CH Otterwood Amex JW ShCM


Name:CH Otterwood Amex JW ShCM 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee  
Breeder:Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee 
AHT SLEM Test:Carrier 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of CH Otterwood Amex JW ShCM - 61 records

Known AsDateBy
Sextonmagic Betula of Withershins (B)14-07-2006Sextonmagic Bluebelle
Bandicoot Candy Twist (B)24-10-2006Gameway Candy Cane With Bandicoot
Foxfinder Becky at Stowthorney (B) (Slem: Clear)29-06-2007Kenmilquin Heather
Sextonmagic Tamarind At Taralyon (B)07-10-2007Sextonmagic Royal Lucy Love
Grindelvald Miss Teak At Eltonfurze (B)02-07-2008Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald
CH Grindelvald In Full Cry JW (D)02-07-2008Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald
Jaslou Juneau (B)11-11-2008Jaslou Ceraunus Blue
Jaslou Ketchican At Tezaland (D)11-11-2008Jaslou Ceraunus Blue
Sextonmagic Solomon's Seal ()03-01-2009Sextonmagic Bluebelle
Xapex Santiago At Otterwood JW (D)05-01-2009Conundrum Betty Blue
Browns Cottage Blousey With Gemswin (B) (Slem: Clear)27-08-2009Lathkill Isabella
Bingobongo Rock Countess (B)09-11-2009Bingobongo Pearls A Singer
Ir CH Bingobongo Hollywood Blues (D)09-11-2009Bingobongo Pearls A Singer
Bingobongo Ola Lola (B)09-11-2009Bingobongo Pearls A Singer
Othamcourt Snow Bunting At Twigglestone (B)05-12-2009Othamcourt Ellie May
Badgerholme Ascot Opal JW (B)01-03-2010Stoneygin Ripon Ruby At Badgerholme JW ShCM
Offordcluny Douglas Of Bladesdale (D)17-03-2010Gemstone Mayhem
Pinnaroo Final Fling (B)07-04-2010Bright Bouquet
Lockhaugh Panam (B) (Slem: Clear)16-06-2010Lockhaugh Hedgehaugh Harriet
Okarito Omar (D)22-11-2010Pherjan Phoebe
Okarito Rafael at Wreighaugh (D) (Slem: Clear)22-11-2010Pherjan Phoebe
Barnbys Fragrant Lily (B)25-12-2010Barnbys Little Cracker
Othamcourt Woodchat at Oatberry (D)06-02-2011Othamcourt Ellie May
Otterwood Cyrus JW ShCM (D)03-11-2011Otterwood Blueberri
Summertime Sarah With Manorborders (B)02-12-2011Mademoiselle Myrtle
Thistlemead Skylark (B)14-11-2012Thistlemead Kenmilleven Sweet Pea
Forever Dottie (B) (Slem: Carrier)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Belle Of Copdock (B)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Buckwheat Bouncer (D)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Letheringsett Lad (D)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Mayton Chase Miss (B)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Stan The Squires Man (D)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Stratton Show Time Girl (B)21-05-2013Canzonetta Welcome
Otterwood Tiberius (D)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Nero (D)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Marius (D)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Marcus (D)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Magnus (D)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Hadrianus (D)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Caius JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Carrier)14-08-2013Otterwood Blueberri
Mr Hudson River Boy (D)03-07-2014Cornish Downy Lady
Harrazel New Yorker (D)03-07-2014Cornish Downy Lady
Miss Caerulean (B)03-07-2014Cornish Downy Lady
Miss Fauntleroy (B)03-07-2014Cornish Downy Lady
Mississippi Girl (B)03-07-2014Cornish Downy Lady
Independent American Girl (B)03-07-2014Cornish Downy Lady
Sandysdream October Rose (B)14-10-2014Dewy Morning Of Sandysdream
Sandysdream Dewy Morning (B)14-10-2014Dewy Morning Of Sandysdream
Sandysdream Misty Morning (B) (Slem: Carrier)14-10-2014Dewy Morning Of Sandysdream
