Name:Plushcourt The Buzz Word 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Breeder:Mrs B A Judge 
SLEM Status / Test: 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Siblings of Plushcourt The Buzz Word

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
CH Plushcourt The Bees Knees In Thoraldby (B)08-01-2009
Plushcourt The Blue Beetle At Caehen (B)06-12-2010Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 210 records

Known AsDateDam
Tythrop Red Arrow Through Plushcourt (D)21-08-1998CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Tythrop Teucer (D)21-08-1998CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Tythrop Tranquility (B)21-08-1998CH Tythrop Gold Quill
Plushcourt Godetia (B)08-04-1999Plushcourt Godsend
Plushcourt Star Performer (B)24-09-1999Plushcourt Guiding Star
Plushcourt Stardom (D)24-09-1999Plushcourt Guiding Star
Plushcourt Starring (B)24-09-1999Plushcourt Guiding Star
Plushcourt Starspirit (D)24-09-1999Plushcourt Guiding Star
Brachan Bailey's Beads (D)05-10-1999Brachan Briar
Brachan Fleur De Lumiere (B)05-10-1999Brachan Briar
Brachan Solar Eclipse (B)05-10-1999Brachan Briar
CH/Fr CH Plushcourt Renoir (D)12-10-1999Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Blue Raffia (B)12-10-1999Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Blue Ring (B)12-10-1999Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Blue Rose (B)12-10-1999Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Ripple (B)12-10-1999Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Serenity (B)20-10-1999Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Souvenir (B)20-10-1999Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Sovereign (D)20-10-1999Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Speculator (D)20-10-1999Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Stubbs (D)20-10-1999Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Chesterton Paintbox (D)24-02-2000Chesterton Total Eclipse
Chesterton Painting (B)24-02-2000Chesterton Total Eclipse
Chesterton Picture (B)24-02-2000Chesterton Total Eclipse
Chesterton Portrait (B)24-02-2000Chesterton Total Eclipse
Plushcourt Blue Ticket (D)10-03-2000Plushcourt Titillation
Plushcourt Blue Trader (D)10-03-2000Plushcourt Titillation
Plushcourt Thor (D)10-03-2000Plushcourt Titillation
Plushcourt Titivation (B)10-03-2000Plushcourt Titillation
Crowlink Toby (D)09-04-2000Chesterton Masquerade
Molly of Ditcheat (B)09-04-2000Chesterton Masquerade
Blackeared Finchlark (B)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
Blackeyed Bulbul (B)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
Blue Swallow (D)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
Dusky Lark (B)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
Dusty Mick (D)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
Papagena Songbird (B)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
Sooty Falcon (D)06-05-2000Scafell Skylark
CH/Fr CH Plushcourt Ruffle (B)20-05-2000Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Ramsay (D)20-05-2000Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Raphael (D)20-05-2000Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Reynolds (D)20-05-2000Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Roulette (B)20-05-2000Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Royal Blue (B)20-05-2000Plushcourt Smart Reply
Borderline Blues (D)12-06-2000Froglands Fantasy
Crossways Cassandra (B)12-06-2000Froglands Fantasy
Tripple Tickle (D)12-06-2000Froglands Fantasy
Cinnamon Becca (B)26-06-2000Plushcourt Jazzy
Clement De Cressida (D)26-06-2000Plushcourt Jazzy
Marvellous Mavrice (D)26-06-2000Plushcourt Jazzy
Normandy Nutmeg (B)26-06-2000Plushcourt Jazzy
Tarka De Les Gains (D)26-06-2000Plushcourt Jazzy
Truffe De Lalage (D)26-06-2000Plushcourt Jazzy
Plushcourt Impartiality (D)21-07-2000Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Indigo Sky (B)21-07-2000Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Inexcess At Glenoak (B)21-07-2000Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Inside Job (D)21-07-2000Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Ironman (D)21-07-2000Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Island Girl (B)21-07-2000Plushcourt Impudence
Beesum Brush (B)05-09-2000Belle Isadora
