CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW


Name:CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Professor S P Dean  
Breeder:Mr & Mrs A Horner 
AHT SLEM Test:Clear 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW

Siblings of CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW

Full Siblings - None Recorded

Same Dam Siblings - 5 records

Known AsDateSire
Stineval Picotta JW (D)26-10-2006Orenberg Advocate of Stineval
Stineval Celeste At Merumhor (B)22-12-2007Orenberg Advocate of Stineval
Stineval Stella (B)22-12-2007Orenberg Advocate of Stineval
Stineval Maraschino (D)03-10-2009Digmoor Aces High JW
Stineval Santina (B)03-10-2009Digmoor Aces High JW

Same Sire Siblings - 135 records

Known AsDateDam
Stineval Aglaia (B)08-10-1996Stineval Brandy Snap
Stineval Amethyst (B)08-10-1996Stineval Brandy Snap
Stineval Apollo (D)08-10-1996Stineval Brandy Snap
Stineval Athena (B)08-10-1996Stineval Brandy Snap
CH Stineval Sweet Talking Guy (D)18-04-1998Stineval Brandy Snap
Sweet Inspiration At Micklebrock (D)25-11-1998Proper Little Madam
Winhazel Rising Star (B)25-11-1998Proper Little Madam
Winhazel No More Mr Nice Guy (D)25-11-1998Proper Little Madam
CH Stoneygin Maria (B)17-04-1999Stoneygin Lizzie Drippin
Little Gemstone (B)14-05-1999Starshine Belle
Nat's Flash (D)14-05-1999Starshine Belle
CH Grindelvald Sandpiper (D)23-03-2000Grindelvald It's A Breeze
Grindelvald Jenny Wren At Rushford (B)23-03-2000Grindelvald It's A Breeze
Grindelvald Pimento (B)23-03-2000Grindelvald It's A Breeze
Grindelvald Woodlark (D)23-03-2000Grindelvald Its A Breeze
Picer Harbinger (D)16-06-2000Heronfield Primrose
Picer Kastello (D)16-06-2000Heronfield Primrose
Picer Novalis Blue (D)16-06-2000Heronfield Primrose
Picer Tiger Woods (D)16-06-2000Heronfield Primrose
Kenmillen Jan (B)24-07-2000Starshine Belle
Riseburn Blue Diamond (D)25-11-2000Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Herbert (D)25-11-2000Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Molly (B)25-11-2000Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Paper Chase (B)25-11-2000Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Todd (D)25-11-2000Brumberhill Blue Ink
Picer Laxton Superb (D)29-01-2001Picer Domino Picotee
Picer Pacesetter (D)29-01-2001Picer Domino Picotee
Picer Porridor (D)29-01-2001Picer Domino Picotee
Esyntona Little Barnacle (B)01-06-2001Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Pandoras Shell (B)01-06-2001Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Periwinkle (B)01-06-2001Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Sandy Shores (D)01-06-2001Esyntona Bonny Lass
Biddestone Pennyroyal (B)23-11-2001CH Biddestone Patchwork
Biddestone Pennywise (B)23-11-2001CH Biddestone Patchwork
Foxyard New Years Dream (D)01-01-2002Kighill Calypso Kate At Foxyard
Foxyard Shropshire Blue ShCM (D)01-01-2002Kighill Calypso Kate At Foxyard
Stoneygin Bizzy Lizzy (B)14-02-2002Gypsy Wild of Stoneygin
Stoneygin Daisy May (B)14-02-2002Gypsy Wild of Stoneygin
Stoneygin Mr Percival (D)14-02-2002Gypsy Wild of Stoneygin
Stoneygin Shadrack (D)14-02-2002Gypsy Wild of Stoneygin
Riseburn Bud (D)17-02-2002Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Printer's Devil (B)17-02-2002Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Walter (D)17-02-2002Brumberhill Blue Ink
Ellerton Star (B)01-03-2002Esme's Star
Kenmillto Blue Mist (D)01-03-2002Esme's Star
Kenmillto Esme (B)01-03-2002Esme's Star
Kenmillto Razamadaz (D)01-03-2002Esme's Star
Kenmillto Rose (B)01-03-2002Esme's Star
Picer Dumble Dore (D)11-03-2002Picer Domino Picotee
Picer Gideon's Promise (D)11-03-2002Picer Domino Picotee
Manx Balladoyne (D)21-04-2002Foxcraig Frisa With Manx
Manx Ballahane (D)21-04-2002Foxcraig Frisa With Manx
Manx Voirrey (B)21-04-2002Foxcraig Frisa With Manx
Grindelvald Amber Shimmer (B)08-06-2002Grindelvald Its A Breeze
Grindelvald Motzarts Tune (D)08-06-2002Grindelvald Its A Breeze
Grindelvald Night Fever (D)08-06-2002Grindelvald Its A Breeze
Grindelvald Spring Breeze (B)08-06-2002Grindelvald Its A Breeze
Grindelvald Tempranillo (D)08-06-2002Grindelvald Its A Breeze
Darboral Dalgliesh (D)18-06-2002Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Darboral Midsummer Dream (B)18-06-2002Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Darboral Summer Breeze (B)18-06-2002Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Darboral Wexford (D)18-06-2002Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Karison Keep Sake (B)19-08-2002Bretcar Briar Rose
