Breed Club Show Planner for 2024

Date Day Club Open, Ltd or Champ Judge Venue
27-Jan Sat Y L & C BTC Open show and AGM Richard Wright (Borderxpress) Thorpe Willoughby
28-Jan Sun ScBTC Limited show and AGM Pete Appleby (Hollexby) Kirkpatrick Fleming
04-Feb Sun MBTC Open show and AGM Lesley Armstrong-Rodgers (Atron/Scottsway) Asfordby
24-Feb Sat BTC Open show Libby Tanton – Joy (Itsaso) Jedburgh
03-Mar Sun SoBTC Open show and AGM Nicola Foster (Thozo) Churchdown Gloucester
30-Mar Sat BTC Ch show and AGM Lynda Ward (Roundtown) Carlisle
13-Apr Sat NBTC Open show and AGM Pam Cox (Cushatlaw) Bowburn
20-Apr Sat EABTC Ch show and AGM Liz Barrett (Howthwaite) Asfordby
04-May Sat Y L & C BTC Open show Ken Fraser (Ycart) Thorpe Willoughby
12-May Sun MBTC Ch show Laura Illingworth (Thorneyhurst) Stafford
02-Jun Sun ScBTC Open show Margaret Armstrong (Ploughdown) Kirkpatrick Fleming
09-Jun Sun SoBTC Ch show Margaret Bailey (Grindelvald) Churchdown Gloucester
29-Jun Sat SoBTC Ch show Margaret Sneddon (Kersfell) Windsor
05-Jul Fri EABTC Ch show Anita Harrison (Iachslei) Oakham
13-Jul Sat NBTC Ch show Mark Ord (Marnadee) Bowburn
04-Aug Sun MBTC Ch show Jill Stevens (Cobstoneway) Asfordby
24-Aug Sat Joint BTCs’ Ch show Graham Pickering (Picer) Wetherby
15-Sep Sun SoBTC Open show Sue Baxter (Mysulan) Steventon
28-Sep Sat Y L & C BTC Ch show Anne Heathcote (Saxheath) Longridge
12-Oct Sat NBTC Open show Val Mann (Valger) Bowburn
19-Oct Sat BTC Open show Margaret Armstrong (Carrick) Low Hesket
20-Oct Sun MBTC Open show Ken Fraser (Ycart) Asfordby
09-Nov Sat ScBTC Ch show Allen Horner (Stineval) Selkirk
16-Nov Sat EABTC Open show Sarah Pateman (Lessien) Asfordby

While every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information given here regarding shows, dates and judges, it is recommended that you check the details with the schedules when printed or made available online, or with the Show Secretary for the relevant society, if you are planning on entering or attending the show. The information supplied is based on what is known at time of publication and may be subject to change.