Thorny Briar (B)05-09-2000Belle Isadora
Town Tom (D)05-09-2000Belle Isadora
Treacle Star (B)05-09-2000Belle Isadora
Clem of Beckley (B)28-09-2000Bellis of Beckley
Fern of Amersham (D)28-09-2000Bellis of Beckley
Strand of Francombe (D)28-09-2000Bellis of Beckley
Willow of Missen (D)28-09-2000Bellis of Beckley
Plushcourt Samuel (D)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Sheena (B)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Shilling (D)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Silhouette (B)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Sky Over Tythrop (B)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Stormtrooper (D)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Surtees (D)28-12-2000Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Edweena (B)29-01-2001Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Elgar (D)29-01-2001Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Elliot (D)29-01-2001Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Elvis (D)29-01-2001Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Fannie (B)03-02-2001Plushcourt Fancy's Foible
Plushcourt Florence (B)03-02-2001Plushcourt Fancy's Foible
Plushcourt Frieda (B)03-02-2001Plushcourt Fancy's Foible
Plushcourt Frisbee (B)03-02-2001Plushcourt Fancy's Foible
Plushcourt Aspects of Love At Brinford (B)18-02-2001Plushcourt Sound of Music
Plushcourt Chorus Line (B)18-02-2001Plushcourt Sound of Music
Plushcourt Flashdance (B)18-02-2001Plushcourt Sound of Music
Plushcourt Hair (B)18-02-2001Plushcourt Sound of Music
Plushcourt Mama Mia (B)18-02-2001Plushcourt Sound of Music
Plushcourt Me And My Girl (B)18-02-2001Plushcourt Sound of Music
Aquarius Ships Biscuit (B)16-03-2001Morgandare Indiana
Artemis Plum Duff (B)16-03-2001Morgandare Indiana
Galetea Little Goldfinch (B)16-03-2001Morgandare Indiana
Myra Bright Smile (B)16-03-2001Morgandare Indiana
Pearsal Blue Stocking (B)16-03-2001Morgandare Indiana
Sirius Jolly Jack Tar (D)16-03-2001Morgandare Indiana
Miss Pippen (B)09-04-2001Jaipur Daisy
Sir Jasper of Wretham (D)09-04-2001Jaipur Daisy
Smarty Pants (B)09-04-2001Jaipur Daisy
Sweet Harry of the Woods (D)09-04-2001Jaipur Daisy
Truffel Hunter (D)09-04-2001Jaipur Daisy
Newminster Rascal (B)13-06-2001Newminster Recce
Newminster Robson (D)13-06-2001Newminster Recce
Newminster Roobeetoo (B)13-06-2001Newminster Recce
Meg By Moonlight (B)18-06-2001Gorhambank Harvest Moon
Mister Mitz of Dundale (D)18-06-2001Gorhambank Harvest Moon
Princess Cassandra (B)18-06-2001Gorhambank Harvest Moon
Mactavish of Mull (D)07-07-2001Fashirlach Sprite
Mc Tavish of Mull (D)08-07-2001Fashirlach Sprite
Mercedes of Deane (B)08-07-2001Fashirlach Sprite
Miriam Mackeba (B)08-07-2001Fashirlach Sprite
Modest Morag (B)08-07-2001Fashirlach Sprite
Monsieur Matisse (D)08-07-2001Fashirlach Sprite
Cissy Maith Agus Slainte (B)19-07-2001Church Hill Twiggy
Effie Tregonning (B)19-07-2001Church Hill Twiggy
Le Bebe D' Anniversaire (B)19-07-2001Church Hill Twiggy
Cavan Soldier (D)29-07-2001Tribart Be Smart
Hibernian Dreamer (B)29-07-2001Tribart Be Smart
Holego Spring (B)29-07-2001Tribart Be Smart
Wyse Lady (B)29-07-2001Tribart Be Smart
Plushcourt Fergi (B)30-09-2001Plushcourt Festival
Plushcourt Filipa (B)30-09-2001Plushcourt Festival
Plushcourt Flossie (B)30-09-2001Plushcourt Festival
Blackening Wax Cap (D)21-02-2002Loden Princess
Gate Keeper (D)21-02-2002Loden Princess
Giant Puffball (B)21-02-2002Loden Princess
Grizzle Skipper (D)21-02-2002Loden Princess
Marbled White (D)21-02-2002Loden Princess
Orange Tip (B)21-02-2002Loden Princess
Plushcourt Sacha (B)11-03-2002Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Sedrick (D)11-03-2002Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Sequel (B)11-03-2002Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Smirnoff (D)11-03-2002Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Smithy (D)11-03-2002Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Spumanti (B)11-03-2002Terhel's Treasure For Tythrop
Plushcourt Racy (B)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Renaissance (D)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Retort (B)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Right To Reply (B)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Roderic (D)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Rosamund (B)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Rubens (D)14-03-2002Plushcourt Smart Reply
