CH/Fin CH Baywillow Racing Blue JW


Name:CH/Fin CH Baywillow Racing Blue JW 
Colour:Blue and Tan 
Owner(s): Reeves, Mrs. M.B.  
Breeder:Reeves, Mrs. M.B. 
SLEM Status / Test: 

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Name History

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Ancestors of CH/Fin CH Baywillow Racing Blue JW

Siblings of CH/Fin CH Baywillow Racing Blue JW

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
Baywillow Columbine (B)17-03-2005Same Litter
Baywillow Maid With Spice For Halcus JW (B)17-03-2005Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 17 records

Known AsDateSire
Baywillow Blue Blaze (B)04-04-2001Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sun Witch In Irton (B)04-04-2001Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sun Pleasure (B)04-04-2001Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sun Fashion At Kavadas (B)04-04-2001Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sun Chime (B)04-04-2001Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sun Chief (D)04-04-2001Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Tiger Blue (D)13-08-2002Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sunheat (B)13-08-2002Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Sun Wizard (D)13-08-2002Otterkin Kade
Baywillow Busker (D)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Baccarat (D)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Burlesque (B)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Blue Horizon (D)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Blue Chip (D)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Belshazzer (D)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Bellman (D)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth
Baywillow Beguiling (B)30-07-2003CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth

Same Sire Siblings - 122 records

Known AsDateDam
Rhozzum Earl Blue (D)21-08-2000Rhozzum Delia
Rhozzum Ecco (D)21-08-2000Rhozzum Delia
Rhozzum Edgar (D)21-08-2000Rhozzum Delia
Rhozzum Elderberry (B)21-08-2000Rhozzum Delia
Rhozzum Ewan (D)21-08-2000Rhozzum Delia
Tythrop Columbine (B)26-10-2000CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Tythrop Dig For Clues (D)26-10-2000CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Tythrop Hetty Wainthrop (B)26-10-2000CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Tythrop Miss Marple (B)26-10-2000CH Tythrop Gold Quill
CH Tythrop Taggart At Smalesmouth (D)28-10-2000CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Lady Columbine (B)30-11-2000Queen of the Dawn
Monarch of Glenbogle (D)30-11-2000Queen of the Dawn
Rhozzum Macbeth (D)20-12-2000Rhozzum Mimic
Rhozzum Meryl (B)20-12-2000Rhozzum Mimic
Gavenny Bramble (B)01-01-2001Risca Bright Light of Gavenny
Gavenny Brave Hunter (D)01-01-2001Risca Bright Light of Gavenny
Gavenny Brook (D)01-01-2001Risca Bright Light of Gavenny
Lasangara Silver Willow (B)08-01-2001Lasangara Wind Dancer
Lasangara Velvet Ash (B)08-01-2001Lasangara Wind Dancer
Glaslyn Gladiator (D)04-05-2001Rhozzum Millicent
Rhozzum Cnight Cowboy (D)04-05-2001Rhozzum Millicent
Rhozzum Redrob Rambler (B)04-05-2001Rhozzum Millicent
Snowdon Sunseeker (B)04-05-2001Rhozzum Millicent
Rhozzum Tory (D)28-07-2001Rhozzum Song Thrush
Rhozzum Touchstone (D)28-07-2001Rhozzum Song Thrush
Rhozzum Trotwood (D)28-07-2001Rhozzum Song Thrush
Rhozzum Tuffet (B)28-07-2001Rhozzum Song Thrush
Cheeky Cherrub (D)24-08-2001Dockens Magical Matilda
Annual Kent (D)09-09-2001Badgerbeck Ninja
Bonny Boy Badgerbeck (D)09-09-2001Badgerbeck Ninja
Crayling White (B)09-09-2001Badgerbeck Ninja
Genista Clover (B)09-09-2001Badgerbeck Ninja
Ringlet Fox Dove At Cooksulby (B)09-09-2001Badgerbeck Ninja
Roman Drake (D)09-09-2001Badgerbeck Ninja
Negative Equity (B)06-11-2001Alley Cat
Penlumeg Paloma (B)22-11-2001Penlumeg Persida
Penlumeg Plato (D)22-11-2001Penlumeg Persida
Penlumeg Punch (D)22-11-2001Penlumeg Persida
Kenmillto Wish (B)06-12-2001Misty Moonbeam
Lasangara Alishka (B)24-01-2002Lasangara Wind Dancer
Lasangara Grizzled Skipper (D)24-01-2002Lasangara Wind Dancer
Be My Casanova (D)14-02-2002February Frolick