Sandysdream Morning Sky (B)14-10-2014Dewy Morning Of Sandysdream
Sandysdream Morning Sun (D)14-10-2014Dewy Morning Of Sandysdream
Otterwood Salitis (D)26-11-2014Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Domina Candesco JW (B) (Slem: Clear)26-11-2014Otterwood Blueberri
Otterwood Neith (B)26-11-2014Otterwood Blueberri
Fisherbloom All Eyez On Me (D)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)
Fisherbloom Angel Fire (B)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)
Fisherbloom True Blue (B)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)
Fisherbloom Blue Spectre (B)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)
Fisherbloom In Amazing (B)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)
Fisherbloom That's Wot I Like (B)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)
Fisherbloom As Quick As U'can (D)21-03-2017Fisherbloom Diamond Lizzie (Slem: Clear)

Siblings of CH Otterwood Amex JW ShCM

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
Otterwood Ilex JW ShCM (B)22-11-2004Same Litter
Otterwood Salix (B)22-11-2004Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 5 records

Known AsDateSire
Am CH Otterwood Glory (B)16-08-2003CH Grindelvald Sandpiper
Otterwood Breeze (B)16-08-2003CH Grindelvald Sandpiper
Otterwood Mist (B)16-08-2003CH Grindelvald Sandpiper
Otterwood Rain (B)16-08-2003CH Grindelvald Sandpiper
Otterwood Storm (D)16-08-2003CH Grindelvald Sandpiper

Same Sire Siblings - 211 records

Known AsDateDam
Royaltain Buckthorne (D)Royaltain's Blue Ribbon
Royaltain Honeysuckle (B)Royaltain's Blue Ribbon
Royaltain Red Ribbon (B)Royaltain's Blue Ribbon
Royaltain Woody Nightshade (D)Royaltain's Blue Ribbon
Royaltain Blackthorn (D)Royaltain's Blue Ribbon
Royaltain's Red Ribbon (B)03-02-2003Royaltain's Blue Ribbon
Hollowmoor Coreba (B)22-02-2003Gems Saphire For Hollowmoor
Hollowmoor Madrigal (B)22-02-2003Gems Saphire For Hollowmoor
CH Hollowmoor Coremy (B)22-02-2003Gems Sapphire For Hollowmoor
Warrior of Rohan (D)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Wriggling Wilma (B)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Fatal Attraction (D)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Tissington Knight (D)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Bad Lad of Baghdad (D)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Appyarry of Dove Valley (D)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Tessa Belper (B)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Lazy Leroy (D)02-04-2003California Sunshine
Grindelvald Ruffanuff (D)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Grindelvald Plum Time (B)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Grindelvald Kingston (D)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Grindelvald In the Abbott (D)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Grindelvald Gota Spellonu (D)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Grindelvald Bonaire (B)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Grindelvald Oliver Twist (D)05-05-2003Grindelvald Pimento
Kinmine Cabin Boy (D)18-05-2003Kinmine Bracken
Kinmine Cabin Girl (B)18-05-2003Kinmine Bracken
Copperbeech Tried And Tested (B)01-06-2003Picer Roedeere
Dugaden Foudland Blaeberry Boy (D)01-06-2003Picer Roedeere
Foundland Blaeberry Boy (D)01-06-2003Picer Roedeere
Roeview Dancing Blue Boy (D)01-06-2003Picer Roedeere
Gameway Morpheus (D)21-06-2003Gameway Liaison
Gameway Midnight Sun (B)21-06-2003Gameway Liaison
Gameway Midsummer (B)21-06-2003Gameway Liaison
Gameway Sunshine (B)21-06-2003Gameway Liaison