Chesterton Tabasco (B)25-03-2002Chesterton Trivial Pursuit At Plushcourt
Chesterton Taboo (B)25-03-2002Chesterton Trivial Pursuit At Plushcourt
Chesterton Tango (B)25-03-2002Chesterton Trivial Pursuit At Plushcourt
Chesterton Tate (B)25-03-2002Chesterton Trivial Pursuit At Plushcourt
Chesterton Telltale (B)25-03-2002Chesterton Trivial Pursuit At Plushcourt
Chesterton Tsar (D)25-03-2002Chesterton Trivial Pursuit At Plushcourt
Plushcourt Dirk (D)04-06-2002Plushcourt Donation
Plushcourt Dubonnet (B)04-06-2002Plushcourt Donation
Plushcourt Duffy (D)04-06-2002Plushcourt Donation
Larkhillrise Highoaks (D)09-07-2002Newminster Renaissance
Larkhillrise La Boheme (B)09-07-2002Newminster Renaissance
Larkhillrise Otello (D)09-07-2002Newminster Renaissance
Larkhillrise Puccini (D)09-07-2002Newminster Renaissance
Plushcourt Illustrator (D)11-07-2002Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Imitation (B)11-07-2002Plushcourt Impudence
Plushcourt Inky (B)11-07-2002Plushcourt Impudence
Coombemill Dolly Day Dreams (B)31-07-2002Plushcourt Fire Up
Coombemill Flame King (D)31-07-2002Plushcourt Fire Up
Coombemill Jack the Lad (D)31-07-2002Plushcourt Fire Up
Coombemill Pansy Potter (B)31-07-2002Plushcourt Fire Up
Coombemill the Love Bug (D)31-07-2002Plushcourt Fire Up
Plushcourt Maysie (B)09-09-2002Plushcourt Believe Me
Plushcourt McDuff (D)09-09-2002Plushcourt Believe Me
Plushcourt Misko (B)09-09-2002Plushcourt Believe Me
Plushcourt Mizelli (B)09-09-2002Plushcourt Believe Me
From Mags With Love (B)11-09-2002Gorhambank Harvest Moon
Thoms Vinny the Viking (D)11-09-2002Gorhambank Harvest Moon
Plushcourt Eldridge (D)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Emmeline (B)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Erato (D)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Esmeralda (B)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Eugenio (D)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Europa (D)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Evans (D)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Plushcourt Expresso (D)01-10-2002Plushcourt Queen's Evidence
Whitmore Tobias (D)29-10-2002Daisy Rose
Plushcourt Forever Tanni At Jasueter (B)13-04-2003Plushcourt Free Fall
Plushcourt Fortune Teller (B)13-04-2003Plushcourt Free Fall
Plushcourt Franas (B)13-04-2003Plushcourt Free Fall
Plushcourt Friar Tuck (D)13-04-2003Plushcourt Free Fall
Plushcourt Fronton (D)13-04-2003Plushcourt Free Fall
Plushcourt Gascon (D)15-04-2003Plushcourt Godsend
Plushcourt Gipsy Rose (B)15-04-2003Plushcourt Godsend
Plushcourt Gonzales (D)15-04-2003Plushcourt Godsend
Plushcourt Gospel Truth (B)15-04-2003Plushcourt Godsend
Plushcourt Graphite (D)15-04-2003Plushcourt Godsend
Plushcourt Rembrandt (D)06-06-2003Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Ribera (D)06-06-2003Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Riposte (B)06-06-2003Plushcourt Smart Reply
Port CH Plushcourt Rossetti (D)06-06-2003Plushcourt Smart Reply
Plushcourt Perry (D)27-10-2003Plushcourt Pie In the Sky
Plushcourt Perseus (D)27-10-2003Plushcourt Pie In the Sky
Plushcourt Petinka (B)27-10-2003Plushcourt Pie In the Sky
Plushcourt Prodigy (D)27-10-2003Plushcourt Pie In the Sky
Plushcourt Pugsly (D)27-10-2003Plushcourt Pie In the Sky
Bix of Warburg (B)10-01-2004Church Hill Twiggy
Charlie of Port Meadow (D)10-01-2004Church Hill Twiggy
Jack Snipe Minimus (D)10-01-2004Church Hill Twiggy
Woodcock Wader (D)10-01-2004Church Hill Twiggy
CH Brumberhill Blue Tempest (D)05-04-2009CH Brumberhill Breeze
Brumberhill Blue Temptress (B)05-04-2009CH Brumberhill Breeze
Brumberhill Brass Band (D)05-04-2009CH Brumberhill Breeze
Brumberhill Little Warrior (D)05-04-2009CH Brumberhill Breeze
Brumberhill Stanley (D)05-04-2009CH Brumberhill Breeze
CH Brumberhill Benchmarked JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Clear)06-06-2009Brumberhill Bequeath
Plushcourt Revelation (D)30-03-2010Plushcourt Royal Mint
Plushcourt Royal Romance (B)30-03-2010Plushcourt Royal Mint
Plushcourt Rapture (B)18-06-2010Plushcourt Rebate
Plushcourt Repaid (B)18-06-2010Plushcourt Rebate
Plushcourt Revenue (D) (Slem: Clear)18-06-2010Plushcourt Rebate