Ch Dandyhow Spelling Bee


Name:Ch Dandyhow Spelling Bee 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Mrs K M Irving  
Breeder:Mrs K M Irving 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Ch Dandyhow Spelling Bee - 2 records

Known AsDateEx
Ch Dandyhow Beeline (D) (Slem: Clear)03-07-2008Dandyhow Royal Oak
Dandyhow Myrtle (B)23-04-2010Dandyhow Royal Oak

Siblings of Ch Dandyhow Spelling Bee

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 7 records

Known AsDate 
Dandyhow Bright Spell (B)19-07-2004Same Litter
Dandyhow Cast A Spell (B)19-07-2004Same Litter
Dandyhow Spellcheck (D)19-07-2004Same Litter
Ch Dandyhow Spelling Bee (B)19-07-2004Same Litter
Dandyhow Spelling Mistake (D)19-07-2004Same Litter
Dandyhow Spells Trouble (D)19-07-2004Same Litter
Dandyhow Sunny Spell (B)19-07-2004Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 17 records

Known AsDateSire
Dandyhow Bagel Chip (D)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Twiglet (B)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Bombay MIX (D)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Cheese Straw of Lasangara (D)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Hula Hoop (B)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Shannon (B)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Portland (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow German Bight (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Fitzroy (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Fastnet (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Dogger (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Biscay (B)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Claudius
Dandyhow Dumb Waiter (D)29-03-2003CH Dandyhow Mr Punch
Dandyhow Duchesse (B)29-03-2003CH Dandyhow Mr Punch
Dandyhow Secretaire (B)29-03-2003CH Dandyhow Mr Punch
Dandyhow Cabriole (B)29-03-2003CH Dandyhow Mr Punch
Dandyhow Whatnot (D)29-03-2003CH Dandyhow Mr Punch

Same Sire Siblings - 41 records

Known AsDateDam
Pernese Black Berry (D)Pernese Pipistrelle
Pernese Jet Ranger (B)Pernese Pipistrelle
Keneven Jacobaeus (D)Georgias Pride
Felfree Mineva McGonagall (B)13-06-2002Bucks Diamond
Felfree Albus Dumbledore (D)13-06-2002Bucks Diamond
Felfree Hermione Huflepuff (B)13-06-2002Bucks Diamond
Digmoor Ben's Bank (D)30-07-2002Digmoor Gypsy Rose
Digmoor Builder Bob (D)30-07-2002Digmoor Gypsy Rose
Digmoor Billy Boyo (D)30-07-2002Digmoor Gypsy Rose
Pernese Magical Skye (B)06-12-2002Pernese Pipistrelle
Tilly Trotter (B)03-12-2003Menolly Echo
Master Arbuckle (D)03-12-2003Menolly Echo
Rosie Dilly (B)03-12-2003Menolly Echo
Zulu Mandla (D)22-04-2004Farmway Jolly Jay
Drakensberg Dusk (D)22-04-2004Farmway Jolly Jay
Amakhosi Star (D)22-04-2004Farmway Jolly Jay
Constantia Sunset (B)22-04-2004Farmway Jolly Jay
Isandhlwana Daybreak (D)22-04-2004Farmway Jolly Jay
Madame Fupi (B)16-05-2004Southernden Belle
Mister Freddie (D)16-05-2004Southernden Belle
Pearl of Oysters (B)04-06-2004Seymour Scarletina
Amethyst Mistletoe (B)04-06-2004Seymour Scarletina
Sapphire Spotless (B)04-06-2004Seymour Scarletina
Rose Quartz Deluxe (B)04-06-2004Seymour Scarletina
Leaf of Frisbe (D)04-06-2004Seymour Scarletina
Southernden Second Row (D)07-06-2004Southernden Magic Sky
Southernden Winning Pack (D)07-06-2004Southernden Magic Sky
Southernden Sparkling Prop (D)07-06-2004Southernden Magic Sky
Southernden Magic Eight (D)07-06-2004Southernden Magic Sky
Southernden Magic Centre (D)07-06-2004Southernden Magic Sky
Pernese Coer D'lyon (D)10-06-2004Pernese Pipistrelle
Pernese Blue Belle (B)10-06-2004Pernese Pipistrelle
Pernese Dandy Lion (D)10-06-2004Pernese Pipistrelle
Pernese Honeysuckle (B)10-06-2004Pernese Pipistrelle
Pernese Spell Breaker (B)10-06-2004Pernese Pipistrelle
Pernese Red Rose (B)10-06-2004Pernese Pipistrelle
Weatherdale My Best Mate (D)05-01-2005Farmway Miss Nightingale At Weatherdale
Farmway Reef Knot (B)03-03-2005Farmway Gypsie Knot
Farmway Diamond Knot (B)03-03-2005Farmway Gypsie Knot
Cast A Spell Over Brookbank (B)19-04-2007Seymour Scarletina
Brookbank Could It Be Magic (D)10-01-2008Brookbank Bright 'n' Breezie