CH Gameway Solstice At Benattivo (B)21-06-2003Gameway Liaison
Risdene Quizzical (B)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Risdene Quasi (D)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Risdene Quest (D)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Risdene Quink (D)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Risdene Quip (B)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Risdene Quicken (B)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Risdene Quorum (D)26-07-2003CH Mansergh First Proof At Risdene
Mya Maria (B)27-07-2003Charlotte Chiante
Vivacious Jack (D)27-07-2003Charlotte Chiante
Maker of Dreams (D)27-07-2003Charlotte Chiante
Beyond Mystery (D)27-07-2003Charlotte Chiante
Suzi's Delight (B)18-08-2003Zirconium Skye
Red Skye (B)18-08-2003Zirconium Skye
Dawel Blue Genie (B)18-08-2003Zirconium Skye
Dry Ginger (D)18-08-2003Zirconium Skye
Rum Puzzle (D)18-08-2003Zirconium Skye
Skye Sunset (B)18-08-2003Zirconium Skye
Baywillow Chiming Bells (B)12-10-2003Baywillow Sun Chime
Baywillow Composed In Style (B)12-10-2003Baywillow Sun Chime
Baywillow Word Perfect (D)12-10-2003Baywillow Sun Chime
Baywillow Chiming Accord (B)12-10-2003Baywillow Sun Chime
Baywillow Last Word (D)12-10-2003Baywillow Sun Chime
Baywillow Watchword (D)12-10-2003Baywillow Sun Chime
Woodshole Wonder At Dawn (B)05-11-2003Brooksbys Poliwag
Woodshole Willing To Please (D)05-11-2003Brooksbys Poliwag
Woodshole Saphire Prince (D)05-11-2003Brooksbys Poliwag
Woodshole Moonlight Girl (B)05-11-2003Brooksbys Poliwag
Woodshole Badgers Shadow (D)05-11-2003Brooksbys Poliwag
Orenberg Trailblazer (D)21-11-2003Orenberg Cherry Pecksniff
Orenberg Keno (D)21-11-2003Orenberg Cherry Pecksniff
Orenberg Odin (D)21-11-2003Orenberg Cherry Pecksniff
Appleside Caraway Russet (B)16-12-2003Appleside Elstar
Appleside Dymock Red (D)16-12-2003Appleside Elstar
Appleside Empress (B)16-12-2003Appleside Elstar
Appleside Royal Russet (B)16-12-2003Appleside Elstar
Hantaywee Morty (D)16-01-2004Sulby Punchy
Hantaywee Cleo (B)16-01-2004Sulby Punchy
Hantaywee Lacy (B)16-01-2004Sulby Punchy
Forest Barney (D)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Nimble Star (B)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Hovis Ringa (D)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Hovis Ringas (D)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Bramble Glen (B)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Delta Dancer (B)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Brillo Hill (D)18-01-2004Blackberry Wood
Sapphire Lass (B)23-01-2004My Sporting Girl
Red Rogue (D)23-01-2004My Sporting Girl
Marchioness Maiden Beeley (B)23-01-2004My Sporting Girl
Ottaswell Observer (D)20-02-2004Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Last Crusade (D)20-02-2004Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Journalist (D)20-02-2004Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell First Edition (B)20-02-2004Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Correspondent (D)20-02-2004Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Hot Gossip (B)20-02-2004Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Badgerholme In Memoriam (B)28-02-2004Badgerholme Piratess
Badgerholme Plagiarist (B)28-02-2004Badgerholme Piratess
Remony Summertime Blues (B)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Remony Blue Pearl (B)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Remony Luke Lively JW ShCM (D)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Remony Rhyme Royal (B)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Remony Rhyme Royal For Ratcheugh (B)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Remony Rough Silk (B)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Remony Rob Sorby (D)05-03-2004Remony Sunset Song ShCM
