Name:Lyddington Likesitalot 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Siblings of Lyddington Likesitalot

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 3 records

Known AsDate 
Lyddington Fast'n Loose (D)26-06-1996Same Litter
Lyddington Lothario (D)26-06-1996Same Litter
Lyddington Lucky For Some (D)26-06-1996Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 7 records

Known AsDateSire
Lyddington Liability (D)21-09-1994CH Rainsbarrow Buzzard At Plushcourt
Lyddington Loose Lizzie From Plushcourt (B)21-09-1994CH Rainsbarrow Buzzard At Plushcourt
Lyddington Miss Whiplash (B)21-09-1994CH Rainsbarrow Buzzard At Plushcourt
Nor CH / CH Lyddington Last Supper At Risdene (D)13-10-1997CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene
Lyddington Ladybird (B)13-10-1997CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene
Lyddington Legal Picnic (D)13-10-1997CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene
Lyddington Lost Fortune (D)13-10-1997CH Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene

Same Sire Siblings - 83 records

Known AsDateDam
Plushcourt Degree (B)22-03-1995Plushcourt Diploma
Plushcourt Blue Dust (B)22-03-1995Plushcourt Diploma
Plushcourt Dolly Bird (B)22-03-1995Plushcourt Diploma
Chesterton Bridegroom (D)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Chesterton Something Blue (D)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Chesterton Buttonhole At Alcumlow (D)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Chesterton Borrowed (D)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Chesterton Blushing Bride (B)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Chesterton Betrothed (B)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Chesterton Best Man (D)06-05-1995Plushcourt Bridesmaid For Chesterton
Plushcourt Affair (B)17-07-1995Plushcourt Good Gracious
Blairmore One For the Road (B)03-08-1995Mansergh Pie Crust At Blairmore
Juliet Blue (B)11-08-1995Plushcourt Blue Star
Runaway Girl (B)11-08-1995Plushcourt Blue Star
Star Romeo (D)11-08-1995Plushcourt Blue Star
Fred Goblin (D)11-08-1995Plushcourt Blue Star
Plushcourt Doctor (D)12-02-1996Plushcourt Diploma
Plushcourt Desirable (B)12-02-1996Plushcourt Diploma
Ottaswell Tansy (D)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Blue Belle (B)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Saffron (B)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Penny Royal (B)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Samphire (B)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Stroller (D)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Sorrel (B)09-04-1996Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Biggles Bottom (D)16-04-1996Bunty Bigglesworth
Patsy Stone (B)16-04-1996Bunty Bigglesworth
Edina Monsoon (B)16-04-1996Bunty Bigglesworth
Ralph Bigglesworth (D)16-04-1996Bunty Bigglesworth
Pixie DIXI Bell (B)16-04-1996Bunty Bigglesworth
Gastonwood Bertie Wooster (D)01-05-1996Gastonwood Green Willow
Victoria Kasi of Beauchamp (B)16-05-1996Plushcourt Feasant
Beauchamp's Jedburgh (D)16-05-1996Plushcourt Feasant
Wardour's Holly (B)16-05-1996Plushcourt Feasant
Lord Percy of Grove (D)16-05-1996Plushcourt Feasant
Plushcourt Be Talented (B)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Be Trustful (D)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Be Thankful (B)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Be Tempting of Thomaster (B)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Be Tasteful (D)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Be Tantalizing (B)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Be Tactical (D)22-05-1996Plushcourt Tingle
Plushcourt Enthusiast (B)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Blue Essence (B)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Euphoria (B)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Essential (B)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Enamoured (B)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Blue Equerry (D)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Blue Earl (D)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Blue Envoy (D)11-06-1996Plushcourt Blue Empress
Plushcourt Looter (D)26-09-1996Plushcourt Last Laugh
Plushcourt Lookandfind (D)26-09-1996Plushcourt Last Laugh
Prince Montague (D)05-10-1996Bothampstead Princess
King Mercutio (D)05-10-1996Bothampstead Princess
Kelphope Lunar Melody (B)28-10-1996Kelphope Lunar Lullaby
Kelphope Lunar Rhapsody (B)28-10-1996Kelphope Lunar Lullaby
Pansy Blue Whizz (B)13-11-1996Plushcourt Whizz Kid
Chackmore Bella (B)13-11-1996Betty Beaver
The Tan Minx (B)13-11-1996Plushcourt Whizz Kid
Romeos Petal (B)13-11-1996Plushcourt Whizz Kid
Malice Bleue Macchu-Picchu (B)30-11-1996CS CH Blue Mere At Plushcourt
Quality of Queens Crawley (D)03-12-1996Plushcourt Fancy
Plushcourt Feel Free (B)03-12-1996Plushcourt Fancy
Little Maid of the Old School (B)03-12-1996Plushcourt Fancy
Plushcourt Fancy's Foible (B)03-12-1996Plushcourt Fancy
Plushcourt Fanciful Feeling (B)03-12-1996Plushcourt Fancy
Swangrove Suitor (D)06-02-1997Swangrove Mrs.Tittlemouse
Swangrove Oscar (D)06-02-1997Swangrove Mrs Tittlemouse
Am CH Amberside Absolut Blue (D)12-02-1997Bothampstead Puzzle At Amberside
Amberside Another Passion (B)12-02-1997Bothampstead Puzzle At Amberside
Run About Juliet (B)16-07-1997Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Little Rebecca (B)16-07-1997Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Parachute From Tedburn (D)16-07-1997Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Plushcourt Jollity (B)28-07-1997Plushcourt Gift Wrapped
Plushcourt Jolly (D)28-07-1997Plushcourt Gift Wrapped
Plushcourt Juggler (D)28-07-1997Plushcourt Gift Wrapped
Plushcourt Jeeves (D)28-07-1997Plushcourt Gift Wrapped
Clouded Appollo (D)23-09-1997Ottaswell Nightshade
Safflower Skipper (D)23-09-1997Ottaswell Nightshade
Molly Blue (B)23-09-1997Ottaswell Nightshade
Orange Speckled Wood (B)23-09-1997Ottaswell Nightshade
Flower of Kent (B)23-09-1997Ottaswell Nightshade
Foxy Fanny (B)23-09-1997Ottaswell Nightshade