-2002Orenberg Starry Night
Otterbobs Kirksty (B)02-06-2002Otterbobs Illbell
Otterbobs Kidsty (B)02-06-2002Otterbobs Illbell
Otterbobs Kirksty At Junctionnine (B)02-06-2002Otterbobs Illbell
Otterbobs Kentmere (D)02-06-2002Otterbobs Illbell
Otterbobs Kepple Cove (B)02-06-2002Otterbobs Illbell