Justrite Jimmick (D)04-05-2004CH Justrite Jinny
Justrite Jovial (D)04-05-2004CH Justrite Jinny
Justrite Jarvis (D)04-05-2004CH Justrite Jinny
Lady Laracroft (B)18-05-2004California Sunshine
Clamity Jane (B)18-05-2004California Sunshine
Queen Mildred of Broughton (B)18-05-2004California Sunshine
Genoli Postscript (D)18-05-2004California Sunshine
Sundance Kid at Digmoor (D)18-05-2004California Sunshine
Dugaden Bracken (D)20-05-2004Picer Roedeere
Dugaden Roeview (B)20-05-2004Picer Roedeere
Dugaden Tusker ShCM (D)20-05-2004Picer Roedeere
Dugaden Vixen (B)20-05-2004Picer Roedeere
Dyrow Harlequin (B)28-06-2004Dyrow Graduate
Dyrow Hungry Hunter (D)28-06-2004Dyrow Graduate
Willow Starlight (B)21-07-2004Nutmeg Brightstar
Cedar Nightshade (B)21-07-2004Nutmeg Brightstar
Redwood Eclipse (D)21-07-2004Nutmeg Brightstar
Barley Twister (B)21-07-2004Nutmeg Brightstar
Ravenside Attraction (B)04-08-2004Ravenside Bella Paola
Ravenside Diminuendo (B)04-08-2004Ravenside Bella Paola
Redfox Copper (D)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Redfox Printer (D)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Redfox Raider (D)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Redfox Thimble (B)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Redfox Wren (B)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Redfox Rifleman (D)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Redfox Storm (D)04-09-2004Redfox Sunset
Crossreguill Blue Boy (D)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Crossreguill Blue Pixie (B)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Crossreguill Calgary Sky Over Blythwind (D)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Crossreguill Clear Sky (D)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Gameway Blue Mystery (B)23-09-2004Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Charade (D)23-09-2004Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Mirage (B)23-09-2004Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Illusion (D)23-09-2004Gameway Masquerade
Crossreguill Shady Worker (D)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Crossreguill Sam the Man (D)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Crossreguill Blue Elf (B)23-09-2004Crossreguill Blue Sprite
Dandyhow Siegfried (D)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
Dandyhow Madam Butterfly (B)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
Dandyhow Carmen (B) (Slem: Clear)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
Dandyhow Rigoletto (D)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
Dandyhow Salome (B)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
Dandyhow Barber of Seville (D)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
CH Dandyhow Figaro At Glebeheath JW ShCM (D)04-10-2004CH Dandyhow Iolanthe
Genial Electra (B)20-10-2004Farmway Winter Wren
Galvanic Esquire (D)20-10-2004Farmway Winter Wren
Gillies Elation (B)20-10-2004Farmway Winter Wren
Patient Tia (B)01-11-2004Charlotte Chiante
Chiddingly Woolf (D)18-11-2004Irton Deep Space
Chiddingly Berwick (D)18-11-2004Irton Deep Space
Chiddingly Blackboys (D)18-11-2004Irton Deep Space
Chiddingly Benjamin (D)18-11-2004Irton Deep Space
Chiddingly Beacon (D)18-11-2004Irton Deep Space
Chiddingly Bell (B)18-11-2004Irton Deep Space
NL/D/INT CH Danchos Midas (D)22-03-2005Fair Comment of Danchos
Otterbobs Nameless (B)24-04-2005Otterbobs Kidsty
