Name:Kersfell Cool River 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Mrs M Sneddon  
Breeder:Mrs M Sneddon 
AHT SLEM Test:Clear 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of Kersfell Cool River

Progeny of Kersfell Cool River - 0 records

No progeny on record

Siblings of Kersfell Cool River

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 5 records

Known AsDate 
Kersfell Caramel (B) (Slem: HClear)19-05-2014Same Litter
Kersfell Careless Whisper (B) (Slem: HClear)19-05-2014Same Litter
Kersfell Carmen (B) (Slem: HClear)19-05-2014Same Litter
Kersfell Conquest (D) (Slem: Clear)19-05-2014Same Litter
Kersfell Courage (D) (Slem: HClear)19-05-2014Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 17 records

Known AsDateDam
Tythrop Shooting Star Over Hanway (B)11-06-2005Tythrop Equillibria
Tythrop Jupiter (D)11-06-2005Tythrop Equillibria
Annesuz Tansy (B)18-11-2005Annesuz Maybe Trouble
Annesuz Dawn Run to Kersfell (B)18-11-2005Annesuz Maybe Trouble
Alcumlow Shooting Star (D)17-05-2007Alcumlow Sapphire
Alcumlow Starry Night (B)17-05-2007Alcumlow Sapphire
Alcumlow Starstruck (D)17-05-2007Alcumlow Sapphire
Rhozzum Mercury At Bramblequest (D)04-12-2007Rhozzum Redrob Rambler
Justinca Ryan By Kersfell (D) (Slem: Clear)26-04-2009Chealodge Inca
Justinca Roxybabe (B)26-04-2009Chealodge Inca
Baillieswells Lochindaal JW (B)22-09-2011Baillieswells Isla
Baillieswells Knockdhu (D)22-09-2011Baillieswells Isla
Baillieswells Knockando (D)29-09-2011Baillieswells Isla
Asplands Astrid for Tythrop (B)27-12-2011Asplands M'Lady
Howthwaite in Vogue (B) (Slem: Clear)12-05-2012CH Howthwaite In Violet (Slem: HClear)
CH Howthwaite Grainsgill (D) (Slem: Clear)03-05-2013Howthwaite Amber Grain (Slem: HClear)
Howthwaite Amethyst (B) (Slem: HClear)03-05-2013Howthwaite Amber Grain (Slem: HClear)