Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM


Name:Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Mr P J & Mrs A K Taylor  
AHT SLEM Test:Clear 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
04-05-2015Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM

Ancestors of Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM

Progeny of Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM - 0 records

No progeny on record

Siblings of Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM

Full Siblings - None Recorded

Same Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDateSire
Dymanti Storm (D)18-08-2014Trentdale Rugby

Same Sire Siblings - 42 records

Known AsDateDam
Dymanti Young Winston (D)19-01-2002Dymanti Victorian Rose
Dymanti Blushing Prince (D)19-01-2002Dymanti Victorian Rose
Dymanti Miss Glory Be (B)19-01-2002Dymanti Victorian Rose
Dymanti Fire Up the Band (D)22-01-2002Dymanti Fay Girl
Dymanti Hurricane Floyd (D)22-01-2002Dymanti Fay Girl
Dymanti Moon At Midnight (B)22-01-2002Dymanti Fay Girl
Dymanti Olivia Rose (B)22-01-2002Dymanti Fay Girl
Dymanti Rose Flutter (B)20-09-2002Dymanti Diamond Delight
Dymanti Safhafi (B)20-09-2002Dymanti Diamond Delight
Dymanti China Fain (B)20-09-2002Dymanti Diamond Delight
Dymanti Dash of Magic (D)20-09-2002Dymanti Diamond Delight
Dymanti Dubai Dreamer (D)20-09-2002Dymanti Diamond Delight
Dymanti Phebe (B)28-12-2002Dymanti Philatilic Lady
Dymanti Lionheart (D)28-12-2002Dymanti Philatilic Lady
Dymanti Jack the Lad (D)28-12-2002Dymanti Philatilic Lady
Dymanti Ironman (D)28-12-2002Dymanti Philatilic Lady
Dymanti Casin (D)28-12-2002Dymanti Philatilic Lady
Dymanti Spice (B)28-12-2002Dymanti Philatilic Lady
Belcrum Brandy (B)07-03-2003Belcrum Charmer
Belcrum Tweedsbairn (D)07-03-2003Belcrum Charmer
Belcrum Necessity (D)07-03-2003Belcrum Charmer
Belcrum Huntsman (D)07-03-2003Belcrum Charmer
Belcrum Buttons (D)07-03-2003Belcrum Charmer
Darrens Delight (D)21-03-2003Gondiggin Call A Halt
Bright Star Lady (B)21-03-2003Gondiggin Call A Halt
Mister Mischief Maker (D)21-03-2003Gondiggin Call A Halt
Lady Lissie Lou (B)21-03-2003Gondiggin Call A Halt
Tinkerbell Treasure (B)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Dancer of Tall Trees (D)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Bonnie Boy (D)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Blackfirs Blaze (D)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Mister Sparkle (D)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Lady Merrylegs (B)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Jazzy Girl (B)25-09-2003Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Dodgy Dealer (D)31-03-2004Jaleas Joy
Dynamite Lad (D)31-03-2004Jaleas Joy
Austins Boy (D)31-03-2004Jaleas Joy
Dymanti Red Genie (B)15-04-2004Dymanti Moon Beem
Dymanti Distant Sky (B)15-04-2004Dymanti Moon Beem
Danny Dazzler (D)15-02-2005Lady Sophie of Larkfield
Dymanti Harmony (B)02-04-2010Trentdale Shelby
Dymanti Rosie Lea Minsthorpe (B)17-07-2010Dymanti Charlietango