Celtic Cupid (B)14-02-2002February Frolick
My Bobby Valentine (D)14-02-2002February Frolick
Pretty Aphrodite (B)14-02-2002February Frolick
Gwared Dock (D)16-05-2002Haffes Fern
Gwared Heather (B)16-05-2002Haffes Fern
Gwared Jasmine (B)16-05-2002Haffes Fern
Gwared Spruce (D)16-05-2002Haffes Fern
Brumberhill Between (B)31-05-2002Brumberhill Be Solo
Brumberhill Jazz (D)31-05-2002Brumberhill Be Solo
Brumberhill Oakie (D)31-05-2002Brumberhill Be Solo
CH Brumberhill Betwixt ShCM (B)31-05-2002Brumberhill Be Solo
Gallenko Entalis (B)05-09-2002Farmway Winter Wren
Gaylass Eloba (B)05-09-2002Farmway Winter Wren
Gettingagripon Emale (D)05-09-2002Farmway Winter Wren
Graffic Elation (D)05-09-2002Farmway Winter Wren
Grecian Erne (D)05-09-2002Farmway Winter Wren
Gussies Experience (D)05-09-2002Farmway Winter Wren
Rhozzum Thimble (B)03-10-2002Rhozzum Song Thrush
Rhozzum Tobias (D)03-10-2002Rhozzum Song Thrush
Rhozzum Tosca (B)03-10-2002Rhozzum Song Thrush
Kenmillto Amina (B)15-10-2002Rochetta Sugar And Spice
Kenmillto Finn (D)15-10-2002Rochetta Sugar And Spice
Lambhay Lighterman (D)15-10-2002Rochetta Sugar And Spice
Mputo May (B)15-10-2002Rochetta Sugar And Spice
Sychtyn Antonia (B)15-10-2002Rochetta Sugar And Spice
Tigger of Bellan (B)15-10-2002Rochetta Sugar And Spice
Gwared Douglas (D)22-06-2003Haffes Misty Morn
Gwared Pieris (B)22-06-2003Haffes Misty Morn
Gwared Red Rose (B)22-06-2003Haffes Misty Morn
Gwared Sweet William (D)22-06-2003Haffes Misty Morn
Gwared Timothy (D)22-06-2003Haffes Misty Morn
Alcumlow Blue Power (D)08-08-2003Alcumlow Chasing Dreams
Alcumlow Blue Star (D)08-08-2003Alcumlow Chasing Dreams
Alcumlow LIL Blu Boy (D)08-08-2003Alcumlow Chasing Dreams
Alcumlow Sapphire (B)08-08-2003Alcumlow Chasing Dreams
Alcumlow Sleuth (D)08-08-2003Alcumlow Chasing Dreams
Thewina Chestnut (D)20-09-2003Thewina Love Song
Thewina Hazelnut (B)20-09-2003Thewina Love Song
Llanbadarn Badger (D)17-11-2003Kyrtonia Trifle
Llanbadarn Bracken (B)17-11-2003Kyrtonia Trifle
Llanbadarn Fern (B)17-11-2003Kyrtonia Trifle
Llanbadarn Midge (D)17-11-2003Kyrtonia Trifle
CH Rhozzum Dankworth (D)27-11-2003Rhozzum Codetta
Rhozzum Delaney (D)27-11-2003Rhozzum Codetta
Rhozzum Delilah (B)27-11-2003Rhozzum Codetta
Rhozzum Duke (D)27-11-2003Rhozzum Codetta
Kenmilfore Molly (B)03-12-2003Blaentir Holly
Kenmilfore Toby (D)03-12-2003Blaentir Holly
Kenmillfore Molly (B)03-12-2003Blaentir Holly
Kenmillfore Toby (D)03-12-2003Blaentir Holly
Scott of Glantowy (D)03-12-2003Blaentir Holly
Scott of Glentowy (D)03-12-2003Blaentir Holly
Caradog Kartman (D)17-12-2003Caradog Non
Cledan Idris (D)17-12-2003Caradog Non
Heol Guto Ysig (D)17-12-2003Caradog Non
Peris Mathew (D)17-12-2003Caradog Non
Twm Sion (D)17-12-2003Caradog Non
Doramil I Should Cocoa (B)19-04-2004Milinzi Pandora
Doramil Isadora (B) (Slem: Clear)19-04-2004Milinzi Pandora
Doramil Jack In the Box (D)19-04-2004Milinzi Pandora
Hesslemere Class Act (B)05-05-2004Hesslemere Upper Class
Hesslemere Hudson (D)05-05-2004Hesslemere Upper Class
Ned CH Jalah Jamilah VD Ossekoele (B)18-05-2004Vehra Vero-Nique VD Ossekoele
Bobi George (D)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Bruno Rhys (D)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Llew Jones (D)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Marged Ann (B)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Matilda Jane (B)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Poppet Myfanwy (B)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Sioned Caradog (B)08-07-2004Caradog Non
Hesslemere Silent Witness JW ShCM (B)18-05-2005Hesslemere Trick Shot
Swe CH Brumberhill Blue Imprint (D)06-07-2005CH Brumberhill Belle De Jour
CH Brumberhill Bestseller JW ShCM (D)06-07-2005CH Brumberhill Belle De Jour
Blackmixens Solstice (D)30-07-2005Llanthony Lass
Blackmixens Lass (B)30-07-2005Llanthony Lass
Lutrabeck Likewise (D)02-11-2005CH Lutrabeck Limerick
CH Hobholt Harrier JW (D) (Slem: Clear)30-11-2005Kersfell Celestial Sky At Hobholt
Hobholt Archibald (D)30-11-2005Kersfell Celestial Sky At Hobholt
Hobholt Harmony (B)30-11-2005Kersfell Celestial Sky At Hobholt
Hawcoat Double Expresso (D)10-04-2006Hawcoat Winnie the Pooh