CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW


Name:CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Mrs D Phillips  
Breeder:Singh, Miss J. 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
27-12-2015CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW
27-12-2014CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW
14-11-2014CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW
14-06-2013CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW

Ancestors of CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW

Siblings of CH Vandamere's Secret Agent JW

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Vandamere's Fields of Gold Into Comberdown (B)21-06-2006Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 186 records

Known AsDateDam
Blue Minstrel Boy (D)03-01-1997Lady of Ley MILL
Fly By Day (D)03-01-1997Lady of Ley MILL
Woods Turk (D)03-01-1997Lady of Ley MILL
My Toby (D)03-01-1997Lady of Ley MILL
Tip Top Lady (B)03-01-1997Lady of Ley MILL
Kenex Poachers Boy (D)03-01-1997Lady of Ley MILL
Nellys Boy (D)22-04-1997Gem of Rookscroft
Chadwicks Gilly Girl (B)22-04-1997Gem of Rookscroft
Special Sperkle (D)22-04-1997Gem of Rookscroft
Friezland Little Rebel (B)22-04-1997Gem of Rookscroft
Little Slammer (D)22-04-1997Gem of Rookscroft
Cadellas Axle (D)22-04-1997Gem of Rookscroft
Lynner Rascal (D)25-07-1997September Golden Ring
October Star (D)25-07-1997September Golden Ring
Charlie Greyshanks (D)25-07-1997September Golden Ring
Riviera Lad (D)25-07-1997September Golden Ring
Truthful Girl (B)25-07-1997September Golden Ring
Carry On Pete (D)12-08-1997Sir Gordons Girl
Willows Frolic (B)12-08-1997Sir Gordons Girl
Mackworth Billy (D)12-08-1997Sir Gordons Girl
My Blue Moon (D)12-08-1997Sir Gordons Girl
My Little Brandy Girl (B)12-08-1997Sir Gordons Girl
Hedhurst Sweepy (D)12-08-1997Sir Gordons Girl
Crazy Storm (D)06-09-1997Jo's Bonnie Lass
Great Bear (D)06-09-1997Jo's Bonnie Lass
Special Eclipse (D)06-09-1997Jo's Bonnie Lass
Black Bess (B)06-09-1997Jo's Bonnie Lass
Early Dawn (B)06-09-1997Jo's Bonnie Lass
Hillside Lady (B)07-10-1997Burtons Beauty
Mustange Sally (B)27-10-1997Daisy Caterpillar
Lady Emily Isadora Joan D'arc (B)27-10-1997Nashville Snudge
Thimbleby Special Edition (B)15-04-1998Gem of Rookscroft
Clairs Surprise (B)15-04-1998Gem of Rookscroft
Tennessee Sipping Whiskey Girl (B)26-05-1998Nashville Snudge
Jamaican Jazz Man (D)26-05-1998Nashville Snudge
Razamataz Trouble Maker (B)01-12-1998Nashville Snudge
Rumbletown Rover (D)07-02-1999Tyne Cider
Coneycourt Rowanberry Dash (B)12-02-1999Midnight Wild Rose of Coneycovert
Camden Cherry Pie (B)23-02-1999Sharrow Fresco
Princess Of Langley (B)17-03-1999Burtons Beauty
Frolesworth Lass (B)15-01-2000Clairs Surprise
Broughton Lad (D)15-01-2000Clairs Surprise
Border Laddie (D)15-01-2000Clairs Surprise
Chocks Away (D)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Girl Printer (B)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Tyros Roselyn (B)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Shareefs Dancer (D)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Bubbling Springs (B)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Rock City Boy (D)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Nescliffe Rainbow Girl (B)16-01-2000Till the Terror
Kenmillen Lady Luck (B)27-03-2000Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Kenmillen Blue Dawn (B)27-03-2000Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Kenmillen Frosty Morn (B)27-03-2000Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Kenmillen Lively Lass (B)27-03-2000Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Hogarths Hopscotch (D)05-01-2001Burtons Beauty
Black Eyed Suzie (B)05-01-2001Burtons Beauty
The Jingler (D)05-01-2001Burtons Beauty
