Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet


Name:Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet 
Colour:Dark Grizzle 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet

Progeny of Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet - 1 records

Known AsDateEx
Croftbarn Puzzle (B)15-10-2008CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Co-Writer

Siblings of Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Croftbarn Bonnie Sweet Scarlet (B)02-07-2005Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 66 records

Known AsDateDam
Wee Dod of Whitmuir (D)Tottie of Whitmuir
Smidhope Molly (B)27-11-2001Carnival Lady
Tweedhopefoot Millie (B)27-11-2001Carnival Lady
Marmalade Mandy (B)27-11-2001Carnival Lady
Max Factor (D)02-12-2001Raeburnfoot Hit Or Miss
Time To Run (D)07-12-2001Lady Money Penny
Penny Whistle (B)07-12-2001Lady Money Penny
Pot Luck (D)07-12-2001Lady Money Penny
Demesne Dora (B)03-07-2002Carlisle Destiny
Demesne Dan (D)03-07-2002Carlisle Destiny
Kenmillto Dublin (D)03-07-2002Carlisle Destiny
Kenmillto DI (B)03-07-2002Carlisle Destiny
Tallulah Sunrise (B)18-02-2003Dusky Diva
Caraway Thyme (D)18-02-2003Dusky Diva
Hollybridge Jolene (B)06-04-2003Hollybridge Katy
Hollybridge Jermaine (B)06-04-2003Hollybridge Katy
Hollybridge Jasmin (B)06-04-2003Hollybridge Katy
Hollybridge Jacob (D)06-04-2003Hollybridge Katy
Little Effiel (D)27-09-2003Fair Southfield Mist
Southfield Grumpy (D)27-09-2003Fair Southfield Mist
Little Fair Angel (B)27-09-2003Fair Southfield Mist
Nights Dream (D)27-09-2003Fair Southfield Mist
Samba Southfield (D)27-09-2003Fair Southfield Mist
Fair Buffy (B)27-09-2003Fair Southfield Mist
Carry On Katie (B)03-10-2003Princess Methera
Bluebells Surprise (B)03-10-2003Princess Methera
Jackanacka Noree (D)03-10-2003Princess Methera
Jerry the Berry (D)03-10-2003Princess Methera
Megans Princess (B)03-10-2003Princess Methera
Master Trix (D)24-02-2004Raeburnfoot Clarissa
Miss Salsa Dancer (B)24-02-2004Raeburnfoot Clarissa
Midlem Melody (B)24-02-2004Raeburnfoot Clarissa
Tividale Red Ribbon (B)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Little Red Rascal (D)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Red Card (D)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Red Charm (B)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Red Robber (D)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Red Lace (B)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Simply Red (B)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Tividale Red Rusty (D)14-03-2004Tividale Sweet Pickle
Cumbrias Bramble (B)01-07-2004Carlisle Destiny
Burgh Girl (B)01-07-2004Carlisle Destiny
Rosehip Wonder (B)01-07-2004Carlisle Destiny
Marions Delight (B)01-07-2004Carlisle Destiny
Carlisle Colin (D)01-07-2004Carlisle Destiny
Kalebank Royal Devil (D)25-09-2004Beauty of Lund
Kalebank Royal Attraction (B)25-09-2004Beauty of Lund
Kalebank Royal Diamond (D)25-09-2004Beauty of Lund
Kalebank Royal Dream (B)25-09-2004Beauty of Lund
Kalebank Royal Rocket (D)25-09-2004Beauty of Lund
Kalebank Royal Wizard (D)25-09-2004Beauty of Lund
Crookdake Rambler (D)28-09-2004Red Rosie
Crookdake Ratcher (D)28-09-2004Red Rosie
Crookdake Rascal (B)28-09-2004Red Rosie
Crookdake Reason (B)28-09-2004Red Rosie
Crookdake Romeo (D)28-09-2004Red Rosie
Crookdake Rosie (B)28-09-2004Red Rosie
Caraway Sage (D)02-10-2004Dusky Diva
Jomare Jo-Jo's Dream (B)23-10-2004Jomare Field of Dreams
Jomare Becka's Dream (B)23-10-2004Jomare Field of Dreams
Metheras Boy (D)14-11-2004Princess Methera
Princess Ella of Little Howe (B)14-11-2004Princess Methera
Wyrebridge Molly Bobbin (B)10-12-2004Riverworth Runin
Stewartry Robb Angus (D)09-10-2005Melchie Millyea
Stewatry Robb Angus (D)09-10-2005Melchie Milyea
Stewartry Robb Flossy (B)16-10-2006Melchie Millyea