Name:Nantcoch Field Skipper 
Owner(s): Mrs J M Phillips  
Breeder:Mrs J M Phillips 

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Name History

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DateNew Name
28-07-2017Nantcoch Field Skipper

Ancestors of Nantcoch Field Skipper

Progeny of Nantcoch Field Skipper - 0 records

No progeny on record

Siblings of Nantcoch Field Skipper

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Nantcoch Meadow Skipper (D)30-01-2017Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDateSire
Nantcoch Iolo (D)11-08-2015CH Benattivo Betfred (Slem: Clear)
Nantcoch Dafydd (D)11-08-2015CH Benattivo Betfred (Slem: Clear)
Nantcoch Mathilde (B)11-08-2015CH Benattivo Betfred (Slem: Clear)
Nantcoch Tomos (D)11-08-2015CH Benattivo Betfred (Slem: Clear)

Same Sire Siblings - 56 records

Known AsDateDam
Tojamatt Morgana (B)17-09-2011Tojamatt Heather
Stoneygin Chesta Coppapot (D)01-10-2011Stoneygin Mo Cuishle
Dowgri Debonair (D)03-04-2012Cornish Maid By Dowgri
Stoneygin Scrumptious (B)30-04-2012Stoneygin Dumpledust
Stoneygin Hagler (D)30-04-2012Stoneygin Dumpledust
Stoneygin Sugar Ray (D) (Slem: Clear)30-04-2012Stoneygin Dumpledust
Foxthorn Vincenzo (D)24-07-2012Foxthorn Lil Cenza
Maryvics Quintessence (B) (Slem: Clear)02-08-2012Ch Int/Ch Rus/Ch Czh/Ch RKF/Ch Ua Borderhouse Bette Davis
CH Tojamatt Warlord (D) (Slem: Clear)11-12-2012Tojamatt Heather
Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri ShCM (B) (Slem: Clear)11-12-2012Tojamatt Heather
Rexlands Wheatear (B) (Slem: Clear)11-07-2013Earthdog Hope
Bankholt Little Jenny Wren Evajays (B) (Slem: Clear)24-10-2013Evajays Jenny Wren At Bankholt
Peakrunner Lizzies Glory At Goldenmill (B)16-02-2014Peakrunner Running to the Light
Peakrunner Endurance (B) (Slem: Clear)16-02-2014Peakrunner Running to the Light
Foxthorn Swift And Bold (B)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Foxthorn Bourn To Run (D)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Foxthorn Gaston (D)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Foxthorn Lorenzo (D)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Foxthorn Willow (D)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Foxthorn Lord Of The Hoops (D)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Foxthorn Triskelion (B)13-03-2014Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn
Southash Dancing Queen (B) (Slem: HClear)22-09-2014Gameway Blue Charm At Southash (Slem: Clear)
Abisu Skylark (D)13-02-2015Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Jennywren (B)13-02-2015Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Grouse (D)13-02-2015Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Kestrel (D)13-02-2015Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu The Spugg (D)13-02-2015Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Pippit (B)13-02-2015Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Ridgebow Thunderbolt (D)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Ridgebow Tracker (D) (Slem: Clear)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Ridgebow Red Panda (B)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Ridgebow Trooper (D)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Ridgebow Tempest (D)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Ridgebow Trespasser (D)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Ridgebow Tattoo (D)13-03-2015Ridgebow Amberwitch
Stargazer George (D)09-05-2015Ruffordcroft Primrose
Tojamatt Moriarty (D) (Slem: Clear)25-02-2016Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt
Tojamatt Mary Morstan (B) (Slem: Clear)25-02-2016Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt
Tojamatt Dr Watson (D)25-02-2016Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt
Tojamatt Mr Holmes (D)25-02-2016Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt
Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor (B) (Slem: Clear)25-02-2016Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt
Tojamatt Mrs Hudson (B)25-02-2016Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt
Abisu Tansy (B) (Slem: Clear)06-05-2016Abisu Anya (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Solitaire At Tojamatt (B)06-05-2016Abisu Anya (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Marico (B)06-05-2016Abisu Anya (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Acle Dream (D)06-05-2016Abisu Anya (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Dillon (D)26-05-2016Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Briar (B)26-05-2016Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Bramble (B) (Slem: Clear)26-05-2016Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Abisu Bracken (B)26-05-2016Benattivo Abiba For Abisu (Slem: Carrier)
Fehmarn Moel Robin (B) (Slem: HClear)28-01-2018Fehmarn Moelwynbach (Slem: Clear)
Fehmarn Moel Famau (B) (Slem: HClear)28-01-2018Fehmarn Moelwynbach (Slem: Clear)
Fehmarn Moel Ceiliog (D) (Slem: HClear)28-01-2018Fehmarn Moelwynbach (Slem: Clear)
Fehmarn Deryn Moel (B) (Slem: HClear)28-01-2018Fehmarn Moelwynbach (Slem: Clear)
Fehmarn Moelwyncoch (B) (Slem: HClear)28-01-2018Fehmarn Moelwynbach (Slem: Clear)
Fehmarn Crib Coch (D) (Slem: HClear)28-01-2018Fehmarn Moelwynbach (Slem: Clear)