Honeycombe Maid (B)05-01-2001Burtons Beauty
Calypso Sentinel (D)05-01-2001Burtons Beauty
Extravagrant Lady (B)02-04-2001Burghleywalk Ambuscade Beeley
Farny Hill Boy (D)02-04-2001Burghleywalk Ambuscade Beeley
High And Mighty (D)02-04-2001Burghleywalk Ambuscade Beeley
My Classic Affair (B)02-04-2001Burghleywalk Ambuscade Beeley
Mint Royale (D)02-04-2001Burghleywalk Ambuscade Beeley
Wandering Wild Lad (D)02-04-2001Burghleywalk Ambuscade Beeley
Little Boy Matt (D)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Tearaway Dan (D)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Goldfield Kez (B)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Sunshine Gypsy Rose (B)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Alstone Dale Thomas (D)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Lady Red Diana (B)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Alstone Zak (D)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Country Boy Dale (D)25-04-2001Dusty Sweet Princess
Cornflower Dew Drop (B)21-05-2001Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Sand Piper (D)21-05-2001Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Gemstone Blues (B)21-05-2001Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Dazzling Dan (D)21-05-2001Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Fire Fly Charmer (B)21-05-2001Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Honey Bee Mine (B)21-05-2001Bushbuster Giza Biskit
Tanamara Pep (B)06-06-2001Cherrywine Smudge
Sandown Chaser (D)06-06-2001Cherrywine Smudge
Mississippi Blue Dancer (D)06-06-2001Cherrywine Smudge
Ace of the Hill (D)06-06-2001Cherrywine Smudge
Wibbley Wobbley (B)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Rosy Morn (B)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Richos Suzi (B)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Kilmores Gem (B)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Treasured Pearl (B)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Turks the Boy (D)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Taffy the Lad (D)19-10-2001Chadwicks Gilly Girl
Magical Teddy (D)16-04-2002Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
My Sporting Girl (B)16-04-2002Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Gamblers Fancy (D)16-04-2002Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Treasured Rock (D)16-04-2002Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Tamarillo Bay (D)16-04-2002Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Harlequin Sunset (B)16-04-2002Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Hannah of Langley (B)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Gordis Day Dream (D)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Trelawny Border Man (D)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Jack A Penny Lad (D)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Sweet Mary Lou (B)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Casper of Grangefields (D)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Jimmy Crack Corn (D)25-05-2002Belle of Burstone
Foxtrot Danny Boy (D)08-08-2002Moreland Heather
Turners Star (D)08-08-2002Moreland Heather
Derbyshire Boy (D)08-08-2002Moreland Heather
Lady Dolly (B)08-08-2002Moreland Heather
Rockthehouse Frankie (D)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Agatha (B)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Alfie (D)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Bumble (B)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Charlotte (B)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Mollie (B)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Elvis (D)09-09-2002Miss Megan
Duke of Beswick Hills (D)24-09-2002Duchess of Bonington
