Name:Ragatam Chit Chat 
Colour:Blue and Tan 
Owner(s): Miss T Peacock  
Breeder:Miss T Peacock 
AHT SLEM Test:HClear 

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Name History

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Ancestors of Ragatam Chit Chat

Progeny of Ragatam Chit Chat - 0 records

No progeny on record

Siblings of Ragatam Chit Chat

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 5 records

Known AsDate 
Ragatam Chat Up (D) (Slem: HClear)04-07-2017Same Litter
Ragatam Chatline (D) (Slem: HClear)04-07-2017Same Litter
Ragatam Chatshow (D) (Slem: HClear)04-07-2017Same Litter
Ragatam Chinwag (B) (Slem: HClear)04-07-2017Same Litter
Ragatam Talk Talk (D) (Slem: HClear)04-07-2017Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDateSire
Ragatam Mr Jingles (D) (Slem: HClear)01-08-2019CH Bandicoot Doc Martin (Slem: Clear)
Ragatam Jackdaw (D) (Slem: HClear)01-08-2019CH Bandicoot Doc Martin (Slem: Clear)
Ragatam Jester (D) (Slem: HClear)01-08-2019CH Bandicoot Doc Martin (Slem: Clear)
Ragatam Jazz (B) (Slem: HClear)01-08-2019CH Bandicoot Doc Martin (Slem: Clear)

Same Sire Siblings - 14 records

Known AsDateDam
Chorbeck Angel Eyes (B) (Slem: Carrier)02-09-2016Chorbeck Snow Angel
Alderseadale Northern Star (D) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2017Alderseadale Heart Of Gold (Slem: Clear)
Alderseadale Like A Star (D) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2017Alderseadale Heart Of Gold (Slem: Clear)
Alderseadale Lucky Star (D) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2017Alderseadale Heart Of Gold (Slem: Clear)
Alderseadale Kiss The Stars (B) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2017Alderseadale Heart Of Gold (Slem: Clear)
Alderseadale Starry Eyed (B) (Slem: HClear)13-03-2017Alderseadale Heart Of Gold (Slem: Clear)
Diggsad Dun Chattin (D) (Slem: HClear)13-11-2018Diggsad Dundreamin (Slem: Clear)
Diggsad All But Done (D) (Slem: HClear)13-11-2018Diggsad Dundreamin (Slem: Clear)
Diggsad Dun Singin The Blues (D) (Slem: HClear)13-11-2018Diggsad Dundreamin (Slem: Clear)
Keebank Just In Time (D) (Slem: HClear)26-03-2019Keebank Snow Queen (Slem: Clear)
Keebank Blink And Miss It (B) (Slem: HClear)26-03-2019Keebank Snow Queen (Slem: Clear)
Keebank Cutting It Fine (B) (Slem: HClear)26-03-2019Keebank Snow Queen (Slem: Clear)
Keebank Early Bird (B) (Slem: HClear)26-03-2019Keebank Snow Queen (Slem: Clear)
Bevmar Bartholomew (D)08-04-2019Lockhaugh Twix At Bevmar (Slem: Carrier)