Name:Picer Kalibrese JW 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Pickering, G.A.  
Breeder:Pickering, G.A. 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
13-10-2013Picer Kalibrese JW

Siblings of Picer Kalibrese JW

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDate 
Picer Flos Jovis (B)29-01-2001Same Litter
Picer Roedeere (B)29-01-2001Same Litter
Picer Sante Lupin (B)29-01-2001Same Litter
Picer Blue Pearl (B)22-10-2003

Same Dam Siblings - 14 records

Known AsDateSire
Picer Allegro (B)21-01-2000Picer King Vita
Picer Romano (D)21-01-2000Picer King Vita
Picer Kondor (D)21-01-2000Picer King Vita
Picer Concorde (D)21-01-2000Picer King Vita
Picer Butterbean (B)21-01-2000Picer King Vita
Picer Blue Phantasy (B)21-01-2000Picer King Vita
Picer Porridor (D)29-01-2001Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Pacesetter (D)29-01-2001Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Laxton Superb (D)29-01-2001Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Gideon's Promise (D)11-03-2002Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Dumble Dore (D)11-03-2002Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Burberry (D)22-10-2003Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Sweet Briar (B)22-10-2003Stineval Razamadaz
Picer Xanphina (B)22-10-2003Stineval Razamadaz

Same Sire Siblings - 66 records

Known AsDateDam
Picer Sugar Bon (B)16-06-2000Heronfield Primrose
Picer Red Campion (B)16-06-2000Heronfield Primrose
Our Molly (B)24-07-2000Starshine Belle
CH Riseburn Reprint (B)25-11-2000Brumberhill Blue Ink
Winhazel Just Magic (B)21-01-2001Warm February of Winhazel
Winhazel Touched By Magic (B)21-01-2001Warm February of Winhazel
CH Winhazel Extra Edition (D)21-01-2001Warm February of Winhazel
Winhazel Lucky Charm (B)21-01-2001Warm February of Winhazel
Winhazel Blue Edition (B)21-01-2001Warm February of Winhazel
Esyntona Sea Noodle (B)01-06-2001Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Shingle Beach (D)01-06-2001Esyntona Bonny Lass
Foxyard First Edition (D)01-01-2002Kighill Calypso Kate At Foxyard
Foxyard Step In Time (B)01-01-2002Kighill Calypso Kate At Foxyard
Stoneygin Betty Bloo (B)14-02-2002Gipsy Wild of Stoneygin
CH Stoneygin Dolly Daydream (B)14-02-2002Gipsy Wild of Stoneygin
Stoneygin Shannon At Shawlands (B)14-02-2002Gipsy Wild of Stoneygin
Riseburn Newsprint (B)17-02-2002Brumberhill Blue Ink
Riseburn Rescript (B)17-02-2002Brumberhill Blue Ink
Manx Malane (B)21-04-2002Foxcraig Frisa With Manx
CH Manx Margaid ShCM (B)21-04-2002Foxcraig Frisa With Manx
Darboral Endeavour (D)18-06-2002Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Darboral Midsummer Dream At Colmscot (B)18-06-2002Badgerholme Eber Venture At Darboral
Karison Karisma (B)19-08-2002Bretcar Briar Rose
Dormic Idle Gossip (B)03-09-2002CH Dormic Ruby Reel
Stoneygin Ruby Tuesday (B)22-09-2002CH Shawlands Sally Forth of Stoneygin
Northlear Passion (B)15-10-2002Northlear Isper
CH Tweedburn Valentino (D)14-02-2003Tweedburn Miss Flip
Tweedburn Sweetheart (B)14-02-2003Tweedburn Miss Flip
Barsetta Canterbury Tinker (D)13-05-2003CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta English Nobleman (D)13-05-2003CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Manx Ballonrie (D)26-12-2003Manx Ballahennie
Manx Ballaqueen (B)26-12-2003Manx Ballahennie
Manx Ballafayle (D)26-12-2003Manx Ballahennie
Manx Ballabrune (D)26-12-2003Manx Ballahennie
Brookbank Bright 'n' Breezie (B)27-02-2004Brookbank Break O' Day
Brookbank Free 'n' Easy (D)27-02-2004Brookbank Break O' Day
Brookbank MIX 'n' Match (D)27-02-2004Brookbank Break O' Day
Brookbank Rhyme 'n' Reason (D)27-02-2004Brookbank Break O' Day
Kighill Yankee Zulu (D)15-03-2004Kighill Poppet
Kighill Whats It All About (D)15-03-2004Kighill Poppet
Kighill Terminator (D)15-03-2004Kighill Poppet
Kighill Millymoo (B)15-03-2004Kighill Poppet
Brocksbride Trudy (B)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Proton (D)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Tempra (B)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Marnies Quest (B)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Little Billy (D)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Fire Away (D)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Casanova (D)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Brocksbride Barbara (B)06-04-2004Prickly Holly of Weatherdale
Esyntona Rebellious Rooney (D)29-05-2004Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Tolly of the Mill (B)29-05-2004Esyntona Bonny Lass
Esyntona Scrumpy Jack (D)29-05-2004Esyntona Bonny Lass
Border Music (D)06-08-2004Lady Sweet Star
Eastern Dancer (B)06-08-2004Lady Sweet Star
Kenmilfore Blue Knight (D)06-08-2004Lady Sweet Star
Out After Dark (D)06-08-2004Lady Sweet Star
My Sweet Princess (B)06-08-2004Lady Sweet Star
Catch the Cat (D)06-08-2004Lady Sweet Star
Ramblix Bluery Band (D)08-08-2004Holmston Sunbeam Over Ramblix
Ramblix Rebel (D)08-08-2004Holmston Sunbeam Over Ramblix
Ramblix Rex Annan (D)08-08-2004Holmston Sunbeam Over Ramblix
Ramblix Red Adair (D)08-08-2004Holmston Sunbeam Over Ramblix
Orenberg Advocate of Stineval (D)01-07-2005CH Orenberg Inkling
Orenberg Amulet (B)01-07-2005CH Orenberg Inkling
Orenberg Amethyst (B)01-07-2005CH Orenberg Inkling