Name:Manorcroft Wild Rose 
Colour:Dark Grizzle 
Owner(s): Mr M Lowry  
Breeder:Mr D J Bean 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of Manorcroft Wild Rose

Siblings of Manorcroft Wild Rose

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDate 
Manorcroft Bullet Train (D)15-05-2010Same Litter
Manorcroft Chit Chat (B)15-05-2010Same Litter
Manorcroft Just Lille (B)15-05-2010Same Litter
Manorcroft Secret Witness (B)15-05-2010Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 44 records

Known AsDateDam
Wharfestone Athena (B)09-03-2010Princess In Rags At Wharfestone
CH Northborders Mr Pickles JW (D) (Slem: Clear)13-03-2010Northborders Dark Ruby AW(B)
Northborders Red Storm (D)13-03-2010Northborders Dark Ruby AW(B)
Mascani Grace (B)21-03-2010Orenberg Tilly Trotter At Mascani
Mascani Harmony (B)21-03-2010Orenberg Tilly Trotter At Mascani
Brumberhill Blue Sky (B)15-04-2010Brumberhill Bequest
Brumberhill Brigadoon (D)15-04-2010Brumberhill Bequest
Pebbledyke Pierrot (B)03-07-2010Pebbledyke Rosetta Stone
Prairie Storm At Wildperry (D)09-07-2010Aphrodite Princess At Lazencroft
Boobaloupe Yogiboy (D)20-08-2010Our Trio Girl
Manorcroft Might Be Magic at Borterra (B)07-11-2010Manorcroft Mutual Respect
Lady Ann's Joy (B)08-12-2010Brownber Louby Lou
Lockhaugh Penny Crayon (B)06-01-2011Lockhaugh Hedgehaugh Harriet
Lockhaugh Timeless at Shiftyfox (B)06-01-2011Lockhaugh Hedgehaugh Harriet
Heart of The Lakes (B)14-02-2011Maisie Rainbow
Borterra Bonny Lass (B)16-05-2011Manorcroft Shell Shell
Brumberhill Bridget (B)20-09-2011Brumberhill Bequest
Brumberhill Bejewelled JW ShCM (B) (Slem: Clear)29-09-2011Brumberhill Bequeath
Brumberhill Austin (D)29-09-2011Brumberhill Bequeath
Brumberhill Charlotte (B)29-09-2011Brumberhill Bequeath
Brumberhill Bushbaby (B)29-09-2011Brumberhill Bequeath
Brumberhill Blitz (B)29-09-2011Brumberhill Bequeath
Chesterton Hurricane at Arizcrow (D)07-12-2012Chesterton Honeymoon
Patragarth Roker Dale (B)15-06-2013Perfect Posie
Kenquartz Wonderful Woman (B)24-04-2014Silver Coaster
Kenquartz What She Said (B)24-04-2014Silver Coaster
Kenquartz Take A Bow (B)24-04-2014Silver Coaster
Kenquartz Handsome Devil (D)24-04-2014Silver Coaster
Kenquartz Charming Man (D)24-04-2014Silver Coaster
Arjaybe Blue Gale (B)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Arjaybe Blue Mist at Hollinholme (B)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Arjaybe Blue Drizzle (B)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Arjaybe Red Wind (B) (Slem: Clear)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Arjaybe Stormy Blue (D)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Arjaybe Blue Breeze (B)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Arjaybe Red Squall (B) (Slem: Clear)07-06-2014Rosey Rebel
Patragarth Ghillie Boy (D)06-03-2015Perfect Posie
Patragarth Stanley Haggis (D)06-03-2015Perfect Posie
Patragarth Redebank Roxy (B)06-03-2015Perfect Posie
Patragarth Elwy Glas (B)06-03-2015Perfect Posie
Lynsett Emma Peel (B)06-05-2016Mcbrock Miss Amelia (Slem: Clear)
Lynsett Hathaway (D)06-05-2016Mcbrock Miss Amelia (Slem: Clear)
Lynsett Miss Marple (B) (Slem: Clear)06-05-2016Mcbrock Miss Amelia (Slem: Clear)
Lynsett Lewis (D) (Slem: Clear)06-05-2016Mcbrock Miss Amelia (Slem: Clear)