CH/Nord CH Otterbobs Ninezergh (D)24-04-2005Otterbobs Kidsty
Crankey Goes To Hollywood At Southash (B)22-07-2005California Sunshine
Sparravohn's Buchanan (D)18-06-2006Firelands Mystical Magical Mia
CH Fr/Lux/Int CH Gameway Charles Dickens (D)25-10-2006Gameway Spice
Arizcrow Sergeant At Arms (D)13-11-2006Arizcrow Zercon Crystal
Beenaben Balsam (B)25-11-2006Beenaben Bombshell
Beenaben Bengeo (D)25-11-2006Beenaben Bombshell
Partridgdale Photogenic (D)25-11-2006Partridgdale Jasmine
Partridgdale Palmetto (D)25-11-2006Partridgdale Jasmine
Partridgdale Blueprint (D)25-11-2006Partridgdale Jasmine
Partridgedale Blueberry (B)25-11-2006Partridgdale Jasmine
CH Byrons Greengrass (D)06-01-2007Sealwood Darling
Chase Me Kato At Thorpe (D)06-01-2007Sealwood Darling
Rosebud Of Sealwood (B)06-01-2007Sealwood Darling
Picer Polyanthus JW (B)17-01-2007Picer Crackerjill
CH Picer Bright Idea JW (B)17-01-2007Picer Crackerjill
CH Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Clear)23-05-2007Cedarhill Splish Splash
Alardyn Nikita (B)16-09-2007Cynetkoy Dawn Shadow
Alardyn Candle In the Wind (B)16-09-2007Cynetkoy Dawn Shadow
Upend Amarula At Kylamie (B)08-10-2007Majeika Simply Red At Upend
Upend Toby Boy of Dualta (D)08-10-2007Majeika Simply Red At Upend
Bushbuster Crikey O'Riley (D)21-10-2007Breadsall Krisp At Bushbuster
Kighill Ellie Ellie (B)03-11-2007Kighill Millymoo
Kighill Cheeky Minky (B)03-11-2007Kighill Millymoo
Comberdown Cliodna At Doramil (B)27-02-2008Vandamere's Fields of Gold Into Comberdown
CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara (B)27-02-2008Vandamere's Fields of Gold Into Comberdown
Junctionnine Bentleybabe (B)28-02-2008Junctionnine Casa Mia at Studstaff
Junctionnine Leap of Faith to Brumborder (B)28-02-2008Junctionnine Casa Mia at Studstaff
Junctionnine Bescot Belle (B)28-02-2008Junctionnine Casa Mia at Studstaff
Hartswelin Far Away (B) (Slem: Carrier)13-04-2008Hartswelin Jazz (Slem: Clear)
Head Over Heals At Westpoint (B)26-04-2008Markrich My Maikala
Cedarhill Toy Story (D)25-07-2008Cedarhill Cinders n Ashes
Cedarhill Cuyahoga To Tarkadon (D)25-07-2008Cedarhill Cinders n Ashes
Cedarhill Blonde Ambition (B)25-07-2008Cedarhill Cinders n Ashes
Didillybods Forest Hope (B)27-07-2008Radnorvalley Fairytale
Didillybods Forest Sprite (B)27-07-2008Radnorvalley Fairytale
British Cooper Ayrton Da Silva (D)14-09-2008CH Ned Cooper
CH Ned/Int British Cooper Ascari Avanti (B)14-09-2008CH Ned Cooper
Brittish Cooper Da Silva (D)14-09-2008CH Ned Cooper
Bracken Lane (B)24-09-2008Sealwood Darling
Crichway Portland Bill (D)27-09-2008Gameway Cranberry At Crichway
Borderella Day Tripper JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Carrier)03-10-2008Borderella Amy
Pipruda Swiss Story (D)11-10-2008Kelgram Kaya Kalpis For Pipruda
Pipruda Mystic Mirabai (B)11-10-2008Kelgram Kaya Kalpis For Pipruda
Pipruda Tattycoram At Shaamit (B)11-10-2008Kelgram Kaya Kalpis For Pipruda
Pipruda Ghostwriter (D)11-10-2008Kelgram Kaya Kalpis For Pipruda
Pipruda Puzzler (B)11-10-2008Kelgram Kaya Kalpis For Pipruda
Pipruda Written Word Conundrum (B)11-10-2008Kelgram Kaya Kalpis For Pipruda
Croftbarn Puzzle (B)15-10-2008Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet
Darkarmar Simply Red (B)28-10-2008Upend Super Tramp At Darkarmar
Hapsberg's Hot Gossip (B)07-11-2008Hapsberg One Step Beyond
Brynrevel Fox Moth (B)20-12-2008Brynrevel Flame Brocade
Conundrum Tom Jolly (D)01-01-2009Conundrum Vixen
Conundrum Don't Tell Tula About Cedarhill (B)01-01-2009Conundrum Vixen
Picer King Edward (D)08-06-2009Picer Crackerjill
CH Picer Grace Darling (B)08-06-2009Picer Crackerjill