Alamosa Harklawtongues Of Tufterslodge


Name:Alamosa Harklawtongues Of Tufterslodge 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
SLEM Status / Test: 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
09-06-2013Alamosa Harklawtongues Of Tufterslodge

Siblings of Alamosa Harklawtongues Of Tufterslodge

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Alamosa Mousewald Of Tufterslodge (B)29-03-2005Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 157 records

Known AsDateDam
Whistledown Shady Lady (B)03-08-1999Juniper Berrypye
Whistledown Smart Alex (D)03-08-1999Juniper Berrypye
Whistledown Little Pippin (B)03-08-1999Juniper Berrypye
Whistledown Smart Alec (D)03-08-1999Juniper Berrypye
Fortune Belle (B)10-09-1999Hynerbrook Spice
Royal Vision (D)10-09-1999Hynerbrook Spice
Foxy's Frolic (B)30-04-2000Kirtley of Kilquite
Kilquite Woody (D)30-04-2000Kirtley of Kilquite
Real Rascal (B)30-04-2000Kirtley of Kilquite
Royal Archer (D)30-04-2000Kirtley of Kilquite
West Harrow Barrow Fox Glove (B)30-04-2000Kirtley of Kilquite
Laurelton Cherwell Oak (B)21-08-2000Laurelton Linnet Lass
Laurelton Copper Lad (D)21-08-2000Laurelton Linnet Lass
Laurelton Winter Nutmeg (B)21-08-2000Laurelton Linnet Lass
Bakers Muffin (B)03-09-2000Mazengarb Wispy Lass
Brown Loaf (B)03-09-2000Mazengarb Wispy Las
Oat Cake (B)03-09-2000Mazengarb Wispy Las
Wootton Sweep (D)03-09-2000Mazengarb Wispy Las
Clarissa Holly (B)02-10-2000Devonbrook Bramble
Devon Teasel (B)02-10-2000Devonbrook Bramble
Devonbrook Oak (D)02-10-2000Devonbrook Bramble
Tanny Hazel (B)02-10-2000Devonbrook Bramble
Brookbank Break the Rules (D)24-12-2000Brookbank Break of Day
Brookbank Break the Silence (D)24-12-2000Brookbank Break of Day
Brookbank Break the Spell JW (D)24-12-2000Brookbank Break O' Day
Tarkatale Cream Cracker At Copthall (B)09-02-2001Gubbs Achemilla Molly May
Tarkatale Fergus Mackita (D)09-02-2001Gubbs Achemilla Molly May
Tarkatale Holly of Rexton (B)09-02-2001Gubbs Achemilla Molly May
Tarkatale Peanut (D)09-02-2001Gubbs Achemilla Molly May
Tarkatale Twiglette At Badgerbeck (B)09-02-2001Gubbs Achemilla Molly May
Mr Respectable (D)19-02-2001Lavernook Lady
Reddish Rock (D)19-02-2001Lavernook Lady
Rich Ruby Red (B)19-02-2001Lavernook Lady
Rock 'n' Roll (D)19-02-2001Lavernook Lady
Badgerfield Boy (D)17-04-2001Mrs Tittlemouse
Grizzley Moor (D)17-04-2001Mrs Tittlemouse
Kyrtonia Trifle (B)17-04-2001Mrs. Tittlemouse
Merry Mead (D)17-04-2001Mrs Tittlemouse
Morchardmoor Beauty (B)17-04-2001Mrs Tittlemouse
Petersgreen Froth (B)17-04-2001Mrs Tittlemouse
Pisselton Prickles (D)17-04-2001Mrs Tittlemouse
Charming Hector (D)18-05-2001Gemtun Nutmeg's Pipkin
Pipkin's Ben (D)18-05-2001Gemtun Nutmeg's Pipkin
Sweet Pocket (B)18-05-2001Gemtun Nutmeg's Pipkin
Rubhay Cocoa Pod (D)29-07-2001Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Rubhay Little Gem (B)29-07-2001Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Rubhay My Boy Sid (D)29-07-2001Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Rubhay Rebels Hero (D)29-07-2001Westwood Lupinus of Swangrove
Lorrivale Maisie (B)21-08-2001Lorrivale Havoc
Lorrivale Maple (B)21-08-2001Lorrivale Havoc
Master Boris (D)29-09-2001Penhalwyn Farina
Hoathwood Hallmark (D)27-10-2001Hoathwood Hazy Dawn
Hoathwood Halloween (D)27-10-2001Hoathwood Hazy Dawn
Hoathwood Happy Ending (B)27-10-2001Hoathwood Hazy Dawn
Hoathwood Hearsay (D)27-10-2001Hoathwood Hazy Dawn
Hoathwood Heiress (B)27-10-2001Hoathwood Hazy Dawn
Atomic Mission (D)12-11-2001Lassie From Lancashire
Gracie's Song (B)12-11-2001Lassie From Lancashire
Neutron Star (D)12-11-2001Lassie From Lancashire
Nookshot Atomic Kitten (B)28-12-2001Bedeslea Spring Blossom At Nookshot
Nookshot Heavy Metal (B)28-12-2001Bedeslea Spring Blossom At Nookshot
Lorrivale Nautilus At Heckyhowse (D)30-12-2001Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Neptune At Devon Loch (D)30-12-2001Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Nocturne (B)30-12-2001Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Noggin (D)30-12-2001Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Nutmeg (D)30-12-2001Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Nymph (B)30-12-2001Lorrivale Ilona
Amble Anna (B)06-01-2002Foxwash Jade
Bristle of Haroldsleigh (B)06-01-2002Crimson Nashfiski
Charlie Cadgwith (D)06-01-2002Crimson Nashfiski
Gonvena Gwen (B)06-01-2002Foxwash Jade
Holly Nashfiski (B)06-01-2002Crimson Nashfiski
Louis of Liskard (D)06-01-2002Crimson Nashfiski
Murphy Mainstone (D)06-01-2002Crimson Nashfiski
Sharons Meggie (B)06-01-2002Foxwash Jade
Shortys Grace (B)06-01-2002Foxwash Jade
The Socerers Apprentice At Tackstone (D)06-01-2002Foxwash Jade
Lorrivale Obsidian (D)25-01-2002Lorrivale Biscuit
Lorrivale Olympus (D)25-01-2002Lorrivale Biscuit
Grabbist Obsidian (D)02-02-2002Grabbist Neptunite
Grabbist Onyx (D)02-02-2002Grabbist Neptunite
Grabbist Opal (B)02-02-2002Grabbist Neptunite
Grabbist Orthoclase (D)02-02-2002Grabbist Neptunite
Am CH Nookshot Beautiful South At Olderhill (B)05-03-2002Nookshot Hedgwig
Nookshot Beautiful South (B)05-03-2002Nookshot Hedgwig
Nookshot Cockney Rebel (D)05-03-2002Nookshot Hedgwig
Nookshot Radio Head (D)05-03-2002Nookshot Hedgwig
Nookshot Star Sailor (D)05-03-2002Nookshot Hedgwig
Aisha Bella (B)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Archie Agoodun (D)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Bertie Bolshie Boy (D)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Cesaria Paris (B)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Rupert Smartypants (D)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Tansy Ancona (B)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Thomas Tellaporky (D)07-04-2002Charlotte Bamfylde Clump
Milvus Milvus (B)01-05-2002Kirtley of Kilquite
Pica Pica Magpie (D)01-05-2002Kirtley of Kilquite
Tacc Tacc Blackcap (D)01-05-2002Kirtley of Kilquite
Zip-Zap Chiffchaff (B)01-05-2002Kirtley of Kilquite
Bushmills Lady Milly (B)26-06-2002Brynrevel Jenny Wren
Comic Leveller (D)26-06-2002Brynrevel Jenny Wren
Martels Mystery (B)26-06-2002Brynrevel Jenny Wren
Whiteowl Enigma (B)26-06-2002Brynrevel Jenny Wren
Fitzpaine Red Knight (D)10-09-2002Foxwash Gem
Paperbark Marple (D)10-09-2002Foxwash Gem
Penhay Michaelmas Maisie (B)10-09-2002Foxwash Gem
Poughill Penny Black (D)10-09-2002Foxwash Gem
Puddington Royal (D)10-09-2002Foxwash Gem
Heymor Black Jack (D)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Bullseye (D)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Cough Candy (B)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Dolly Mixture (B)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Galaxy (D)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Humbug (D)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Picnic (B)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Heymor Twix (D)14-11-2002Heymor Punchinella
Casapepo Azkaban (D)06-01-2003Casapepo Razzmataz
Casapepo Chamber of Secrets (D)06-01-2003Casapepo Razzmataz
Casapepo Goblet of Fire (B)06-01-2003Casapepo Razzmataz
Casapepo Hogwarts Express (D)06-01-2003Casapepo Razzmataz
Casapepo Seeker (D)06-01-2003Casapepo Razzmataz
Cant Hill Prudie (B)05-02-2003Foxwash Jade
Josephs Rock of Olderhill (D)05-02-2003Foxwash Jade
Piran Bay Boy (D)05-02-2003Foxwash Jade
Porthilly Pansy (B)05-02-2003Foxwash Jade
Tregirls Tamsyn of Olderhill (B)05-02-2003Foxwash Jade
Lorrivale Saffron (B)14-03-2003Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Sapphire (B)14-03-2003Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Saracen (D)14-03-2003Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Scarlet (B)14-03-2003Lorrivale Ilona
Lorrivale Stonechat (D)14-03-2003Lorrivale Ilona
Stromemore Cardhu Charlie (D)08-05-2003Stromemore Lagavulin Lass
Stromemore Tobermory Tom (D)08-05-2003Stromemore Lagavulin Lass
Solo's Boogalooing (B)27-09-2003Brynrevel Jenny Wren
Dockens Adelaide (B)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Algernon (D)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Anastasia (B)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Angelina (B)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Annabella (B)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Antonia (B)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Archibald (D)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Dockens Augustus At Jenabeck JW (D)26-10-2003Classy Cloe
Mendipdales Banwell (D)28-10-2003Badgerbeck Wild Ginger
Mendipdales Beaufort (D)28-10-2003Badgerbeck Wild Ginger
Mendipdales Berkley (D)28-10-2003Badgerbeck Wild Ginger
Mendipdales Blackmore (B)28-10-2003Badgerbeck Wild Ginger
Lorrivale Unique (B)01-02-2004Lorrivale Ilona
Alextor Jay (B)29-02-2004Foxwash Jade
Am CH Coombe Hill Bramble (D)29-02-2004Foxwash Jade
Camelhayle Lark (B)29-02-2004Foxwash Jade
Candra Robin (D)29-02-2004Foxwash Jade
Garrator Willow (B)29-02-2004Foxwash Jade
Picer Monty Zoomer of Tufterslodge (D)02-08-2006Picer Claudia
Tufterslodge Walnut At Orangebox ShCM (D) (Slem: Clear)12-10-2006Kenmilquin Downy of Tufterslodge
Tufterslodge Whiz of Menavaur (D)12-10-2006Kenmilquin Downy of Tufterslodge
Tufterslodge Willow At Orangebox (B)12-10-2006Kenmilquin Downy of Tufterslodge
Tufterslodge Whistler (D)12-10-2006Kenmilquin Downy of Tufterslodge