Championship Show Planner for 2024

  • denotes 1st time awarding CC’s in the breed

Date 2024 Day Show Judge
20-Jan Sat Manchester D S S Mr R J Allen
10-Mar Sun Crufts Mrs L A Gosling
30-Mar Sat The Border Terrier Club Mrs L M Ward
06-Apr Sat National Terrier Club Miss E J Jackson
20-Apr Sat East Anglia B T C Mrs L Barrett
26-Apr Fri W E L K S Mrs M J Holmes *
12-May Sun National Dog Show Mr P Glover (USA) *
12-May Sun Midland B T C Mrs L Illingworth
16-May Thu Scottish Kennel Club Miss R Barber
16-May Thu Scottish Kennel Club Mr S Golding
26-May Sun Bath C S Mr I Higham
01-Jun Sat Southern Counties Dr I H Gabriel *
08-Jun Sat Three Counties Mr E J Houston
09-Jun Sun Southern B T C Mrs M A Bailey
16-Jun Sun Border Union A S Mr D Matthews
23-Jun Sun Blackpool & Dist C S Mrs B Barber
29-Jun Sat Southern B T C Mrs M Sneddon
29-Jun Sat Windsor D S S Mrs S J Girling *
05-Jul Fri Boston & District C S Miss J Green *
05-Jul Fri East Anglia B T C Miss A Harrison
13-Jul Sat Northern B T C Mr M Ord
28-Jul Sun Leeds City & Dist C A Mrs L Coleman
02-Aug Fri Paignton & Dist F A Mrs T Anscombe *
04-Aug Sun Midland B T C Mrs J Stevens
12-Aug Mon Bournemouth C A Mrs W M C Mooney
16-Aug Fri Welsh Kennel Club Mr S Plane
24-Aug Sat The Joint BTCs’ Mr G A Pickering
25-Aug Sun Driffield A S Mr I Hopper
31-Aug Sat City of Birmingham C A Mrs C E Sansom *
07-Sep Sat Richmond D S S Mr R Blackley
13-Sep Fri Darlington D S S Mrs L Roberts *
28-Sep Sat Y L & Ch B T C Mrs M A Heathcote
13-Oct Sun South Wales K A Mrs T J Baird
25-Oct Fri Midland Counties C S Professor A S Milton
09-Nov Sat Scottish B T C Mr A G Horner
12-Dec Thu L K A Miss S A Leslie

While every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information given here regarding shows, dates and judges, it is recommended that you check the details with the schedules when printed or made available online, or with the Show Secretary for the relevant society, if you are planning on entering or attending the show. The information supplied is based on what is known at time of publication and may be subject to change.