Vallemoss Voodoo At Roxess ShCM


Name:Vallemoss Voodoo At Roxess ShCM 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Mr J T & Mrs N Todd  
Breeder:Mr L & Mrs S Moss 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Ancestors of Vallemoss Voodoo At Roxess ShCM

Siblings of Vallemoss Voodoo At Roxess ShCM

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Vallemoss Vagabond (D)07-05-2006Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDateSire
Vallemoss Lady Hopefull (B)07-05-2007CH Ravenside Mystiko
Vallemoss Matilda May at Wadesleia (B)07-05-2007CH Ravenside Mystiko

Same Sire Siblings - 30 records

Known AsDateDam
Vallemoss Archie (D)Vallemoss Violet
Brockfox Buckshot (D)04-02-2005Brockfox Briarberrie
CH Brockfox Beretta (B)04-02-2005Brockfox Briarberrie
Blackmine Golden Fox (D)18-02-2005Blackmine Wings of Gold
Fr/Lux CH Vallemoss Vice President at Champernoune (D)30-04-2005Vallemoss Violet
Vallemoss Viola (B)30-04-2005Vallemoss Violet
Foxcraig Magic (B)06-02-2006Foxcraig Fern
Foxcraig Jester (D)06-02-2006Foxcraig Fern
Ragatam Guilder At Brandycarr (D)14-02-2006Hollybridge Primrose At Ragatam
Esyntona Tyskie (B)16-11-2006Amber Rose of Dene View At Esyntona
Winhazel Whistler (D)26-06-2007Winhazel Bells And Bows
Tythrop Cubhunter (D)13-01-2008CH Tythrop T'pau (Slem: Clear)
Tythrop Foxhunter (D)13-01-2008CH Tythrop T'pau (Slem: Clear)
Tythrop T'alli-Ho (B)13-01-2008CH Tythrop T'pau (Slem: Clear)
Tythrop Todhunter At Ravenside (D)13-01-2008CH Tythrop T'pau (Slem: Clear)
Tythrop T'antivy (B)13-01-2008CH Tythrop T'pau (Slem: Clear)
Glenbucket Ferguson (D)07-04-2008Todlaws Rythm In Blue
Rossula Wildgorse (D)18-06-2008Chapelfell Forget Me Not
Baillieswells Isla (B)22-10-2008Baillieswells Auchtertool
Baillieswells Mosstowie (D)22-10-2008Baillieswells Auchtertool
Grettacs Magical Girl (B)28-07-2009Mystical Girl
Grettacs Bramble At Cubbieroobu (B)28-07-2009Mystical Girl
Grettacs the Wizard ShCM (D) (Slem: Carrier)28-07-2009Mystical Girl
Roxess a Touch of Magic (D)23-07-2010Foxcraig Magic Spell At Roxess
Roxess As If By Magic (B)23-07-2010Foxcraig Magic Spell At Roxess
Manx Ballavale (B)02-09-2010Manx Symphony
Comberdown Cormac at Borderbridge (D)27-10-2012CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara
Comberdown Shoot to Thrill (B)27-10-2012CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara
Comberdown Heatseeker (D)27-10-2012CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara
Comberdown Holly Berry (B)27-10-2012CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara