Name:Wilderbrook Sirocco 
Colour:Red Grizzle 
Owner(s): Mrs S P Poole  

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
08-10-2016Wilderbrook Sirocco

Progeny of Wilderbrook Sirocco - 0 records

No progeny on record

Siblings of Wilderbrook Sirocco

Full Siblings - None Recorded

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 51 records

Known AsDateDam
CH Glebeheath Figurine (B)10-03-2006Thewina Red Pepper
Tameila Pillow Talk At Lorrivale (B)05-07-2006Borderella Lisa At Tameila
Tameila Harris Tweed (D)05-07-2006Borderella Lisa At Tameila
Ottaswell Rigoletto (D)26-09-2006Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Carmen (B)28-09-2006Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Foxyard Obsession (B)14-02-2007Foxyard Step In Time
Glebeheath Minnie the Motor At Blewecourt JW (B) (Slem: Clear)17-02-2007Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath
CH Glebeheath Johnny the One JW (D)17-02-2007Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath
Glebeheath Robin the Hood (D)17-02-2007Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath
Bramblebee Little Tike At Cynetkoy (D)04-06-2007Bramblebee Lottie
Bramblebee Randy Devil (D) (Slem: Carrier)04-06-2007Bramblebee Lottie
Bramblebee Rusty Dusty (B)04-06-2007Bramblebee Lottie
Vallemoss Road Runner (D)14-11-2007Vallemoss Viola
Vallemoss Vera At Foxthorn (B)14-11-2007Vallemoss Viola
Benattivo Basilio (D)09-04-2008Benattivo Rockrose
Benattivo Rosina JW (B)09-04-2008Benattivo Rockrose
Mingrovia Flintstone Chief At Rubyfin (D)18-04-2008Pernese Magic Charm
Hartswelin Tip Top (B)15-01-2009Hartswelin She's Magic
Achnagairn Hot Gossip (B)28-02-2009Achnagairn Busy Brogue
Achnagairn Wild Card (B)28-02-2009Achnagairn Busy Brogue
CH Achnagairn Code Name Glebeheath JW ShCM (B)28-02-2009Achnagairn Busy Brogue
Otterkin Songbird (B) (Slem: Clear)03-03-2009Otterkin Lady Writer
Otterkin Skylark (B)03-03-2009Otterkin Lady Writer
Otterkin Puddin Pie (B)03-03-2009Otterkin Lady Writer
Otterkin Johnny Kingdom (D)03-03-2009Otterkin Lady Writer
Ruddlewood Figure It Out (B)03-04-2009Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Eltonfurze Pringle (D)06-05-2009Benattivo Plum At Eltonfurze
Eltonfurze Prada (B)06-05-2009Benattivo Plum At Eltonfurze
Hoathwood Happy Hour (B)13-05-2009Dandyhow Queen Vic at Hoathwood
Hollowmoor Final Choice (D)01-07-2009Hollowmoor Toscana
Badgerbeck The Rebel of Brumborder (D) (Slem: Clear)06-09-2010Glebeheath Milly the Mod At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck The Fire Starter (B)06-09-2010Glebeheath Milly the Mod At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck The Vivacious at Jansara (B)06-09-2010Glebeheath Milly the Mod At Badgerbeck
Bimandi's Bubblicious (B)28-10-2010Ir CH Trixdale Twix at Bimandi ShCM
Meglind Aviator (D)23-11-2010Yipyap Chantilly Lace At Meglind
Laurelton Miss Mitzie (B)04-03-2011Laurelton Inspiration
Laurelton Rosetta Do Little (B)04-03-2011Laurelton Inspiration
Brumborder Bejewelled (B) (Slem: Clear)25-05-2011Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder Bedazzled (B)25-05-2011Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder Beguiled (D)25-05-2011Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder Bedevilled (D)25-05-2011Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Rubyfin Kara Emerald (B)21-01-2012Rubyfin Ruby Tuesday
Ruddlewood Rarity (B)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood's Gandalf (D)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood Gone N'diddit (B)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood's The Hobbit (D)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood Huntsman (D)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood Winchester (D)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood Ratcher (B)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
Ruddlewood's Bilbo Baggins (D)13-10-2013Barrowaydem Chianti Caress
British Cooper Healey Austin NJK'15 JW'15 W'15 (B)13-04-2014British Cooper Ciuseppe Farina