Karison Kerfuffle (D)19-08-2002Bretcar Briar Rose
Karison Kodiak (D)19-08-2002Bretcar Briar Rose
Karison Kracker (B)19-08-2002Bretcar Briar Rose
Esyntona Bergomat (D)21-08-2002Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Borage (D)21-08-2002Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Foxglove (B)21-08-2002Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Mullen (D)21-08-2002Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Penny Royal (B)21-08-2002Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Sorrel (D)21-08-2002Esyntona Bonny Lass
Dormic Bailiff (D)03-09-2002CH Dormic Ruby Reel
Dormic Cameo (B)03-09-2002CH Dormic Ruby Reel
Dormic Deerstalker of Aldamar (D)03-09-2002CH Dormic Ruby Reel
Dormic Diana (B)03-09-2002CH Dormic Ruby Reel
Northlear Parfait (D)15-10-2002Northlear Isper
Northlear Passe Partout (D)15-10-2002Northlear Isper
Northlear Pimbeche (B)15-10-2002Northlear Isper
Northlear Pinoche (D)15-10-2002Northlear Isper
Northlear Prodige (D)15-10-2002Northlear Isper
Huntsman Red Shadow (D)25-11-2002Bankfield Burnt Gold
Midday Trailblazer (D)25-11-2002Bankfield Burnt Gold
Rileys Daydream (D)25-11-2002Bankfield Burnt Gold
Ravenside Homeward Bound (B)01-02-2003Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Long Look (B)01-02-2003Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Quest For Fame (D)01-02-2003Oxcroft Meg
Ravenside Reference Point (D)01-02-2003Oxcroft Meg
Tweedburn Mystique (D)14-02-2003Tweedburn Miss Flip
Northlear Quantum (D)12-05-2003Northlear Fantasy Flapper
Northlear Quibble (D)12-05-2003Northlear Fantasy Flapper
Northlear Quignon (B)12-05-2003Northlear Fantasy Flapper
Northlear Quiver (D)12-05-2003Northlear Fantasy Flapper
Northlear Quizzical (D)12-05-2003Northlear Fantasy Flapper
Barsetta Amulet (B)13-05-2003CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Ladies Man (D)13-05-2003CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Mayfellden Budweiser (D)30-05-2003Riseburn Blue Lass
Mayfellden Miss Elly (B)30-05-2003Riseburn Blue Lass
Mayfellden Miss Ruby (B)30-05-2003Riseburn Blue Lass
Mayfellden Patrick (D)30-05-2003Riseburn Blue Lass
Fairnielee Molly Malone (B)03-06-2003Flaming June of Flawith
Fairnielee Rudi (D)03-06-2003Flaming June of Flawith
Pherjan Bonny Blue (B)16-06-2003Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Bumble Kite (B)16-06-2003Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Thyme (B)16-06-2003Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Topsy Turvey (B)16-06-2003Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan Trouper (D)16-06-2003Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Pherjan True Grit (D)16-06-2003Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Jesters Girl (B)20-06-2003Josh's Girl
Moonshine Belle (B)20-06-2003Josh's Girl
Tiger's Eye Lad (D)20-06-2003Josh's Girl
Velvet Jazzmin (B)20-06-2003Josh's Girl
Telperion Blue Basil (D)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Telperion Cock Sparrow (D)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Telperion Erd Rooster (D)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Telperion Jack Flash (D)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Telperion Jenny Wren (B)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Telperion Jiminy Cricket (B)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Telperion Red Bertie (D)30-06-2003Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Micklebrock Biff (D)14-09-2003Micklebrock Mystery Song
Micklebrock Gus (D)14-09-2003Micklebrock Mystery Song
Micklebrock Lizzy Drippin (B)14-09-2003Micklebrock Mystery Song
Micklebrock Megan (B)14-09-2003Micklebrock Mystery Song
Micklebrock Riggs (D)14-09-2003Micklebrock Mystery Song
Micklebrock Jeanie (B)15-09-2003Cracker's Lass At Micklebrock
Micklebrock Joe (D)15-09-2003Cracker's Lass At Micklebrock
Micklebrock Ripley (B)15-09-2003Cracker's Lass At Micklebrock
Micklebrock Sally (B)15-09-2003Cracker's Lass At Micklebrock
Picer Burberry (D)22-10-2003Picer Domino Picotee
Picer Sweet Briar (B)22-10-2003Picer Domino Picotee
Picer Xanphina (B)22-10-2003Picer Domino Picotee
Winhazel Bells And Bows (B)25-12-2004Winhazel Lady Fern
Biddestone Perceive At Stineval (B)16-02-2005Biddestone Peggotty
Thorneyburn Minnie the Minx (B)04-01-2006Thorneyburn Keyhole Kate
Thorneyburn Molly Malone At Hewbay (B)04-01-2006Thorneyburn Keyhole Kate