Name:Ludlow Forest Fern 
Colour:Red Grizzle 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Ludlow Forest Fern - 2 records

Known AsDateEx
Breadsall Leah (B)20-12-2007Remmus Silver Fox
Breadsall Jazzy (D)12-01-2009Dandyhow Royal Oak

Siblings of Ludlow Forest Fern

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Whitcliffe Bonnie (B)13-06-2003

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 83 records

Known AsDateDam
Fairway Lad (D)01-07-2000Burtons Beauty
Dixieland Surprise (B)01-07-2000Burtons Beauty
Summerthyme Sadie (B)01-07-2000Burtons Beauty
Little Miss Nell (B)01-07-2000Burtons Beauty
Jonquil Jodi (D)01-07-2000Burtons Beauty
Ellis Hill Gem (B)15-08-2000Kays Little Miss
Red Cherrywine (B)06-12-2000Lady Emily Isadora Joan D'arc
Belle of Burstone (B)08-01-2001Princess Of Langley
Hellispont Tailsman (D)08-01-2001Princess Of Langley
Primrose Golden Rose (B)08-01-2001Princess Of Langley
Chalfont Gladiator (D)08-01-2001Princess Of Langley
Hopscotch Sadie (B)08-01-2001Princess Of Langley
Holly Serena (B)22-02-2001Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Duchess of Bonington (B)08-03-2001Mustange Sally
Starlight Louise (B)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Fishpool Fenella (B)30-06-2001Winsome Dottie
Starlier Lindi Lou (B)23-12-2001Little Miss Nell
Bright Eyed Joe (D)23-12-2001Little Miss Nell
Jim Bob Cricket (D)23-12-2001Little Miss Nell
Wee Geordie Man (D)23-12-2001Little Miss Nell
Dawn of the Dance (B)23-12-2001Little Miss Nell
Castlerig Return (D)28-02-2002Lady Emily Isadora Joan D'arc
Kenmillto Lesters Lindale (D)15-04-2002Thimbleby Special Edition
Kenmillto La Rosita (B)15-04-2002Thimbleby Special Edition
Scott Squirrel Fly (B)16-07-2002Saxoncroft Foxtrot
Beesa Bantam (B)16-07-2002Saxoncroft Foxtrot
Benelli Tornado (B)16-07-2002Saxoncroft Foxtrot
Douglas Dragonfly (B)16-07-2002Saxoncroft Foxtrot
Ariel Arrow (B)16-07-2002Saxoncroft Foxtrot
Natural Nellie (B)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Martha of Fishpool (B)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
It's Got To Be Ted (D)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Haytime Fella (D)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Harvest Boy (D)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Cornstacker Man (D)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Summertime Charlie (D)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Winter Sonata (B)29-07-2002Winsome Dottie
Popcorn Glitter Girl (B)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Massey of the Thymes (B)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Bess of Derby (B)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Duke of Derbyshire (D)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Leading Fireman (D)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Royal Sapper (D)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Dutchess of Ilkeston (B)18-08-2002Razamataz Trouble Maker
Kenmillto Bounder (D)11-09-2002Clairs Surprise
Jacobean Charmer (D)16-05-2003Little Miss Nell
Moonlight Dazzler (D)16-05-2003Little Miss Nell
Falcons Magic (D)16-05-2003Little Miss Nell
Harlequin Majestic (D)16-05-2003Little Miss Nell
Wondrous Joy Boy (D)01-06-2003Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Bahamian Pirate (B)01-06-2003Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Kenmilltri Persian Punch (B)01-06-2003Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Milloochi Rebel (D)05-06-2003Lady Emily Isadora Joan D'arc
Nanrich Winter Garden Beeley (D)08-03-2004Rockthehouse Bumble
Nanrich Call Me Jacko Boy (D)08-03-2004Rockthehouse Bumble
Nanrich Just the Jobe Beeley (D)08-03-2004Rockthehouse Bumble
Nanrich Tipsy Mouse (D)08-03-2004Rockthehouse Bumble
Nanrich Frosty Legoon (D)08-03-2004Rockthehouse Bumble
Hedgefield Rosita (B)25-04-2004Kenmillto La Rosita
Hedgefield Bobby Dazzler (D)25-04-2004Kenmillto La Rosita
Stoneygin Lotty (B)26-06-2004Stoneygin Ruby Tuesday
Stoneygin Maisie At Spinnjack (B)26-06-2004Stoneygin Ruby Tuesday
Stoneygin Donovan (D)26-06-2004Stoneygin Ruby Tuesday
Stoneygin Flint (D)26-06-2004Stoneygin Ruby Tuesday
Thornberry Spring (B)07-08-2004Miss Looby Loo
Starlight Sis (B)07-08-2004Miss Looby Loo
Madam Blueberry (B)07-08-2004Miss Looby Loo
Twilight Girl (B)07-08-2004Miss Looby Loo
Nanrich Fingerprint of Vandamere (B)22-08-2004Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Nanrich Joses Gipsy (B)22-08-2004Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Nanrich Miss Pippa (B)22-08-2004Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Nanrich Miss Primrose (B)22-08-2004Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Nanrich Nemes If Foxthorn (D)26-08-2004Harlequin Sunset
Nanrich Nightingale (B)26-08-2004Harlequin Sunset
Nanrich Red Rebel (D)26-08-2004Harlequin Sunset
Nanrich Tinker (D)26-08-2004Harlequin Sunset
Nanrich Top Gun (D)26-08-2004Harlequin Sunset
Nanrich Boy George (D)26-08-2004Harlequin Sunset
Constellation Star (B)28-08-2004Razamataz Trouble Maker
Fairy Dust (B)28-08-2004Razamataz Trouble Maker
Rusty Riding Breechers (D)28-08-2004Razamataz Trouble Maker
Reminiscing Rosie (B)28-08-2004Razamataz Trouble Maker
Bold Momento (D)29-11-2004Fizzy Lizzy