Name:Emblehope Songcraft 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Mrs E Ramsay  
Breeder:Miss D Bladen 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
16-02-2014Emblehope Songcraft

Siblings of Emblehope Songcraft

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 9 records

Known AsDate 
CH Emblehope Dance and Dance JW (B) (Slem: Carrier)10-08-2013Same Litter
Emblehope Cocoa Beach (B)10-08-2013Same Litter
Emblehope Echo Point (B)10-08-2013Same Litter
Emblehope Moon Ballad (B)10-08-2013Same Litter
Emblehope Cape Verdi At Northborders (B)10-08-2013Same Litter
Emblehope Aperture (D) (Slem: Carrier)29-01-2015
Emblehope Depth Of Field (D)29-01-2015
Emblehope In Focus (B)29-01-2015
Emblehope Perspective (B)29-01-2015

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 29 records

Known AsDateDam
Ragatam Jewel (B)13-06-2008Ragatam Firefly (Slem: Carrier)
Ragatam Joker At Paleside (D)13-06-2008Ragatam Firefly (Slem: Carrier)
Ragatam Jasmine At Paleside (B)13-06-2008Ragatam Firefly (Slem: Carrier)
Greendale Finder (D)05-08-2008Bonny Welsh Connection
Schleswig Mr Bojangles (D)24-09-2009Quarryway Saffron
Studstaff Heartbeat At Junctionnine (D)12-10-2009Junctionnine Casa Mia at Studstaff
Studstaff Honey With Cassacane (B)12-10-2009Junctionnine Casa Mia at Studstaff
Explorer Dora (B)20-11-2009Hapsberg Red Red Wine
Quarryway Tansy (B)03-04-2010Quarryway Sorrel
Quarryway Tabasco At Dualta (D)03-04-2010Quarryway Sorrel
Hartswelin Houdini (D)17-09-2010Hartswelin She's Magic
Achouffe A La Border (B)13-09-2011Golden Slipper Into Achouffe
Daluce Fight Or Fall For Emblehope (D)26-09-2011Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce Don't Believe a Word (B)26-09-2011Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce King's Vengeance (D)26-09-2011Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce Soldier Of Fortune (D)26-09-2011Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Wadesleia Woodland Ringlet (B)14-10-2011Ravenside Rockfel At Wadesleia
Wadesleia Mountain Ringlet (B)14-10-2011Ravenside Rockfel At Wadesleia
Pops Blackcurrant Fizz (B) (Slem: Carrier)13-04-2012Hapsberg Red Red Wine
L'Espoir Du Grand Babin (D)21-07-2012Flower de Kibefa
British Cooper Fernando Alonso (D)21-09-2012British Cooper Ciuseppe Farina
Daluce Fools Gold (B) (Slem: Carrier)14-04-2013Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce Downtown Sundown (D)14-04-2013Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce King Of Emotion (D) (Slem: Carrier)14-04-2013Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce Southbound (D)14-04-2013Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Daluce Renegade (D)14-04-2013Benattivo Gemstone For Daluce
Aiga Viva Ispanina Doceta (B)30-07-2013CIB/ES/PT/MC/CH/TA/BrO Ch Aiga Viva Fé Libre
Aiga Viva Ignace Boitaclou (D)30-07-2013CIB/ES/PT/MC/CH/TA/BrO Ch Aiga Viva Fé Libre
Aiga Viva Iavas Lou Biou (D)30-07-2013CIB/ES/PT/MC/CH/TA/BrO Ch Aiga Viva Fé Libre