Kenmillto Royal Sut (D)24-09-2002Duchess of Bonington
Dutchess of Sutton (B)24-09-2002Duchess of Bonington
Lite Fantastic (B)24-09-2002Duchess of Bonington
Bonington Beauty (B)24-09-2002Duchess of Bonington
Smokey Stokey Girl (B)18-10-2002Kenmillone Molly
Stanley Eldershaw Thwaite (D)18-10-2002Kenmillone Molly
Indy Anna Jones (D)18-10-2002Kenmillone Molly
Barnaby Moor (D)18-10-2002Kenmillone Molly
Montgomery Issac Locksley (D)18-10-2002Kenmillone Molly
King of Purple Maple (D)11-12-2002Waterfront Fashion
Queen of Forest Pansy (B)11-12-2002Waterfront Fashion
Jack of Red Oak (D)11-12-2002Waterfront Fashion
Ace of Blue Cedar (D)11-12-2002Waterfront Fashion
Handsome Harry (D)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
Spice Sensation Beeley (B)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
The General (D)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
Blossom Flower (B)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
Angel In Disguise (B)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
Bonnie Bo Bell (B)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
Sharpman Country Gentleman (D)05-03-2003Fishpool Fenella
Alsop Starlight (B)03-04-2003Starlight Louise
Ashrow Misty (B)03-04-2003Starlight Louise
Uptown Tony (D)03-04-2003Starlight Louise
Whitcliffe Charlie (D)09-06-2003Special Kinda Girl
Swankey Doodle Dandy (D)16-09-2003Princess Of Langley
Starlight Rapture Surprise (D)16-09-2003Princess Of Langley
Fenland Troubador (D)16-09-2003Princess Of Langley
Rockthehouse George (D)16-09-2003Miss Megan
High Seas Wayfarer (D)16-09-2003Princess Of Langley
Marie's Wedding Song (B)16-09-2003Princess Of Langley
Rockthehouse Harry (D)16-09-2003Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Isabella (B)16-09-2003Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Jack (D)16-09-2003Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Kenny (D)16-09-2003Miss Megan
Rockthehouse Lou Lou (B)16-09-2003Miss Megan
Kenmilfore Otto (D)29-09-2003Rollenwood Rosie
Kenmilfore Johno (D)29-09-2003Rollenwood Rosie
Kenmilfore Freddie (D)29-09-2003Rollenwood Rosie
Kenmilfore Archie (D)29-09-2003Rollenwood Rosie
Ridlington Max (D)29-09-2003Rollenwood Rosie
Maybe Austen (D)26-10-2003Holly Serena
Little Fly Half (D)26-10-2003Holly Serena
High Kicking Jonno (D)26-10-2003Holly Serena
Kiwi Lomu (D)26-10-2003Holly Serena
Billybob Bruno (D)28-10-2003Count Back Seven
Tess's Treacle Toffee (B)28-10-2003Count Back Seven
Daybreak Daisy (B)28-10-2003Count Back Seven
Dandy Blue Boy (D)15-01-2004Cherrywine Smudge
Desdemona's Glory (B)15-01-2004Cherrywine Smudge
Brewsters Bubble (D)15-01-2004Cherrywine Smudge
Little Red Rascal (D)18-01-2004Foxy Maiden Full of Mischief
Rustic Holly (B)18-01-2004Foxy Maiden Full of Mischief
Brave Black Beauty (D)18-01-2004Foxy Maiden Full of Mischief
Harry's Granite (D)26-03-2004Charlotte's Crystal
Amy's Gem (B)26-03-2004Charlotte's Crystal
Kiss Me Kerry (B)10-04-2004Starlight Louise
Little Miss Amy Lou (B)10-04-2004Starlight Louise
Bradley Bluebell (B)10-04-2004Starlight Louise
Bonnie Wee Lad (D)10-04-2004Starlight Louise
Houdini's Challange (D)28-04-2004Miss Molley Moppet
Midnight Amber Lass (B)28-04-2004Miss Molley Moppet
Jamaican Ginger (B)28-04-2004Miss Molley Moppet
Ruby Red Surprise (B)28-04-2004Miss Molley Moppet
Sweet Indulgence (B)06-08-2004Kenmilltri Persian Punch
Imperial Princess (B)06-08-2004Kenmilltri Persian Punch
Wizzskilad Iona (D)06-08-2004Kenmilltri Persian Punch
Maritime Blues (D)06-08-2004Kenmilltri Persian Punch
Curelean Rose (B)06-08-2004Kenmilltri Persian Punch
Brigadier Monty (D)06-08-2004Kenmilltri Persian Punch
CH Nanrich Lets Go To Vandamere (B)12-09-2005Starcyl Red Cedar of Beeley
Hedgefield Dotty (B)14-11-2005Hedgefield Rosita